Friday, August 1, 2008

To discuss this blog...

All the kids are doing it these days.... blogging, that is (oh, and the chronic).
So, to give me more opportunity to write for fun, to tell you about all the weird things that happen to me (including a review of incidents in the past that may or may not go down as legendary), I'm going to attempt to keep a regularly updated blog.
Think it's a good idea?
It's gotta be better than most of my ideas....
Anyway, although it'd be great if eventually this gets out past just my circle of friends, for now, I will rely on you who know me to leave comments and such.... because I already spend too much time on Facebook, so let's use this as a new opportunity!
Wait, I don't think kids use the chronic anymore. I think it's the X. Or is it syphilis?

1 comment:

The Logarithmic Spiral said...

You may be inspiring me to update my blog more...clearly I have nothing better to do while at work.

loved your review of the Dark Knight...just saw it last night. I agree about the eyeliner, but we all should know by now that Christian Bale can do no wrong. No, seriously, he can do NO wrong :)

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