Thursday, August 7, 2008

To discuss the G in GQ not standing for Gay...

I find myself constantly defending my subscriptions to my magazines of choice: GQ, Details, and Esquire.
"Aren't those, like, for gay people?"
As a professional writer, I'm always looking for other good writing (including the links on the right side of this page of other blogs- check 'em out), and these magazines often have great, long-form journalism, intriguing looks into campaigns and war, and fascinating human interest stories...
Take a look at some of the latest articles, photos and headlines gleaned from these awesome publications, and tell me if you still think I like boys:
  • "Would you marry a porn star? Meet guys who did."
  • Advertisement with two men dressed in cowboys hats looking into each others eyes
  • "The World's Biggest Beauty Pageant- for Men"... article begins, "It's Manhunt, to which models from across the globe come every year, armed with swimsuits and baby oil and hoping to take home the sash."
  • A Versace ad with McDreamy from Grey's Anatomy.
  • A shopping guide to let men know where to get the fashionable clothes in the magazine
  • Advice on wearing flip-flops: "A pedicure is mandatory...As for polish, some places may offer you a clear coat, but a buffing will make them shine just as much."
  • "The Gay Baby Boom"
  • Sexy photos of Gisele! A-ha....(two pages later) Story advising men to wear cardigans (own them) skinny black jeans (own them) and leather dress boots (own t...shoot)
  • "Let God Love Gene Robinson" (an openly gay Christian bishop)
  • Advice on wearing white shoes between Memorial Day and Labor Day.
Well, crap. Did I mention Gisele?


J-Money said...

You forgot the ad with an underwear-clad David Beckham looking suggestively at the camera as he rubs his own taut abdomen.

That is why I frequently steal those magazines from the gym.

Andy said...

Um, J-Mizzle, what makes you think I haven't already torn out that ad and taped it on my wall?
Cause I didn't. That would be gay.
And when you're stealing those magazines, is that before or after your butt is hanging out?

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