Friday, February 20, 2009

To discuss dream sequence part 2, car wreck edition

This is the second part of my crazy dream, and I would like all of you to play some Dr. Phil and analyze it. I'm sure there's a deeper meaning in there, but since I'm not fighting with Capricorn, work is going well and Obama has promised me his economic stimulus will revive the economy, I'm not sure what root cause of stress is here.

Act 2:
After escaping the bowling alley unscathed, I was driving with D down a highway, although not a familiar one. I get off at an exit, but cars are headed toward me as I merge on the new road. I can't figure out why, though, as I'm sure I've gotten off at the right exit. Soon, I realize this is because drivers are fleeing the melee ahead.

I start swerving my car left and right like a Honda Frogger, as we approach an 18-car (exactly 18) pile-up. It's the biggest wreck I've seen, VH1 reality shows not included. I'm almost home free, but then a car comes out of nowhere and smacks against my hood. D and I aren't hurt and, magically, are standing outside of the car a moment later. We end up getting on a school bus that for no apparent reason has been set up as Ground Zero, although no American flag is visible so I am dubious about this school's patriotism during a tragic situation.

There are lots of other people on the bus in various stages of medical duress; I'm surprised I don't see any Grey's Anatomy characters running around, as it might be more entertaining to watch Izzie moan about how George never loved her while she treats patients on a school bus. What really gets me is that I'm being asked to fill out a form about how I got in the accident, as I shout to the official that it was impossible not to get hit with all the cars spread around.

I am told my insurance won't cover the damage, and am given a traffic citation for unsafe driving in the amount of $8.28. Yes, an $8.28 ticket.

And then... I woke up.



Andy said...

Hahaha... I think Freud wrote a book about dream interpretation, but I doubt there were bowling alleys, insurance companies, VH1 and Grey's Anatomy references!

kk said...

A bus you say?

Perhaps a little too much Rock Of Love?

Did you eat a banana before bed?

(I don't know, my mother always asks me that when I say I have weird dreams.)

Kylie said...

Haha *snorts* I think you're CrAzY!! Too much reality tv, I think...that's my best guess anyway...
Iused to have a "dream interpretation" book...now where is that??

Amy xxoo said...

Here's my interpretation:

It seems as though some things are falling down around you ( the alley roof )but you have managed to stay clear of them so far. However, the further you try to distance yourself from these issues, the closer you are coming to a big problematic mess ( the car crash ).

Yes - you may call Ms Freud.

~Sheila~ said...

I don't know man...
I learned that our dreams sometimes mean something WAAAAY off.

I can only deduce that you are getting ready to move in with Capricorn in the near future and you will have a lot of obstacles to overcome (once you move in with someone...all the formalities are out the window and all the gruesomeness comes out).

Just make it through safely and if you feel threatened...find a glass door to run through for safety.

Just kidding.

I have NO IDEA.

Mel said...

There's a lot about insurance in that dream. Did you watch that Lifehouse video "Broken" before you went to sleep? No bowling or insurance involved, but lots of cars and a wreck and him walking one way while everyone else walks the other.

Anna Lefler said...

You deeply resent your middle-management position at the home for the elderly because you are driven in your heart to be a Viking spy but, alas, your astigmatism knocked you out of the program before you even got started (really). Also, your female cousin (the traveling Beano saleswoman) has some news for you about the mysterious connection between your missing diary and Monty Hall's glasses.

Obviously, this is stressing you out.

You're welcome.

:^) Anna

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