Friday, October 17, 2008

To Discuss a TV Play by Play: Part 2 of Making the Band 4 season finale

Items of business before we get to the drama of Making the Band 4 season finale, part 2...

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OK, enough of that serious crap, and on to...

What is going on with Danity Kane?!?!?

It's the exciting conclusion of Making the Band 4, Season Three Season Finale Part 2 (confusing, right?)

:01 Oh, nice. It's a live finale, hosted by Sway, the hip, black MTV dude with the amazing amount of hair. They always put him on the R&B/Rap topics, as if to say, Hey world, we have street cred, and he wears argyle sweaters.
:04 We get a recap of what happened last episode- Aubrey, one of the original members of girl group Danity Kane, is kicked out of the group by Diddy for being disrespectful and being "raunchy and promiscuous." It might also be because she still calls him "Puff," which is so three nicknames ago.
:05 D Woods gets kicked out! It's going down! Although I should have seen this coming. Diddy promised to get "The Troof Up in This Bitch."......... D Into the Woods does not even appear upset.
:06 Aundrea, my fake TV girlfriend, your dress is so low cut and yet somehow not revealing that I'm concerned you may not actually have nipples.
:08 Back in the TRL studio, it's the quietest I've heard it since Lindsay Lohan's music video premiered. The entire audience of teens look genuinely stunned, as am I.
:15 Now back to footage- The remaining girls- Aundrea, Dawn and Shannon- try to figure out what to do next, as Diddy walks in with his amazing ability to have theme music play when he enters.
:19 Diddy tells the girls he's still behind them and wants to stick with them in the future somehow. He tells Shannon and Dawn it's been a pleasure working with them. Then, he says to Aundrea, "You're in the problem child category." That must be Diddy speaking about the aforementioned Troof.
:26 Boy band Day 26 and solo artist Donnie Klang are on stage after the commercial break for a live interview. They are all dressed alike. Remember when Backstreet Boys did that? Yep, it's still weird.
All the guys said they're shocked this is going down, since they didn't know what happened until the footage was played. Luckily, as adult, working professionals, they are able to eloquently state their extreme emotions by mumbling a series of "knowwhadimsayin" and "youknows" and "itscrazyyo." ..... There's No Singer Left Behind in this group (That's an American joke, Aussies.)
:33 Diddy appears via satellite feed, wearing a robe poolside. He might be inebriated, because he's having trouble focusing and keeps staring at the sky like it's raining Biggie Smalls.
Sway: How hard was it to let go of Aubrey, an original member of the group?
Diddy: It really wasn't that hard.
... I really wish Diddy was more upfront.
:42 Commence awkwardness. The three remaining DK members come on stage and are still shell shocked. Fortunately, they will have time to grieve the loss of their dreams and careers by being pummeled with questions on live TV.
:49 Yep, more awkward. Although D Woods had a "scheduling conflict," Aubrey shows up. Her make-up looks much better, but she isn't doing much else to show she's not the ho Diddy says she's become... Oh crap, Aubrey just said she's tired of blogs ripping on her. Uh, love you!
:51 Aubrey said she'd rather be real and hated than be loved for something she's not... if by real she means silicone, fake eyelashes, bottle blond hair, collagen implants and a fake tan, then yeah, let's be real, America. (See previous PxP post for photo comparison)
:57 Aubrey said she's behind Danity Kane no matter what. Sway asks Diddy if there's a chance Aubrey can get back in the band.
Diddy: "Check this out baby girl. Yo-yo-yo-yo att-tude is goin' have you in a dark and lonely place.... You need to humble yo-self."
Sway: "How do you feel about that?"
Aubrey: "I mean, ev..."
Diddy: "Hold on...I want to say, I hope you vote for Obama." (WTH?)
Aubrey: "Me too!"
.... and that's it! That's the end of the show. What have we learned? Diddy's top selling group is now out two members, with no solution offered during its season finale, but we do know who to vote for, as I'm sure the Obama camp is thrilled Diddy is stumping for them. Just thrilled.

Wow....wait a second... Sway just said there's going to be another season of Making the Band. Dude. Nice.

Now that Making the Band is over, if there's another show you want me to Play by Play, let me know....


bex said...

Wow, Diddy must be really desperate to plug Obama in the middle of someone else's sentence. Clearly he's trying to redeem himself after "Vote or DIE" resulted in a Bush reelection.

bianca said...

Raining Biggie Smalls...love it

Were you disappointed by the finale? I kinda was. And did you love how Aubrey and especially Shannon were so sad about the whole thing and Dawn was like whatever. You know she's thinking "2 down, 2 to go"

gracie-mel said...

I happened to watch the finale of "I want to be Diddy's assistant" and it was just about as crazy. Diddy had the last 2 running around doing superhuman tasks, then on the runway with the plane in the backround, he says to the chick: "yoyoyo do you wanna ride the skies with me (or something as inane). she gets all teary and accepts and the other guy looks sad.
Then in the next FRAME, Diddy says "aw what the hell, come on up too" and has the guy work for him anyway.
Trump didn't have 2 Apprentices!!! He wasn't such a pushover.

Katie said...

ok...I have never seen Making the Band ANY SEASONS. I'm totally LAME. and Danity Kane who?

bianca said...

unrelated to Danity Kane...if you get bored, I tagged you for a meme

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