Tuesday, September 30, 2008

To discuss being a Typewriter Trendsetter

(These were written on an old typewriter. Click to enlarge so you can read it without busting a cornea.)


Libby said...


sj said...

*so* funny.

i laughed out loud, and then had a brief moment of mental sobriety when i realized that google wasn't invented yet when i was in college.

at least, it wasn't what it is today -- my freakin' go-to personal assistant for absolutely anything i need.

but really. fantastic post. i'd totally copy you if it didn't mean finding the usb cord that connects my scanner to my laptop.

Diane said...

OK, the whole 'bowel movement' thing made my crush go away. Sort of. And by the way, when I was in college, we had one tiny computer lab but you only had to use it if you were one of those geek computer programming students. The rest of us thought programming was what ABC/NBC/CBS did to fill our evenings up.

Anonymous said...

A blog on a typewriter is like when expansion teams wear throwback uniforms. It doesn't make sense, but it's fun anyway.

Miss Tiff said...

Another awesome Andy moment. Great idea. Love how you said you were going to do it if your laptop didn't work even though it ended up working.

PS. I gave you an award on my blog today :)

Finger Talks said...

sometimes i miss my typewriter and then the tequila wears off and i remember how much i love all my technology crutches.
I was such a rebel in HS i used ICQ! haha!
I seriously would go into convulsions if i wasn't plugged into the "web world" for more then a week or two. I heart thesaurus.com

SouthernBelle said...

I literally cannot do my job without a computer. Like, if my computer breaks and I can't get on another one, I basically have to go home.

But when the revolution comes, I will miss TV more than a computer.

Anonymous said...

The bowel movement might've been a little TMI, but otherwise, loved the post. I can't believe you own a typewriter, let alone actually pulled that sucker out for a blog post. Ha.

My 9th grade keyboarding teacher would be proud of you. Not so much me, but you, a ton.

Andy said...

Libby- Thanks.
SJ- I almost forgot I own a scanner. For a while, I kept wondering how I'd actually get the typed paper onto the blog.
Diane- Here's the thing- I immediately regretted going with "bowel movement" instead of "warmth in my groin," but, since it's a typewriter, I couldn't easily go back. A regrettable decision. Forgive me?
Joshlos- Remember those old Diamondbacks jerseys with the funky colors?
Tiff- Again, you are too kind. I'll shout you out soon.
Finger- ICQ was the dark underbelly of instant messenging. Very mythical. Also, congrats on blogging again. You know, like a blogger.
Southern- Uh, revolution? Like in Les Miserables? Should I wave a giant flag?
Motown- Again, apologies about the bowels. I promise I did not actually have one- unlike the elderly, I know when I do. That's why I don't wear adult diapers.

Anonymous said...

I can not yet be certain, but I think I love you.

Gracie-mel said...

genius... pure genius. forgotten middle brother no more.

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