Wednesday, May 27, 2009

To discuss a two-part Weekend Update: Part II

This is the second part of an extended Weekend Update. Check here for Part I.
  • I've had more musical practices for "Sound of Music." Even in a musical, it's ridiculous having children singing all about "jam and bread." That sounds straight out of "Barney" or "The Elephant Show."*
  • My director wants me to grow a mustache for my role as Max. I did not inquire if he wants the mustache to have handlebars, entice children, lead to porn star roles or give me an upperhand on any possible Magnum P.I. movies. To reduce Capricorn's embarrassment level and to prevent myself from getting mistaken for a Megan's Law offender, I'm growing a goatee and will shave the bottom half right before the show. flashyourstache.wordpress.comThat still gives me several days with only a mustache (yes, there will be photos), but I plan on singing on command for anyone who is dubious of my explanation.
  • It's a shame Hitler ruined the Charlie Chaplin 'stache.
  • Capricorn has started moving things in, and has an entire wall-length closet to herself. It is my hope she doesn't soon decide that's not enough space and force me to remove the clothes from my closet and store them outside. We're looking at 50/50 odds.
  • Capricorn and I hit the eight month mark on Saturday. We're firmly entrenched in the "too many months to make it worth noticing, not enough months to make it worth celebrating." We're in relationship purgatory. I imagine this is how Catholics celebrate most anniversaries, except with an added dose of guilt.
  • In a family outing of sorts, my brother, sister and her boyfriend, Capricorn and I went out to lunch Sunday, then to my brother's new place to play Wii. We all had little to no experience Wii-ing, so it was more a comedy of errors. I recommend Wii Play and its Duck Hunt mini-game, although the updated version of this classic has far fewer ducks and now includes beer cans to shoot at.... There was also a racial profiling mini-game, where you are supposed to pick out people in a group who look alike, a game I'm sure is used to train airport security. To hit the red state trifecta, there was also a mini-game where you ride a cow, as Nintendo evidently missed the memo that you are supposed to save the horse by riding a cowboy.*
  • We took a group trip to IKEA. At the mere mention of my IKEA visit to neighbors and to Facebook friends, I got "I'm jealous" reactions, which makes me wonder if having a job at IKEA is akin to retail utopia.
  • If IKEA bought Ford and Chevy, I think we might just pull Detroit out of its funk, although United Auto Workers would suffer massive layoffs. "Sweet ride, dude. The Chevy IMMPÄLLA is a real smooth ride... and can be assembled in 8 simply steps with just a screwdriver!"**
  • I fulfilled my promise to Capricorn by going to the doctor to get a check-up (haven't had one in years) and to see about my headaches. The doctor enters the room...Doctor: "So... you're here for a check-up?" Me: "Yep." Doctor: "I don't get a lot of 26-year-olds coming in for check-ups. You really want a check-up?" Me (now worried I did something wrong): "Um, yep." Doctor: "You sure that's what you need?" Me: (He knows about the meth! He knows about the meth!) "Yeah, that's what I want." ... Eventually I told him about the headaches and whatnot and everything was fine. I do have to go in for some bloodwork, which I hope will be done by Olivia Wilde.***
* Skinamarinkydinkydink is street for "I'd hit it." Don't let Bram fool you. He wasn't singing that to Sharon and Lois for nothing.
* That would be a top-selling Wii game. You'd buy it. Be honest.
*** It can be picked up in Aisle 33, Bin 3. Right next to the Ford EXPPLLÖRERD.
**** Just kidding Capricorn. I'd settle for Katherine Heigl.*****
***** But not the Heigl whose character has sex with dead people and has brain cancer. First season Heigl.

Bonus for IKEA fanatics: Visit this site. Thank me later.


Racquel Valencia said...

Frig I loved Sharon, Lois, Bram and Elephant when I was little. I even went to see them in concert. So rockstar.

~Sheila~ said...

Uh...I can't wait to see the mustache decision.

I've played that game where you ride the cow. I don't know what was up with that. I've also played the one where you pick the identical people...yeah.

Getting a check-up is good if you think something is wrong. I need to do the same thing.
Hope the bloodwork comes out "clean" and meth free.

FunnyGal KAT said...

Did the director specify what type of mustache? Because I, for one, would vote (multiple times) in that poll! I think I might like the "gringo" the best out of the options presented.

The PH and I are big fans of the Wii and sometimes even play together... until I inevitably knock the glass of whatever he's drinking while playing out of his hand and clear across the room. It can be a dangerous game.

Soda and Candy said...

See, another reason why men have it better. Your creative shaving decisions can be shared with the general public.

; )

Diane said...

You went to Ikea? I'm so jealous!

Cadence said...

So AB and I start our move-in to our new place Friday. We have, at present, made 4 trips to IKEA in the past 2 months, and spent WELL beyond what any two reasonable people on our combined salaries should spend. We've started selling our belongings on craigslist to support our IKEA habit. It's just not right. In any case, you and Capricorn should come visit! We can sing Sound of Music tunes (well...you and I can...AB and Capricorn can watch us while undoubtedly questioning their decisions in relationships) and play games.

Also...she probably NEEDS another closet, way more than you do. I'm just saying.

Children of the Nineties said...

Eight thousand bonus points for the Sharon, Lois, and Bram reference.

WuTang said...

Olivia Wilde makes me want to strangle a mountain ox. Or a pupppy. Whatever. She's hot.

Jenners said...

Now I will always think of that Wii games as a racial profiling game. Always.

And can't wait to see the stache. I like Trucker myself.

And holy crap on a stick re: previous roller coaster pic! I bet you didn't scream because you were passed out in fear. I'm the person who starts crying on the slow up part ... I begin to regret my decision and freak myself out. then I pass out at the top and wake up at the end.

And your car Ikea is CLASSIC! Love it. I've said it before and I'll say it again, you are a comic genius!

LiLu said...

"It's a shame Hitler ruined the Charlie Chaplin 'stache."

I think this often, as one of my cats has this exact stache. It would be so cute if it didn't make me think of Nazis...

Anonymous said...

Were I a chair at IKEA I'd be called Skarlli, which is funny considering I just bought a 5x4.5 foot print of the LA skyline from IKEA. It's name? Klanby. Makes sense, right? I was on the phone with customer service describing it for a good ten minutes because apparently naming it "LA Skyline Print" made too much sense.

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