Wednesday, February 10, 2010

To discuss a brand new feature: I vlog the crap out of this post

For the first time, I have a laptop with a webcam. After extensive testing and Skyping with a Mexican drug lord, I've decided to bust out a new feature on WildARSChase.

I'm gonna do a little vlogging. Now, this isn't going to be all No Ordinary Rollercoaster quality. There's a reason he won Best Vlogger. Actually, I think he won like 57 20-Something Blogger awards. He and LivItLuvIt are the Sean Penn and Meryl Streep of the 20SB awards. I'm the Susan Lucci. Actually, I'm more like her redheaded stepchild who wets the bed.

But, at the least, I'll give vlogging a try. I apologize for the relatively poor lighting, etc- I'll improve on it next time (if you want a next time ... otherwise, this is basically "The Beautiful Life," minus Mischa).

This wouldn't be WildARSChase if I didn't throw in some kind of twist, though. For my first vlog (split into two parts, both pretty short), I made it Pop Up Video style. Children of the 90s just fainted with excitement. I can't get it to make a "pop" sound, but it's the general idea. Hope you enjoy it...

If you want to check out the YouTube links, here's part 1 and part 2. Might be best viewed full-screen.

Part 1:

Part 2:


Ben said...

YES! Welcome to the vlogging army!

Bailey is awesome. In the second video he just keeps giving you the judgey eyes.

Libby said...

Woo hoo! Now I'm going to be singing "Pop! Pop Up Video!" all day.

Herding Cats said...

I loved it! You should always vlog with Bailey. He could be your sidekick :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome new feature! You should now shoot your own episode of House Hunters!

BeckEye said...

Don't you know that I do most of my blog reading at work? I can't watch your vlogs! And I will probably forget by the time I get home because I am OLD and going mental.

P said...


You are just as hilarious - perhaps more so - via vlogging as you are via bloggoing - whatever you might say.

I laughed during most of the second video. And not because I am drunk.

Not JUST because I am drunk, anyway!

I'd give you a vlogging award right now if I could.

Natballs said...

hahahahahhahahahahahahahah! that is AWESOME! did you get the idea from Pregnancy Pact? don't lie! you did! O.o

Andy said...

Ben- Bailey will eventually just take over the vlog. Let's cut to the chase.
Libby- Pop up! Pop up video! Ooweeeooo
Herding- He's union now, so I have to.
Alexis- Ooooh man good idea. Except I'd have to walk around with my laptop.
Beckeye- Well, c'mon. What's a blogger gotta do?
P- Thanks!
Natballs- I wish I was that smart.

Tish said...

Ooh, that brings me back. Pop-Up Videos were awesome because they were kind of snarky before it was cool to be snarky.

Good times.

Sam_I_am said...

Bailey was much better behaved than Narnia during my vlog. Well done, Andy!

Children of the 90s said...

Clearly I missed this one when I was out of town. I love it! Great idea.

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