Monday, November 10, 2008

To discuss a Mid-November's Night's Dream

I was so ready to give you my Weekend Update or debut a new feature this morning.
Then, I had a crazy dream, and I feel I must share it with you now, and post the other stuff later.

The dream (commence weird, ethereal music and fog machine):

I was playing professional baseball for the Pittsburgh Pirates, and we were playing the New York Yankees (I know this because I saw Derek Jeter). It was my turn to bat in the top of the first inning. I crushed a double to the left-center gap (what detail, right?). As I slid toward second base, with Alex Rodriguez standing there waiting to try to tag me out, I did some kind of insane slide around him that cause him to lunge forward. I got up quickly and leap-frogged over A-Rod to touch second base safely.

Flash-forward to later in the game. The announcers are now saying I hit a home run, the only run scored so far in the game. What's weird is I am now pitching, which I wasn't doing before in the game. Even weirder is that after every inning I pitched, I was driving home, 40 minutes away, and then racing back before my next inning to pitch started.

At this point, I'm driving back to Pittsburgh, except for some reason I get lost in an area that I can only imagine comes out of some Carl Sandberg poem. I'm worried I'm not going to make it back to pitch in time. I bump into two former newspaper editors of mine (?!?!), who say not to worry.
Soon, I park next to this large, multi-level structure similar to a mall, minus the teenyboppers and old men. I walk into the building, which immediately transform into an open-air market type of deal (?!?!), with a myriad of avenues to wander down.

I'm completely lost at this point but somehow make it back to an elevator, not unlike Willy Wonka's. Inside, there is a handicap dude, getting wheeled out by a nurse. I get in, seemingly having a good idea what floor to get off on. But when I emerge, I'm somehow in a parking lot in the middle of the sky. I go inside (!?!), where I see two people I graduated high school with (and have not talked to in about 7 years). For some reason, I try to make sure they don't see me because I don't feel like talking to them. They are evidently married (not true in real life) and fighting. It appears I'm now at a travel agency/airport, with only two options of destinations, one in the Middle East and I think the other was in Europe.
I go down the last, unmarked hall.

And then I wake up.

WTH. I've never had anything like that dream. I did not eat anything spicy right before going to bed. I did not leave a tooth under my pillow waiting for the tooth fairy. I did not having anything to drink.

Thoughts? Do you recall any dreams of your own lately?


RainbowEclipse said...

Two questions:
1) what were you talking/thinking about prior to sleeping, OR
2) what were you WATCHING on tv that might've prompted any of that.

And a note: I now know why you shouldn't go to bed angry. Aside from the possibility of something fatal happening that leaves you unable to amend relationships/pay debts/etc.... apparently you'll dream about fighting with every person you've ever met.... I'm not sharing the dream, but I had to walk my way through it to figure out where each scenario came from.

I'm guessing you didn't make it back to pitch?

Diane said...


I had a dream on Saturday night that my daughter's American Girl doll (well, in the dream it was her doll, but it was ugly and not like hers at all), rolled her eyes at me when I made a comment about how she wasn't being played with often. I thought I was seeing things until she did it again. Then she growled this horrible growl at me. I woke up screaming, "SAY SOMETHING! SAY SOMETHING!" It was creepy. And last night, when I tucked Ryan in, I pulled her doll's blanket over her scary little head and tucked it tight around her. She won't be rolling her eyes at me anytime soon, let me tell you!

Sophia said...

hahhaa. I love remembering dreams! It's entertaining yourself with little effort! Usually I just remember snippets, like last night I dreamed I was in Australia with a coworker, but every once in a while it's nice and vivid.

Miss Tiff said...

What a weird, weird dream.. I had a strange one Friday but I think it's because I've been so stressed lately.

Lump said...

wow that's pretty detailed. I can't remember shit, so I definitely can't remember my dreams. ;)

stealthnerd said...

Oh wow, that's a good one! I typically have bizarre dreams but this weekend they were especially wacky as they were influenced by Nyquil.

In one, I was dating Dan Humphrey (a Gossip Girl character, just in case you weren't familiar) and I got mad so I kicked him in the nuts. This was moments after realizing that my whole world was actually inside of Darth Vadar's space ship.

Darth was surprisingly sweet during the whole ordeal. Dan, not so much. Though that may have been due in part to my foot in his crotch, but whatever.

~Sheila~ said...

I've had some pretty wierd dreams before. Mostly they consist of me driving but not being able to shift gears properly in order to accelerate. I hate dream driving.
Or...I get in a fight with someone and I don't have enough power behind my punches. Stupid fight dreams.

Andy said...

Rainbow- 1) Nothing, really. I came home late from Capricorn's house... 2) ..after watching SATC. Hmmm. And no, I did not make it back to pitch.
Diane- So, I'm the weirdo?
Sophia- It's always better when you can recall the whole thing.
Tiff- Tell Mr. Romance to give you a back rub, and by back rub, I mean...
Lump- Just don't forget the basics, like putting on pants. That'll get you in trouble.
Stealth- You need to blog about such things, if you haven't already.
Sheila- It sounds like you're a superhero in a video game, and you need to hit the power up button.

Anonymous said...

I usually have super-weird dreams. I have an old myspace blog about it that I should bring back as a myspace classic.

Additionally, here's a dude question about your dream: Why was A-Rod covering second? You said Jeter was there, right? Where was he playing?

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