Friday, October 3, 2008

To discuss a legendary Rat Pack photo

The previous post, including a photo of me on the set of The Office, is really just an excuse to post this photo that I Photoshopped to death as a college student. Enjoy.
Also- This weekend I hope to give out blogging awards, since two of you were kind enough this week to bestow awards on me. So, put that in your weekend pipe and smoke it...
Have a good weekend...


sj said...

i freakin' love the rat pack like nobody's business. seriously. i've had a crush on frank since i saw guys and dolls as a school girl.

i would be his ever-lovin' adelaide if he were still around. rest his soul.

i wish that were still the big trend - i was excited in the late 90s when there was a resurgence in the rat pack thing. (thank you, swingers.) but alas.

Miss Tiff said...

You're absolutely right. I am totally lovin this pic! :)

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