Wednesday, November 26, 2008

To discuss Get to Know Me links for you and yours

(Updated list as needed)
When I asked you all to join me in "Get to Know Me" week, I figured maybe one or two of you would join in, grudgingly, and the rest would say, "Andy, COME ON, Twilight just came out, there's no time!"

As always, I underestimate you. Even before we could get to the end of the week, I had several bloggers post their "Get to Know Me" submission. Entries are still being taken and will be added to this list, but let me just say you have a lot to live up to, as these are hilarious, intriguing, and entertaining...

The general rules are to write a post about:
A) Something nobody knows about you, or
One of your favorites stories from your childhood, or
C) Your 10 Top Favorite (Fill in the Blank).

Then, let me know you did the dirty deed so I can link you all night long. Ask others to join, too.
If I don't have your link included yet, remind me; I do plan to read every single entry.

Just for joining, here are two special buttons (oh the choices!) you can add on your blog (make sure to direct people to your post).
I'd offer prizes, but I am poorer than that kid in the "Christmas Shoes" song that always makes me sad. Somebody buy that kid a pair of Manolo Blahniks already!

The Get to Know Me list so far:
  • KK at Will Work for Shoes talks about her sense of humor as a toddler.
  • KAT at Funny Gals sets up a bad joke, and then reminds us it's a sad romantic reality.
  • SJ, also at Funny Gals, decided she better join in on the fun, too, with a Top 10 list.
  • AmyXXOO at Insomniatic Musings tells a harrowing tale of a hiking experience that I won't ruin the end of, but it's freaky.
  • Southern Belle, who hosted a Q&A as part of my own GTNM posts, tells a gruesome and interesting story.
  • Sam at Yes, I know "Sam" is a boy's name, took Get to Know Me a little literally and posted photos of me from our college choir days. It's worth a visit. Trust me.
  • Sheila at Here we go... went all out and posted two entries, one on her ADD and the other on.. what was I talking about again? Look, something sparkly. Oh yeah, anyway, the other one is about being a light sleeper.
  • Joshlos at It's a Bloggyblogworld has a broken heart. Read it and feel sorry for him. Especially because of who was singing at the hospital the day he had surgery.
  • Newbie to this blog, Sara at My Checked Baggage talks about her celebrity crush and her choice of swear words.
  • Canadian Áine Caitríona at Smell the Glove offered up one of her old-school posts, a Proust Questionnaire, as a submission.
  • Soccer mom and proud of it Kisatrtle of Kisatrtle's Kreative Korner (not to be confused with the KKK) offered up 100 things about her.
  • Jenbun of The Good, the Bad, and the Lovely has 10 Favorite Things about this time of the year, plus she blog-crushes on Ben.
  • Miss Tiff of A Bit of Miss Tiff wrote her Top 10 favorite movies, including Home Alone. Nice.
  • Little Ms. Blogger at A Little Blog about Nothing gave her guilty pleasure list. Check out number 7.
  • Onewandering, who just started reading this blog, decided not to be a lurker and join in on GTNM week by listing her 10 favorite things about the holiday season. There are no mentions of Santa, elves, or turkeys.
  • JSauce at GimmeMyTiara told me she'd stop being lazy and actually write a post without the aid of alcohol, so go encourage her.
  • Updated:
  • The female version of me, Andy, of Life Isn't So Terrible After All, wrote about her favorite things about this year. Andy and I often get mistaken for the other when commenting on other blog sites. I consider it a badge of honor.
  • Erin, of The State I Am In, helped give me the idea for my 100 things list. She got her GTNM week on by doing all three ideas... Congratulate her with roses and praise.
  • Wee-h at WeeTravelings said she "couldn't resist" joining. She wrote about how discovered.. well, I'll let you find out. One phrase includes "a good suck and I was off to sleep," but she's not talking about what you think.
  • Tishtash of My Telephone Booth has a very unique take on a Top 10 list with her fave weird sounds in the office. My favorite sound on the list is the one that makes no sound.
  • Far of My Everyday Soap (Opera!) got hers up first thing Thanksgiving morning. She's dedicated.
  • Kylie of Random Thoughts by Kylie just started her blog this month, and she already is joining in, so check her out.
  • Liz of Southern FRYEd, who professes her blog crush on me (much obliged, thank you), weaves a fantastic story about crayon envy and subtraction. Keep it up, Liz.
  • Heather at Geiger Girl lists 100 things about her that involve extra toes, Playboy, pot and knees. Interested?
  • Your turn...


SouthernBelle said...

Andy, you are such a blog-pimp.

Look, are there ANY dudes on your list?


Anonymous said...

I know...what the crap? "Hey. My name is Andy. I have a hot girlfriend and chicks dig my blog."

Andy said...

Josh is the lone male so far... in my defense, I've always had many more female friends than male friends. So this ratio is about right.

Jossie Posie said...

I totally wrote a flashback post about high school intrigue. See what you've started, a revolution!

Erin said...

My post is up: http://stateiamin.com/?p=564

It's fairly fabulous if I do say so myself...and I do.

Word Verification for this comment: moopoo

The Rambler said...

Be my pimp, be my pimp...Do I get a cut at all? :)


JenBun said...

Um, I blogcrush on BOTH of you!!



Amy xxoo said...

Wow, thats some list. Luckily i have the day off tomorrow and only one thing on my to do list, so i'll have plenty of time to sit back and read them all.

And i've had comments from three new readers on my blog - see what you've started ?

TishTash said...

I posted one, but I bent your rules a little bit. It's a Top Ten list, but not a Top Ten Favorite list. I hope this is just a guideline, and not a rule to live and die by. And if it is, you're a fascist, and I don't mind saying so.

Excellent idea this, by the way.

Andy said...

Hm, I'm the one feeling honored here.

Far said...

mine will be posted at 7am thursday morning ;)

wee-h said...

Here you go, i could resist.

The shame


Far said...

ok so i set it up to post at 7am and it didnt but its up now yay old school styles ;)

wee-h said...

Yeah you have to bear with my spelling, its officially rubbish, obviously i meant "couldn't resist"

Liz said...

I finally got my "Get to Know me" post finished. Would love for you to check it out... By the way, I think you blog kicks serious butt!

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