Monday, July 20, 2009

To discuss a Weekend Update Pt 1.: Virginia is for newlyweds and revolution

If I tried to fit this Weekend Update all into one post, the gods surely would punish me for clogging up your Internet browser. And then God would punish me for worshiping more than one god.

So I'm doing a two-parter, in reverse order. This one's all photos, recapping Sunday's adventure in Mt. Vernon (site of George Washington's home) with my college friends Jon and Ann. Saturday was spent driving to Richmond, Va., to attend the wedding of a former theater/choir friend, and that'll be it's own update, coming soon. UPDATE: Here it is.

For now, enjoy, and take in the history of George Washington at his Washingtonianist, as we take a tour of his lavish estate. (click to enlarge)

WildARSChase Mt. Vernon Washington 3

WildARSChase Mt. Vernon Washington 1

WildARSChase Mt. Vernon Washington 2

WildARSChase Mt. Vernon Washington 4

WildARSChase Mt. Vernon Washington 5Back story on above photo: While I and other tourists took photos of Washington's tomb, an overzealous park worker came over to stop us while she fixed something. What did she have to do? She had to unlock the iron gate and then attach the velvet rope across the threshold of the tomb. Yes, just in case the chain link divider and the two sets of iron bar doors didn't give you the hint you weren't supposed to go inside, now there's a velvet rope attached. All the tomb needs is a bouncer.

WildARSChase Mt. Vernon Washington 6

WildARSChase Mt. Vernon Washington 7There was a line to get into George's home (we didn't go in) longer than the one to mourn at Michael Jackson's funeral. People must have thought there was a ride inside or something, like an interactive adventure where you chop down a cherry tree.

WildARSChase Mt. Vernon Washington 8

WildARSChase Mt. Vernon Washington 9

WildARSChase.blogspot.com Mt. Vernon Washington 100---------------------------------
If you do go to Mt. Vernon, I recommend the 3D, multimedia movie about Washington and the Revolutionary War- snow comes down from the ceiling while you watch him battle the British. Very entertaining. I hope one day they make a similar movie about Britney Spears, and everyone in the audience gets a baby doll they can hold in their laps while you watch footage of Britney driving. Fingers crossed, y'all.

Come back soon for Weekend Update part II: The Wedding.


Hannah said...

Sheep that have paint on their backs are actually mating. that was a female you saw-the males get painted on their "bits" and that way the farmers can tell what Ram mated with what Ewe...don't ask how i know this....

Soda and Candy said...

It teaches you while you learn!

I can just imagine Washo's* drunk ass zipping around on the golf cart.

*I gave him an Aussie nickname for some reason.
; )

Kellie said...

Did either of them like the breadsticks? Those are my favorite. :)

kisatrtle said...

Hannah already said what I was going to say....no seriously, how do you know that?

~Sheila~ said...

I probably won't be going on any tourist attractions. I'm not the touristy type.
I want to get to the towns and find out where they have the cheapest liquor/beer.

I'm just not that into History.
But those are some nice pics, probably the only sight-seeing I will be doing.

Thanks for the tour!

Hannah said...

Traveled to Scotland one memorable summer...

Andy said...

Hannah- Never thought you'd have to talk about ram "bits" today, did you?
Soda- Ol' Washo. What a party animal.
Kellie- Those breadsticks are the stuff dreams are made of.
Kisa- Hannah doesn't get out much.
Sheila- There is a distillery at Mt. Vernon where he used to make whiskey, if that helps.
Hannah- Must have been one heck of a summer.

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