Thursday, August 7, 2008

To discuss So You Think You Can Dance

Disclaimer: If you haven't watched So You Think You Can Dance, then this post will make no sense, so go on and read my post on "Girlicious" instead (it's extra trashy).
This is my thoughts on the final four and on the season as a whole. So don't read if you haven't watched the finale yet, or if you hate dancing.

Thoughts on the top four:
Courtney is always impressive, but in that, "Oh, isn't that nice" kind of way. I'm never blown away by her. When Kherrington or Jessica danced this year, for example, my first thoughts would be "Wow, what great dancing," and then I'd get thoughts of them doing the horizontal tango with me. When Courtney danced, it was always "cute girl" first, but never "great dancer" first. Also, it's not good when you admit that you're not the best dancer on the show, Courtney. You don't see me admitting I'm not the best at the horizontal tango. But still, I liked the fact you put everything into your performances.
Katee was on my bad list to start the season because of her comments that she would've quit dancing if she didn't make the Top 20. Then, slowly, she kept proving herself and doing amazing things that none of the other girls could do. She's gotta be one of the best female dancers ever on the show, and she had a great dance with Will that included moves I've never seen before.
Twitch was guaranteed a spot in the finals weeks ago-- Great at many types of dances, funny personality, and he got Cat to wear gold teeth. Hiphop dancers never do well on this show because they can't get the contemporary and ballroom stuff down, while the contemporary people can get by in hiphop. Twitch changed that. From now on, hiphop dancers will have to live up to that standard.
Joshua has been impressive for his ability to adapt to different dances. He didn't have as good of solos as Twitch most nights. But he became a man on that show. Good for him taking the crown. Still disturbed by how much Nigel Lythgoe talked about his butt on the show, though.

Favorite dance of the season: Courtney and Mark, "The Garden" with Sonya. Whole different style of dance. Even days after, I remembered that dance, and that's the true mark. Last year, it was Neil and Sabra's "Sweet Dreams" dance that really got me. Sonya's mohawk is a little disturbing, though. I kind of want to hide trinkets and small animals in there.
Second choice: Twitch and Katee, "Mercy" (the one with the door and the awesomeness).
Other thoughts on the finale:
  • Um, what was up with that magical rabbit routine? I'm all for doing stuff in the name of art, but I did not smoke enough crack to watch that. I only now am getting over the seizure that number caused.
  • Debbie Allen's dancers, all under 16sh, are more talented than I will ever be. I hate talented children.
  • Do you wonder which dancers are doing each other? Cause that's definitely happening. There's no way young, attractive people who grind on each other all day aren't doing the nasty. I'd guess Gev/Courtney, Twitch/Kherrington, and Jessica/everybody.
  • I hate the Jonas Brothers.
  • Mia Michaels has eaten a child at some point. I am now quite positive of it. She does great work, including the final four group dance, but her face scrunches in a way that either looks like Satan or a 4-year-old are trying to burst out, and I'm just hoping it's the latter.
  • I think Mary Murphy used to be called Martin Murphy, until one procedure changed his life forever and made him the screaming, eyeliner loving, off-kilter woman we now know. Ballsy of her to dance in the finale, though. You don't see Paula Abdul singing on Idol (and thank God for that).
  • Nigel, I love. He offers great criticsm that includes technical terms and can actually help the dancers improve. He also must be a gazillionaire, because he's a producer on American Idol, too. I loved how at one point this season, he encouraged young people to go out and vote. The next episode, Cat "My Future Wife" Deeley announced that millions had registered since the last episode, all because of Nigel. So, when American teachers, politicians and MTV beg teens to register to vote, few do. When a British man does, they do. Lesson learned, democracy.
Side note: I went to the SYTYCD tour last year in Bridgeport, CT. It was me, my roommate Polly, and 5,000 screaming teenage pre-teen girls. And the show was awweessoommee. I will freely admit that. Watching that stuff live is unbelievable. Even better, when everyone came out after to sign autographs, Pasha saw me taking a photo of him and gave me his trademark raised eyebrow, which more or less caused me to giggle and then quickly cough to cover it up. Oh, and Lauren from that season is smoking hot in person. Lauren, my ex-girlfriend, also is smoking hot. I think I'm on to something.

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