Tuesday, September 2, 2008

To discuss people pretending to be me: Andy Shaw #2

As I did last month, I'm continuing a feature so I have some sense of consistency on this blog beyond pining after women on television (that will also continue). The idea here is that there are way, way too many Andy/Andrew Shaw's out there. Here's another example:
The September contestant is submitted by my college friend Sam, who found this dude on a wedding list....
Andrew Shaw: theknot.com
Ok, first off, this dude is A LOT better looking than me. There are chisels on top of his chisels on his jaw. And his new wife is a looker. So, for that, I'm proud to share the Shaw name.
It appears they got married on top of a roof in downtown Pittsburgh, which works fine for weddings but terrible for a backdrop in Matthew Jessica Parker's "Inspector Gadget."
Also, it appears I'm 34 and an investment banker. Make that paper, Andy... I met Lauren in London and have done the long distance thing back and forth with her (Andy, dude. You're making major dollars and have a chiseled jaw, and you can't find a girl in the same country as you?) and somehow convinced Lauren to move to London instead of me moving stateside, because I'm so considerate and unselfish.
But seriously, this wedding photo looks like it's out of a catalog. I am considering stealing it as my Facebook photo and pretending I'm married.


Amanda. said...

You could totally
steal this dudes picture
and pass it off as your
own. Because lets be
serious...I'm sure Mr.
Married Man doesn't
have a facebook account...
and chances are, even if he
did...he'd never come across
you trying to be him.

But. Why not just find a
sweet lil' hottie for
yourself...get married...and
stick your real marriage
photo up there.
(So much easier said then
done, huh?)

Anonymous said...

Yo. So please explain to me what Digg and de.li.cio.us is (or whateverthehell the spelling is.)

P.S. You could always change your legal name to WildARSchase. I'm guessing there aren't too many of those floating around.

Amy xxoo said...

Growing up, it always seemed to be their were, I dont know, a BILLION oher girls named Amy. Thats probably not quite correct but there are a lot.... but when i Google my full name, there arent quite as many Amy Wells's as i expected...

bex said...

yes, fake andy is cute, but does fake andy BLOG?

Andy said...

Amanda- Can I just propose to you and cut to the chase?
Haute- I think if I changed my name to WildArsChase, I'd have an even harder time finding a date. Those two sites- Digg is a way to share web sites with friends, and delicious is a public web page bookmarking kind of thing.
Amy- Just don't be like Amy Winehouse. Well, sing like her, just don't snort crack like her.
Bex- An excellent point. Take that, chisel chin.

Anonymous said...

You wanna talk about fakes. I got a phone call from the state police in Pittsburgh a few months ago, telling me that they found my stolen IPod. Be a recent college grad, I'm too poor to own an IPod. The officer told me that my name was in the information on it and I was the only Samantha McCarney with a driver's license. Oh and if you google "Sam McCarney" you'll find that I was drafted by the Celtics in 1972.

Now, because I'm too lazy to go over to that post, I just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed the co-blog with Alicia. It made me laugh though, because I never remember you being that cool. ;-) haha jk! :-)

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