Wednesday, August 6, 2008

To discuss things I learned today

* When a 5-year-old boy talks about his "girlfriend," even though he doesn't have one, it's cute (interviewed a kindergarten student today). When a 25-yr-old man talks about his "girlfriend," even though he doesn't have one, it's sad and cause for concern.
* On a related note, I'm learning that I may or may not be classified as a stalker. There's a cute girl who drives a blue Mazda 3 in my apartment complex. I figured out where she lived, and now I find myself walking my dog, "casually," by her place, oh, say, all the time on the off chance she's outside. That puts me between using binoculars and installing a wire tap on the stalker scale, I think. Funny thing is, I did actually see her outside once. When my dog and I walked past, I completely blew it and didn't say a word. Coincidentally, I saw the cops drive past recently.
* I'm not as eloquent as a little girl I talked to today,who aptly described the effect of being pushed by a boy: "He punched me in the heart!"
* I saved 10 cents a gallon on one tank of gas with my grocery store spending. But it took me 100 dollars of spending to get there. Spend 100, save $1.50. Oh, American economy. You keep punching me in the heart. And by heart, I mean junk.


Dave said...


Remember Hot Downstairs Girl?

Andy said...

Do I remember? Dave, we checked her mail to find out what her name was. I baked her cookies and handed them to her boyfriend. I timed my walking into the apartment when I saw her getting out of her car.
Do I remember her? Nope. No idea. Can't say I recall.

cdp said...

My eight year-old son is so lovesick and dumbfounded over a beautiful little girl in his class the he refuses to speak of it at all. I questioned him about it this summer and at the close of the conversation he said, "Mom? Let's never speak of this again. It's just too hard to talk about."

Cracks me up. This year he hopes to work up the nerve to gift her the keychain that came with his Timberland bookbag.

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