Monday, November 2, 2009

To discuss live Tweeting trick-or-treat 2009

Last year, I decided to chronicle my first time handing out candy at Halloween as an adult. I've since moved to a new complex, so why not go for round two of live Tweeting? Here's the recap of my Tweets, or Twits, or Tweeters, or whatever made-up name old Twitter updates are called. Twats?
  1. Another Halloween, another year of live Tweeting trick-or-treat. Might be short-lived: it's raining. I should prob. be at a party somewhere.
  2. First failed idea of the night: Capricorn nixed my idea to put a Megan's Law warning sign outside our door, to see which kids are hardcore
  3. When I was a kid, I went trick-or-treating no matter what, even when it snowed. I even went when I was 16 and I drove house to house.
  4. @clevertia I figure if a kid wants candy bad enough to risk being molested, he can have the whole bowl. And a lifetime of nightmares.
  5. First trick-or-treaters: Transformer and a Spanish dancer of some sort. I didn't tell the Transformer his movies are overrated. He was 5.
  6. Some people just drove slowly past my front door and laughed. Wonder if it was the rotting pumpkin, or a dude writing on his laptop in the rain?
  7. Next group included ninja, bee and a baby lion, with a mom dressed as some sort of slutty 80s dancer. That's a win all around.
  8. Just saw a chihuahua with a Mexican poncho. Good thing Bailey didn't see or he would've flipped out I didn't get him one. He can be a diva.
  9. Huge group came by, lots of costumes. One boy was dressed as a "kid in sweatshirt in it for the free candy." Very creative.
  10. Genius idea: Older kid, not in costume, got candy from me by saying, "Uh, it's for the little girl coming up behind me." I think he was solo.
  11. @stateiamin I like the dedication. Why do all of us feel like wimps now? What happened?
  12. To spice up the trick-or-treating, I'm reading this http://bit.ly/2u8Qdo @livitluvit post while handing out candy. You should too. (Ed. note: NSFW post)
  13. Punk kid *peers into my apt* "Did you like just move in?" Me: "Uh... yeah?" Reality: It's been more than a year. Jerk.
  14. Clarification: This post http://bit.ly/pV7FZ is by @whatkindofgirl, not @livitluvit, although it's funny I assumed it was livitluvit. (Ed. note: It was linked on her site)
  15. Would it be bad taste if I wore a mask, put up caution tape and told kids not to get their H1N1 all over my candy?
  16. If you are old enough to show cleavage, you might be too old for trick-or-treating. Or you should be at a party making bad decisions.
  17. Just got back from trip to Walmart. It was hard to tell w ho was in costume and who was a regular Walmart customer.*
* It was a top-notch night for Wal-mart**. They were really coming out of the woodwork; there very well could have been some qualifying entries for this.

** Capricorn and I had to go so we could buy dog food. Usually, I get a little five pound bag, but Bailey and Leo eat through it faster than Oprah through a corndog. So Capricorn convinced me to buy a 40-pound bag this time. To summarize, I have 40 pounds of food for 12 pounds of dog. We should be set at least until 2012, when John Cusack battles the apocalypse.


Marinka said...

I love the Meghan's Law Warning idea. Now with candy!

Ben said...

We buy dogfood measured by the kilo. The irony doesn't escape us as we compare it to the size of our combined poochery.

Andy said...

Marinka: I think that's how child sex offenders get their start.
Ben: Those dog food companies are making out like bandits. Why can't they sell human food like that? Well, other than Fruit Loops?

Amy xxoo said...

Ok, so we dont really celebrate Halloween down here. Some little kids try, but they might get some lollies from every fourth or fifth house, so its probably now worth the effort....

Anonymous said...

Ah, there's always at least one "kids in sweatshirt" trying to score the benefits of the other kids' hard work. Ten bucks says he'll succeed in life far better than the rest of us silly honest folks. That bastard.

Erin said...

Kids these days are such wimpy trick-or-treaters. Seriously.

kisatrtle said...

as always, I love your twits, or tweets or whatever.

Jenners said...

Now I can see why I might read Twitter stuff if it was like this. Thanks for collecting them for those of us too bored with most of what Twitter has to offer.

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