Wednesday, November 26, 2008

To discuss 100 Things About Me

You're supposed to write a "100 Things About Me" post to celebrate your 100th blog post. Well, I'm a little late. But here goes, 100 Things About Me:

1. My name is Andy
2. I'm named after one of Jesus' 12 disciples
3. My middle name is Robert, after my dad's college roommate
4. I was a one-woman man for my last three years of college
5. I dated Alicia, who I met on the first day of our sophomore year and proposed to on the last day of our senior year
6. We moved to Connecticut in 2005
7. We broke up that week
8. We lived together (and slept on the same bed) for more than a year after that
9. She's still one of my friends
10. We did many plays and musicals in college together
11. I had only acted in one musical, in a minor role, before college
12. I acted in a dozen shows in college, including several leads
13. I hope someone teaches me how to act one day
14. My family is Von Trapp like- we all sing
15. My dad is a church choir director
16. My sister and brother were both in top choirs in high school
17. I didn't join choir until college
18. I ended up singing in regional and all-state choirs
19. I sang a brief solo once in a concert conducted by Grammy-winner Marvin Hamlisch
20. Marvin Hamlisch is that dude who wrote "A Chorus Line" and was in the end of "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days."
21. Kate Hudson is overrated.
22. I think Natalie Portman, Lacey Chabert and Helen Hunt are some of the prettiest actresses around.
23. Helen Hunt was great in "Twister," one of my favorite movies from the 90s.
24. Other favorites include "Can't Hardly Wait," "Apollo 13" and "Above the Rim"
25. My parents didn't allow me to see movies with violence in them when I was a kid
26. This also included TV shows like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The Simpsons
27. I was allowed one G.I. Joe action figure, and didn't have a video game system until middle school
28. I'm all the better for it.
29. I didn't look like anything resembling a man until senior year of high school
30. I didn't weigh 100 pounds until eighth grade and had braces most of high school
31. But that didn't stop me from hitting on girls
32. I was the only boy in kindergarten with a girlfriend
33. I was voted Class Flirt senior year
34. I was on Homecoming Court senior year of college
35. I also was a television sports announcer, a newspaper editor, a peer educator, a theater fraternity member, an A student, and a litany of other things in college
36. I barely slept.
37. I'd get so tired from staying up late working and studying that I'd get nauseous and have terrible headaches
38. I didn't realize this wasn't normal until I graduated
39. Our college newspaper won awards for being one of the best in the country
40. It helped get me my first job in Connecticut
41. It also likely cost me time I could have spent with friends and my girlfriend
42. I didn't drink until I turned 21, and never smoked
43. And that's not because Zack Morris told me There's No Hope With Dope.
43. I had to commute two hours each way for my first newspaper job in Connecticut
44. That included taking a bus downtown, walking several blocks, catching a train, then walking to work
45. It was soul-draining doing that commute
46. But I loved my career and was good at it
47. I won several journalism awards during my time there
48. One day I hope to become a household name in journalism
49. At my first job, I made next to nothing and Connecticut is crazy expensive
50. I'm still paying off debts I incurred from three years in Connecticut
51. #&$@ you, Connecticut
52. I performed in a few musicals when I wasn't working
53. Theater people are some of the best people I know
54. Not being able to do theater right now is the main drawback to my career
55. I moved to Pennsylvania in the spring of 2008
56. My commute is about 10 minutes now
57. I also have greatly increased my use of Wal-marts and other Pa. staples
58. As much as people say they hate Wal-marts, they still use them
59. Because, you know it's Wal-mart
60. The first time my family saw a Wal-mart, it was in the movie, "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation"
61. That's our family's favorite holiday movie
62. We quote it all year long
63. "Save the neck for me, Clark"
64. My mother thought for the longest time that Ralphie actually does shoot his eye out in "A Christmas Story"
65. I thought for the longest time that the evil queen in "The Muppet Frog Prince" was in my closet
66. She's not
67. I checked
68. I have a soft spot for 90s nostalgia
69. And I think 80s nostalgia is overrated
70. I was born in 1983, so maybe it's because I missed some of the good stuff
71. I've seen every episode of Saved by the Bell and Full House
72. I didn't get out much as a child
73. See number 30
74. Some of my favorite shows now include "The Office," "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," "House," "American Idol," "So You Think You Can Dance" and "How I Met Your Mother."
75. I went to the "So You Think You Can Dance" tour a couple years ago
76. I think I was the only straight, single guy there
77. Which is fitting, as my metrosexual self is often mistaken for a gay dude
78. I don't want to make out with a guy
79. Chicks are hot
80. I do like to shop, especially at Banana Republic and Express
81. My girlfriend, Capricorn, likes to shop
82. She's called Capricorn on here because her dog's name is Leo
83. We weren't feeling creative that day
84. She's incredibly supportive of me writing for work and for this blog
85. We met on the Internet, where she caught my eye with her beauty and humor
86. Not like a Russian mail-order bride thing
87. We both own chihuahuas
88. My dog, Bailey, is actually part chihuahua, part dachshund
89. It's called a chiweenie
90. I swear, that's what it's called
91. I've had Bailey for three years now
92. He is prone to doing weird, dumb things
93. I wouldn't trade him for anything
94. I started this blog on Aug. 1 2008, on a whim
95. I had no idea what I was doing
96. I still don't
97. Somehow, I thought it'd be smart to write all day for work, then come home and write
98. Your comments make it all worth it
99. That, and I get to post funny photos of Bailey
100. My favorite holiday is the Fourth of July, my favorite band is Radiohead and my favorite movie is either "28 Days Later," "Oceans 11," or "Once."


Amy xxoo said...

I love your list, but you do realise that some of those things dont relate directly to you?

That is, forgiven, seeing as you managed to squeeze in yet another reference to Zack Morris and you nominated " Once " as, perhaps, your favrouite movie...

The Rambler said...

I love it...

So American Idol. Was it just me or was Paula like on a 5 second delay the whole last season? I watched just because of her...She crazy!

PA. My sis lives there. All I can say is I won't complain about my cold 78 degrees here for our winter time and I'm serious. I'm cold. Brrr. (Hawaii, what?)

wee-h said...

Radiohead? Didnt realise anyone still liked them after OK Computer!

Andy said...

Amy- It's my list and I'll stray if I want to (Stray if I want to, stray if I want to, you would cry t... ah, nevermind). And I think I'm going for a record number of Zack Morris references this month.
Rambler- Just wait until this year, when a new judge comes on the show.
Wee-h- I didn't start listening to them until "Amnesiac." Weird, right? But, to clarify here, you're not making fun of my favorite band, right? That would result in a blogging timeout for you.

kisatrtle said...

Can I refill your eggnog for you? Get you something to eat? Drive you out to the middle of nowhere and leave you for dead?

Damn I love that movie!!!

Oh and might I add that it came out in 1989 therefore proving that the 80s weren't all that bad.

Loved the list. Now I want to hear you sing...any chance we might get a video of that???

wee-h said...

No, im not being at all sarcastic about Radiohead. I cant talk my favourite band are the Counnting Crows, at least Radiohead could be described as slightly avant-garde!

gracie-mel said...

I think my favorite part of YOUR college days was the 2-3 weeks you went coma each May when you came back home. Mom couldn't understand it, even when you tried to explain that it was an attempt to catch up on 9 months of sleep.

Marinka said...

I love this list, except the part when you reveal the year that you were born, and I realized that I could be your mother. If I had been a teenage whore, that is. Wait, this list isn't about me, is it? That's another minus.

sj said...

this is the best list i've read on a blog. period.

so fantastic.

but on behalf of connecticut, suck it.

actually. i'm totally dying to know what paper you worked for and when. because back in 2002-3 KAT and I were both at a paper in CT. owned by a large newspaper company. and in 1999-2000 i was interning and then freelancing for a very large paper in CT.

ps. i responded to your contest too. i couldn't let KAT have all the fun.

Áine Caitríona said...

#68 and #69: THANK. YOU. SIR.

*slow clapping*

"Sorry, no, you know what, I DON'T remember how awesome the eighties were because I WAS TOO BUSY BEING BORN AND LEARNING TO WALK, you twat. And, for the record, you're TWO YEARS YOUNGER THAN ME so don't even TOUCH THAT!! YEAH, I'M LOOKING ATCHU, EIGHTY-SIX!!!"

Heh, whoops, sorry, did that slip out? Heh heh...

bex said...

#4... (snicker, snicker) Really, a woman?

Andy said...

Kisa- hahaha.. How about "Those lights aren't twinkling." "Thanks for noticing." There is a DVD of me performing in "Cinderella." Perhaps one day I'll share.
Wee-h- Good point. I'd keep that to yourself, although I do love Mr. Jones.
Mel- Yeah, she probably thought I was an alcoholic.
Marinka- So you weren't a teenage whore, then?
SJ- Thanks. I'll e-mail you about the paper. And I do have love for CT, just not a ton.
Aine- A slow clap? Yes!
Bex- Ah mother f'er. I fixed it. Good catch. And yet, no one else noticed I accidentally called myself a woman. Maybe they assumed I was one.

SouthernBelle said...

LOL, great list Andy.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah you are so young, Eighties Baby! I was born in 1979 so you young'uns freak me out!

Also, I hate anything National Lampoon with a white-hot intensity. But I forgive you, because pretty much everything else you like is awesome.

Jossie Posie said...

The fact that you talked a bout A Christmas Story in this will make me a loyal follower :-)

See, I'm easy.

Kellie said...

Great list! Oh and I am in love w/ your dog. Too cute! :)

Sam_I_am said...

Love it.

You did used to look really bad towards the end of the semesters. Kinda, white, pasty and overall dead looking. I'm glad you realized that was unhealthy. I always said "screw work, I'm sleeping" that might be why I got Bs, though.

Little Ms Blogger said...

Your list cracked me up --- especially #21. Why the hate for Kate Hudson?

LBluca77 said...

Christmas Vacation is one of the best movies ever. EVER!!! I watch it every year.

Andy said...

Belle- You're what, a few years older? That just makes you hotter... and this isn't a normal National Lampoons movie- it's not the same as those terrible ones on college campuses involving actors who only have bit parts in every other movie but are stars in these ones.
Jossie- Don't tell boys you're easy.
Kellie- Cute? Perhaps. But he too often is mistaken for a squirrel.
Sam- It's a shame you're not more brutally honest. Good Lord, you should have brought me make-up and bronzer or something.
Little Ms- Why the love for Kate Hudson?
Lbluca- I watch it many, many times a year. Many.

kk said...

um, #51?

it better exclude fellow bloggers from CT!

Funny post, as always!

Bailey and Vito are both chiweenies, but I think Vito is more of a dachuahua.

Erin said...

Fantastic list.

I love you more now that I know your dog is a chiweenie.

I hate Wal-Mart, and I actually don't shop there. I have almost $50 in giftcards to Wal-Mart that I have never used because I refuse to enter that store.

Geiger Girl said...

Yay for 100 things about ya! I'm inspired, I think that's what I'm gonna go for on mine.

Except I keep reading everyone's blogs and I'll never actually get to writing. Ya'll are just to damn witty for me to keep up!

Famously Single said...

#50 made me laugh out loud! I know the feeling getting started in this crazy media business :)

Sara said...

I was invited to a saved by the bell part a couple of weeks ago...it involved watching the box set on dvd and drinking...I'm sad that I couldn't go because then I could have challenged you to a saved by bell off...

Jest said...

My family is the exact same way with Christmas Vacation. I can't wait to watch it again, on Christmas Eve as per tradition.
Thanks for the laugh!

Lizzie said...

I wasn't allowed to watch the Simpsons, either. To this day, my parents still don't have cable. And I love that your dog is called a chiweenie. It makes me want one.

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