Wednesday, September 3, 2008

To discuss you stuffing my mail box like a Thanksgiving turkey

The regular daily post will be coming soon- there are dying puppies involved (now are you interested?)- but first, because I'm guessing most of you took the holiday weekend off from blogging, I just want to remind you of a sweet feature coming out next Monday: Question & Answer. With the help of Haute Pocket, we'll be answering your questions about anything that comes to mind- make it random, make it funny, make it serious, make it borderline illegal. I hope to turn it into a weekly feature, but first, we gotta get a good start.
That means I need you submitting questions like it's your civic duty. You can just leave them in the comments, or send them to a spiffy e-mail account I set up just for you: wildarschase@yahoo.com (can you believe nobody already claimed that? Morons. It's golden).
If you want to hear about puppies, about Christmas in Delaware or about the brief moment yesterday that I considered stabbing myself with plastic flatware, I suggest you question up.
Love ya! (in a non-sexual way)


Anonymous said...

You tagged me and that's hot (in the word's of Paris Hilton.)

bex said...

very important question:

how do you like your steak cooked?

and would you rather date someone who couldn't spell or someone who was allergic to the sun?

Anonymous said...

This is an excellent question, Bex. I can't wait to discuss.

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