Tuesday, September 9, 2008

To discuss some random thoughts and my cancelled proposal

A few quick thoughts, after days of crazy long posts that rivaled War and Peace...
  • Danity Kane canceled their York, PA show. Did they not know I hyped them in this blog? And they want to cancel over a scheduling conflict? Maybe they forgot about my proposal to Andrea. Now she's never going to get married. And I have to figure out out to get a refund on that 25 cent crank-turn ring machine. I also decided not to do a play by play of Making the Band this week, just for that reason. ANTM, maybe. Other suggestions are welcome.
  • Thanks to all the supporters who read about the events of Sunday and still think I'm a sane man. I'll tell Ladyfriend you have thrown your support behind her, at which point I'm sure she'll freak out that random people want her to date a guy she's met once. Combine that with my "double suicide" comment, and it's gold.
  • If you'd like to keep doing the Q&A thing, leave questions in the comments section or e-mail me at wildarschase@yahoo.com... Whenever I get enough questions and/or make them up and pretend they are from actual readers, I'll do another one.
  • Related: In my continued success at being unoriginal, I saw that keepyourreceipt.com, which is par excellence all the time, created a Facebook page for itself to make it easier for people to find it and interact. I've done the same thing, because, for better or worse, a huge chunk of people find me through Facebook (the same Facebook that has asked me if I wanted to meet single gay guys in the city and that makes relationship status changes into social events). So go here if you want to check that out.
  • Conversation starter of the day: If you could bring back one show from the 90s, with the same cast, as if it never went off air, what would you bring back? I think that's a tough one. My first inclination is Seinfeld, but wouldn't I enjoy something random, like Clarissa Explains It All, or Home Improvement, or Supermarket Sweep, or ER? Wait, ER is still on? Really? Didn't everyone already die in an ambulance wreck/plane crash/ebola breakout/heartache/lack of good scripts years ago?


Amy xxoo said...

God, what a questiion ? I'd also probably first think of Seinfeld because i looooooove that show so much. But maybe i'd also like to go with something less obvious - like The Secret World of Alex Mack, or Ed. Those were cool shows.

Ooh, or for the nerd factor, The X Files before every episode was about alien conspiracy theories. Old school X Files was good!

Herding Cats said...

Definitely X-Files! Are we talking early 90s? Was "The Wonder Years" still on? If so, those are my picks.

Libby said...

i loved x-files -- also, newsradio & ally mcbeal

sj said...

ooooh- this is tough. my first inclination was "melrose place" but that's only because i had forgotten about ally mcbeal -- before billy went crazy and had a brain tumor, etc. and then there was the original west wing -- back when the girl from the cutting edge and rob lowe were on it.

and er... and of course the x files before annabeth gish and the dude from the terminator movies. omg. i had no life in the 90s.

Sam_I_am said...

I love game shows; however, I'm too poor to afford the extra $17 to get the Game Show Network. I would like to have Press Your Luck still on... No Whammies! I think this may have been the 80s but the original Carebears or My Little Pony were always good to watch.

This is ER's last season. :( It starts on the 25th, I think

Teej said...

I'm stealing amyxxoo's answer of "Ed"...I love me some Tom Cavanagh!

Anonymous said...

Oh hell. Is the Facebook fan page the next stage of blogging greatness? What to do, what to do.

Finger Talks said...

Firefly, was i the only one who watched that? - I was massively in love with the captain, I wish it would come back mucho mucho

Andy said...

I just knew that question would cause mass commenting.
Amy- Alex Mack is an excellent call. Whatever happened to Larisa Oleynik after 10 Things I Hate About You? Hope she didn't pull a Heath Ledger (boos ensue)
Herding- Wonder Years gets in on a technicality- it was on 88-93. I love it, so yes, you get your wish.
Libby- Ally only comes back if she eats something
BTW- Am I the only non X-files guy here? Man.
Sam- That whammy is one crazy mother. Another good old school game show was Shop Til You Drop.
Teej- T.Cav used to be the "it" guy for nerds. Now it's John Krasinski. Next- me?
Haute- Not likely to be greatness. Just a way to kill 30 minutes. Although I still want people to use it.
Finger- (crickets chirping)... Um... Yeah. Any other options?

Amy xxoo said...

Hey boo to you Andy for your Heath Ledger reference. Not only was he a fellow Aussie but he died on my birthday - not the nicest part of my day really....

bianca said...

1) I'm bummed that the Danity Kane show got cancelled. I was looking forward to hearing if they were good live.

2) Picking a 90s show to come back is tough. I was way into Blossom and Salute Your Shorts. But I think maybe I'll go with Freaks and Geeks. The show premiered in 1999 - that counts, right?

Miss Tiff said...

I could have swore I posted a comment on here yesterday.. Am I losing it Andy? Perhaps so..

I'm so jealous. Lol. You have you're own facebook page for your blog..

I would bring back maybe Blossom and Home Improvement. Yes, ER is still on. (when is that show ever going to end?) Did you know they brought back 90210??

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