Friday, July 23, 2010

To discuss an identity theft update

For background on my identity theft situation, check out this post.

Here's the fun-filled update on the identity theft:

You know what's a good time? Getting called by a collection agency. Evidently, my having talked with the credit card company and requesting a fraud investigation didn't prevent them from sending it on to a collection agency.

I hate how those agencies have tunnel vision about what they do. All they want is to get your money. I told them I didn't make that purchase. The lady said, "That's fine, but I'll need $15 to get you out of our agency before I can forward you to another department."

I have to pay $15 on a stolen account just so I can tell someone it's stolen? That's like sleeping with a girl just to prove to her that you don't have syphilis.

Eventually, after yelling at her (yelling! AND I'M NOT A YELLER!) that her request is both ridiculous and illogical, she got her supervisor on the phone. Funny enough, the supervisor apologized for both having called me to collect on a fraudulent account, and for asking for money. He quickly gave me the fraud investigation department number, and said his agency wouldn't be calling anymore.*

* Except they did, once more, later last night. And then the lady realized there was a note on the account to not call me.

Eventually I talked to a fraud investigator. She asked me if I had any idea how someone got my personal information.

"Do you have an ex-girlfriend who might have done it?" she asked bluntly. That must happen all the time. I was pleased she assumed I was straight, at least, and capable of having a girlfriend.

"I have lots of ex-girlfriends, but none of them are seeking vengeance that I'm aware of. Plus, they really aren't big on watches," I responded.

So she finally got the investigation officially started (the one that was promised to me last week).

And, for the icing on the stolen cake, I also got a copy of all the credit card bill for this account. My thief must be a romantic at heart. He (or she) bought the watch at the Florida department store on Feb. 11.

That must have been a really romantic night. "Ah, babe, thanks for the watch, but why does the engraving have a social security number on it?" "Shh, babe, you ask to many questions."


Amy xxoo said...

So- Capricorn is the main suspect then? Is she a Rolex kinda girl Andy?

Andy said...

Nope, Capricorn is neither into Rolexes or vengeful... and she hasn't been to Florida, either... Seriously, Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys would be helpful.

Howard Parnell said...

Dealing with collection agencies are the worst. Bad actors reading off a script.

Look into a service like Lifelock's Command Center. They even take on people who have been victimized. You get a resolution expert to help you deal with all the nonsense.

Jenners said...

That is pretty f**ed up. I pray that I never get my identity stolen.

The Daring Domesticate said...

How goes the identity reclamation?

Also, thanks for the Valentine's Day suggestion. I will now ask Kev for a stolen Rolex for V-Day 2011.

kisatrtle said...

I'm glad you finally have things moving in the right direction...what a pain in the ass.

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