Thursday, August 7, 2008

To discuss what just happened to my dinner

I'm eating a chicken alfredo dinner, watching a Tivo'd recording of So You Think You Can Dance (don't spoil it!) and wondering if hot dancer Courtney might consider dating a Pa. man she's never met, when I hear what can only be described as a bomb detonating in a windshield factory, coming from my kitchen.
My dog, ever intuitive, glances at the kitchen momentarily before resuming to lick himself in private areas.
I walk to the kitchen and see the culinary crime scene.
My 9x9 glass baking dish, up to 30 seconds ago the holder of my dinner/tomorrow's lunch, was now in pieces all over the stove and floor. Nothing had touched it. It's not new, but it's not really old, either. It was sitting on a flat surface.
And it shattered like a crow bar smacking an elderly hip.
Can glass self destruct? Am I that bad of a cook?
What the hell just happened?


tlk said...

Seriously.... how does that HAPPEN??????

Kourtney (or is it Courtney) is so cute on SYTYCD!!

We definitely need to do a co-blog on that.

Lucky for you, you're 3 hours ahead of me, you get to watch the season finale in 20 minutes! I must wait for the PT version in 3.3 hours...

bianca said...

I'm trying to think back to my science classes in high school...I think there's something about when hot glass touches a cold surface it can shatter. So maybe the top of your stove was super cold in comparison to the glass. Of course, I also didn't pay close attention in class, so I could be completely wrong.

Also...Courtney is fabulous and I'm sure she would date a PA guy she's never met

Miss Tiff said...

That's crazy! I'm pretty sure that it has nothing to do with your cooking though... I can't figure out what would make it do that. I bet you were just thrilled though to have to clean up that mess. :(

dave said...

haha i am drunk but remember that time i poured boiling hot water into your hard plastic pitcher

Libby said...

i've heard of things like that happening, but wow! that is crazy!

Adorably Bitter said...

Nah, nothing to do with your cooking skills. Blame it on your radiant personality or poltergeist. This is what I did, when I had a glass pitcher filled with syrup explode on its own.

Maris said...

I think this would have been less tragic if you'd been making, say, vegetables, but since it was something delish like fettuccino alfredo it's an extra big bummer.

Andy said...

I'm glad everyone is in agreement that this was crazy.
I still haven't figured it out.
TLK- Anytime you want to co-blog, let me know
Bianca- That sounds like a Mr. Wizard experiment.
Miss Tiff- I'm STILL finding glass
Dave- Um, yeah, I remember that. You broke that mofo.
Adorably Bitter- Why did you put syrup in a big pitcher? Was Mrs. Butterworth's round belly not appealing enough for you?
Maris- Couldn't agree more. I was more ticked that I lost my lunch for the next day than I was about the dish. I briefly considered trying scoop out the food, but I couldn't guarantee I wouldn't be eating glass. Tough call.

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