Wednesday, August 6, 2008

To discuss using fake money

I got paid, so banking crisis averted.
BUT...I haven't made it to an ATM, so technically, I'm still as cash poor as yesterday when I couldn't afford a Little Debbie treat (see previous post and cry tenderly).

This afternoon, same famished predicament. I mean, I do eat lunch- a big lunch- every day, but I start jonesing for food every afternoon until I either satisfy it or get someone to sponsor my meals for just 10 cents a day.
Since I'm not an emaciated child in an impoverished country (although I do sponsor one of those kids), I have to rely on myself for snacks.
So again, today, I'm wishing I had change to go get a snack. I had completely forgotten that I have a silver dollar tucked into my bag, a dollar that has been there for four years since I got it in a New Haven train station.
I feel completely foolish using the Sacagawea dollar, which is why that coin lasted so long. It doesn't look like real money. It looks like you're supposed to buy Park Place with it. It looks like the government felt bad about slaughtering Native Americans all those years, so they minted a coin to make up for it, even though no vending machines accept them.
And really, Sacagawea? How did she get in line before other minority leaders? What, Harriet Tubman didn't deserve a coin? Booker T. Washington? Martin Luther King Jr? Lisa Turtle?
Sacagawea was a guide/interpreter for Lewis and Clark. Good times, but not coin worthy.

So, my hand trembling, I grabbed my Oatmeal Cream Pie and handed the gold coin to the elderly cashier, who may or may not have been on the journey with Sacagawea.
I quickly apologized for trying to pay for something with a coin that looks like a Pirates of the Caribbean prop.
"Don't make no mind to me," she replied in what I'm guessing was jive talk.
Crisis averted.


tlk said...

I love your blog!! I love witty writing that makes me laugh. 5points for you. (Fellow 20-something blogger).

Never Ending Bobstopper said...

Another post filled with golden nuggets of humor.

R2K said...

: )

Anonymous said...
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