Thursday, October 2, 2008

To discuss two weird news items

Ridiculous news item of the day:
"Sex and the City star Kim Cattrall is the new voice for TomTom navigation devices, according to Wired. The idea is to add "some spice to the ride, allowing drivers a fun and unforgettable journey," says TomTom. On the road, Cattrall's voice will give more than the standard instructions such as "Turn left." She will say lines such as "This is the city, darling. Anything goes" or "Don’t touch my Manolos!"

Other potential things I think she'll say:
"Continue straight into the center of my legs."
"Please use a car cover while driving with me. I've TomTom'd all over this city."
"Approaching destination. Pick up speed to arrive at same time. Faster. Faster."
"Caution: Don't grind my gears."
"Sarah Jessica Parker has a weird face. Also, take a left."

I'd rather have Bea Arthur read my directions, Golden Girls style. I just saw a sweet episode last week where Rose thinks she has AIDS because of a bad blood transfusion. It's a classic. Only the Golden Girls can make AIDS funny. I would have been all for a Golden Girls movie, except for that whole dead Estelle Getty thing.

Another terrible news item. Did you know MTV's Total Request Live is going off the air next month????
Or, in other words, Music Television will stop airing its lone Music Television programming... the same show that made the station relevant in the late 90s and launched the careers of Britney Spears, NSyncs, Backstreet Boys, Blink 182, Eminem and both minutes of fame for 98 Degrees.
I know they never really showed videos, but still, it's freakin TRL.
The replacement is that crappy "FNMTV" with Ashlee Simpson's husband, who wears eye makeup.
Pop culture will die a little bit next month.


~Sheila~ said...

Do you watch the reality TV shows on MTV? It's not really "music" television anymore. I think it kind of sucks.
Kim Catrell as the voice of TomTom....you're right, that could get interesting.

Ben said...

Pop culture is pretty much a dying fish, flopping around on a rock gasping for air...I mean water...I mean...ummm science? How does that work again?

Miss Tiff said...

First off, I definitely wouldn't want Kim Cattrall reading me directions. Second thing is pop culture has been dying a little bit at a time for some time now.

Finger Talks said...

the Golden Girls are the meat to my potatoes and when I grow up i want to be Sofia.

TRL was still on the air? oh, since i never see music on mtv anymore i just assumed it had been canned when carson left! lol!

pop culture is already mostly dead, and Miracle Max can't even bring it back.

sj said...

i have to say- i haven't watched MTV in years. that may make me sound really old.

i do however have a serious crush on vh1. it plays hard to get with me, moving it's programming all around so i can't find the shows i like. but whatev. it wants me to want it. i get that.

it's a dream of mine to become a voiceover actress, so i'm a little annoyed that she's stepping on my turf.

SouthernBelle said...

Um, yeah, would it not be distracting to have your directions given to you by a slutty electronic cougar?

Gotta admit I am much more into VH1 than MTV as well, espesh Best Week Ever. I tend to only watch actual music videos on BET though, because I'm just not into white folks music these days. It's either too whiny or too soulless.

Ooh SJ, that is such a great idea. I think I'll be a voice over artist when I'm too old to be a hip, with-it graphic designer.

I'm gonna start working on my kindly old lady voice - since I'm an Aussie I can probably pass for British here too, and that'll work well!

BloodRedRoses said...

Damn I love the Golden Girls... I don't know if there's another show that could make me pee my pants laughing on such a regular basis.

Anonymous said...

Woah, woah, woah. Despite my undying love for Kim Cattrall, there is no way that this Tom Tom thing is a good idea. Also, be kind to SJP, she's fantastic! And we're best friends. In my mind.

bex said...

I want Pierce Brosnan to voice my nav devices.

Lauren said...

Isn't SATC over? They did the movie, the TV show...and she's still acting as Samantha? Oh well. If the tomtom comes with free shoes, i'm in.

I was sad to hear about TRL going off the air. Not necessarily because I watched it (i haven't since high school) but because MTV totally has to change their name now. CAn they still be Music TV? No. Instead it can be... Magical TV. Majestic TV. Maniacal TV. Or my personal favorite, Moran's TV.

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