Friday, October 10, 2008

To discuss a fun way to end the week: Top 10 Questions Stemming from 90s Shows Geared Toward Children

It seems most of you in the blogging world (blogosphere? blogorama? blogalogadingdong?) have had a tough week. Some because of busy jobs, some because of the Dow dropping faster than a college co-ed's skirt, some because of family and some because Aubrey got kicked off of Danity Kane.
I understand.
So, to lighten the mood, a list for you:

The Top 10 Questions Stemming from 90s shows Geared Toward Children (I'm Specific):
  1. On "Doug," why was Patty Mayonnaise such a tease? Doug had charm, wits and an awesome dog, Porkchop. Doug is also a superhero. And yet Patty kept yanking Doug's proverbial chain episode after episode, even when Doug got in with The Beets. What was Patty looking for? I bet you she was messing around with Skeeter behind Doug's back. Honk honk to you, Patty!
  2. Why did it always take kids so long to put together the Silver Monkey in the final round of "Legends of the Hidden Temple"? They took forever. And they always forgot how many pendants they had. You can almost hear the temple guards muttering, "Kid, c'mon, give me a pendant and keep moving so you can win that sweet Huffy bike."
  3. Why would the parents in "The Adventures of Pete and Pete" call both of their children Pete? That's just destined to cause problems.
  4. What IS the price that Budnick is supposed to pay on "Salute Your Shorts"? Ugg is never specific, and that may be why Budnick continued to throw in his trademark ad-lib about farts.
  5. What are the chances that Mr. Belding and Mr. Feeney, of "Saved by the Bell" and "Boys Meets World," respectively, would both go on to continue presiding over the same students year after year? Belding went from a middle school principal to a high school principal (and coincidentally ended up at the same Hawaiian resort), while Feeney went from high school to college. Seems a little fishy.*
  6. Did anyone see it coming that Al on "Step by Step" would end up being the hottest one? Really? Karen was supposed to be the token cute one, and then Al hits puberty and bam, SHE'S the one modeling at the mall.
  7. Whatever happened to those young kids on "Family Matters"? They just disappeared.
  8. If you were to rank 90s shows based on theme songs, wouldn't "Fresh Prince" have to go No. 1, based on the fact you know all the words and may also be the only rap song white kids all know?
  9. Why did "California Dreams," which was basically like "SVTB" except with slightly older kids, never get the same respect? It was the same formula, same quality.
  10. Would we all be better off if MTV brought back that "Undressed" show that was the most revealing, fresh, honest show about young adults and sex going? I say yes.
Thoughts? Additional questions?

* Related note: I saw TNT's "Raising the Bar" this week, its new legal drama. Not too bad. But, more importantly, there are TWO Saved by the Bell connections. Mark Paul Gosselaar (Zach) is the star, and Natalia Cigluiti, who was on SVTB The New Class, which was awful, is also on the show. And she's Zach's love interest. I only can dream that Mr. Belding has a guest spot as a recovering alcoholic.


Anonymous said...

"...In West Philadelphia, born and raised, on a playground is where I spent most of my days."

I watched EVERY SINGLE ONE of those shows - including "The New Class" and the less popular "California Dreams" - and so agree!

The "Legends" kids were always idiots. I mean, I was 12, yelling at the blue cobras or whoever about how idiotic they were being. Huffy bikes, after all, were the shit!

And "Undressed" - there was a cute boy on there (episode with the boyfriend who broke his leg, if you recall at all) and then he showed up on Disney's "Even Stevens," which I totally watched just to see him.

Miss Tiff said...

I so watched all of the epsidosdes "Fresh Prince" and "Saved by the Bell". But the new class did suck. I've been watching "Raising the Bar" too. It's actually pretty good. I didn't realize that the chick was from Saved by the Bell: The New Class.

Miss Tiff said...

Oops, typing error.. episodes. (they need spell check for us quick commenters.)

Anonymous said...

Seriously I didn't want ANY of those shows... except Saved by the Bell...

Chris said...
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surviving myself said...

California Dreams was a diamond in the rough, I completely agree that it needs to get more respect.

I mean, it's kids dealing with adult issues by playing sweet tunes and navigating through crazy hijinks! What's not to love???

RainbowEclipse said...

If I was more familiar with it, I would’ve dropped the f-bomb SOOOOOO many times watching Legends of the Hidden Temple, ESPECIALLY the monkey part. Idiots – nervous or not, there’s like 5 pieces… the huge one with a flat side is obviously the bottom, the one with the spirit-stick attached to it is obviously the victorious finishing piece, so you only really had THREE pieces to deal with. (You can order those t-shirts too, btw…. My sister found them.)

Responding to the Family Matters question –I’m thinking Rachel defaulted on one of those Diner payments and sold young Ritchie to Michael Jackson as a pet. … oh, and as for Judy, I’d guess she was the test-subject for Steve/Stephan’s time-machine before he got it right.

Now you know.

The Logarithmic Spiral said...

When rapping to the Fresh Prince theme song, so many forget the oh-so-important opening lyrics:

"This is the story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down. And I'd like to take a minute just sit right there I'll tell you how I became the Prince of a town called Bel-Air."

Classic and classic.

Sarah said...

thanks...i've been having a shit week anOMG AUBREY GOT KICKED OUT OF DANITY KANE!!!

bianca said...

I can't believe you brought up California Dreams (actually I can, you're a 90's tv genius). I was way into that show. Totally same stories as SBTB, but always with a nice little song at the end. They were a better band than Jessie Spano and "Hot Sundae".

Also, I used to get so angry at kids on Legend of the Hidden Temple. Surely the silver monkey wasn't that difficult.

One day you need to do a post about "Nick Arcade"

Andy said...

Motown- Did you know that MTV re-ran those shows this summer, just for kicks? Loved it.
Tiff- You would be amazed it how I can spot cast members like that. I found a SBTB The New Class member who guest starred on It's Always Sunny...
Liam- Can you let me know when you get back from under that rock?
Myself- Nice profile photo
Rainbow- You may have anger issues if you feel the need to swear at kids on Hidden Temple. Which means I have anger issues.
Logarithmic- More than anyone else, I trust you with getting those lyrics down, because you always know them. You get a medal for the day.
Sarah- Blows your mind, right? I'll Play by Play next week's episode, I promise.
Biance- Good call on Nick Arcade. I'll see what I can do.

sj said...

wow. i mean. wow.

i cannot get over the fact that you remember patty mayonnaise. kind of like i can't get over the fact that as soon as i read her name, i pictured her nasally nagging voice.

you totally brought me back, dude. and i appreciate it. because my week has not been cool. so thanks!

although. um. i don't remember some of these shows at all. i think the gaping six year gap in our ages may be exposed here.

Amy xxoo said...

Okay, some of that doesnt apply to me because of the living in Australia thing, although of course i loved " Saved By the Bell " and we did actually get " California Dreams ". If i remember correctly they run one after the other on a Saturday morning - sweet!

Lovesfool said...

1) Patty grew up to be a roadie with the beets. She got knocked up by Monroe Yoder (beets band member) and they now live in a trailer in Arkansas. Doug on the other had became a author. You might recognize his most recent book "Skeeter Valentine and the Chamber of secrets".
2) Legends of the hidden temple was so hard because all the floors were made of Jello. You try running through jello?!
3) Actually their names are Pete and Repeat.
4) $1,000,000
5) I always thought Feeney should be president and Belding should be his VP pick.
6) This is similar to Kelly in SBTB look at her in her 90210 years...awful.
7) Urkel had to use their body parts to make his transformation machine...awkward.
8) Agreed.
9) I'm a California Dreams girl. Best 4 years of my life.
10) I would def. watch undressed. That was the great sex education show ever.

Muffy Willowbrook said...

I noticed that SAME SVTB connection on the previews! Small world, huh?

And how come I've never heard of any of those other shows you've mentioned? I must be too old?

Sam_I_am said...

I saw you walking up the bleachers with Nicole today, but I was all the way over behind the band, so I didn't get to say hi.

Shelly D said...

If you like "Legends of the Hidden Temple" and want to preserve your childhood love for it, DON'T watch "Olmec: Sex Therapist." But if you are like me you will go watch it for curiousity's sake. Watch for Kirk Fogg, "Legends" host!

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