Monday, November 17, 2008

To discuss a WildARS video: Jesus' Facebook page

Sure, this political video is about two weeks too late. Sure, it's not as timely now. And sure, I make way too many references to 90s sitcom characters most people my age have long forgotten in a wake of relationships, fun activities and adventure, as I steadfastly hold on to every Urkel, Carlton and Budnick reference I can handle...
Where was I?
Oh yeah... I've never been good at staying current. So I'm posting this sucker anyway.

This is the second video script I've written for my church 20-somethings group. One of these days, they'll realize it's not the best thing to let me run loose with a script. You have to rein scriptwriters in, or you get the plot of Home Alone 4 (Yes, there are four of them now).

Back to the video: It's a political video, leading up to Election Day. The premise? If Jesus ran for president, our culture would probably wonder why he doesn't have a cool Facebook page, since Facebook is the Member's Only jacket of 2008.
Pardon the editing and our minimum budget. We're working for Jesus, here, people.



Libby said...

"throw things like janet reno at each other"...lmao

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of Bill Clinton listening to George Clinton. Afterall, it's not really too hard to envision him hosting the P-Funk party scene from PCU.

Miss Tiff said...

Great video. :)

Lump said...

Facebook is the Member's Only jacket of 2008?

fuck yeah.

~Sheila~ said...

You are definitaly a silly one Andy!

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