Tuesday, September 21, 2010

To discuss thoughts on fall TV premieres so far

Thoughts on some of the fall premieres so far....

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  • If you're not watching this show by now, you probably never will. And so the following will make no sense to you: Green Man. Day Man. Paddy's. Desert Rose. Rickety Cricket. And, as of the premiere last week, Bill Ponderosa.
  • I could watch Kaitlin Olsen fake gag all day.
  • I think at this point they just tell Charlie Day and Danny DeVito to just make up scenes and see what happens. And it's amazing. "Grab the 2 x 4. My back hurts too much..."
Watch again: Definitely

  • Last season wasn't very good. Even the creators of the show said it. This season, however, got off to a good start. Robin was bummin' it, Barney called dibs, Marshall and Lily had banjo music ready for babymaking. Even Ted wasn't as much of a douche.
  • I can't decide if Rachel Bilson is attractive.
  • This season, supposedly, we should basically find out who the mother is. Thank the baby Jesus.
Watch again: Definitely

  • Like Two and a Half Men and yes, even Big Bang Theory (all Chuck Lorre shows), this was hit or miss for me. Some of the jokes are just so obvious, you feel silly laughing. But some are genuinely original and well-executed.
  • I'm always a Katy Mixon fan- fans of Eastbound & Down know her well. Can't wait for that show either, btw.
  • Guessing CBS couldn't give the two overweight main characters overweight best friends. That would be too crazy.
  • I hope the show develops into more than just a series of fat jokes with some romance in between, because I don't want to watch a fat guy break a table every week. Chris Farley did that the best, and no one has done it better since, so why keep doing it? P.S. He lives in a van down by the river.
Watch again: I'll give it a few more episodes

  • I've liked Scott Caan ever since Gone in 60 Seconds, let alone Ocean's 11 and more recently, Entourage. So you know I enjoyed his performance.
  • The other guy, whose name I won't bother looking up because, like his performance, it's not memorable, comes off too smug too like, too hardheaded to believe. He says one moment he and Danno should pursue bad guys to protect their own families, then he shoots guys left and right - guys who ostensibly have families of their own - with reckless abandon. It's a TV show, but you have to be a little consistent.
  • I liked some of the writing style. The plot was ridiculous, because the governor would never appoint a one-man wrecking crew to pursue some terrorist, and that guy would never be able to track down that guy with untested partners so easily, even on (all together now) a TV show.
  • The girl on their task force is wayyyyy too thin. Please feed her a pineapple or something. Her surfboard had more fat on it.
Watch again: Tivo, at least

  • I liked Jason Ritter the most on the short-lived CBS show, "The Class," which was canceled despite having a cast that also consisted of Lizzy Caplan (Party Down), Jon Berthal (The Pacific) and Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Modern Family). I'm still bitter about that show being canceled.
  • Blair Underwood continues to be one of those actors that keeps getting work but you can never quite figure out why. He's never impressive, but never terrible either.
  • I'd like to think I have the patience to watch this type of show unfold. But I don't even have patience to fold laundry. We'll see if I can grow up.
  • I hope "The Event" isn't something lame like "Tax Day" or "Black Friday shopping."
Watch again: Tivo, if only because I don't want this to turn into the next "Lost" and I miss the boat again

I'll give thoughts on more shows soon... and let me know if there are any new ones I should watch. If you say "#%& My Dad Says," I'll murder your first born.


Anonymous said...

sunny is the best show ever! i thought it was bill ponderosa.

Andy said...

Anon- I do love that show... and yes, you're right, it's Bill, not Bob- correction made.

P said...

If I was a lesbian, I'd do Rachel Bilson.

Although her absurdly slim figure would make me feel like a fat heffer.

kisatrtle said...

Andy, did you happen to see Raising Hope the other day? It's a new show on FOX. When the main character threw up on the baby I nearly peed my pants. Plus the grandmother kept showing up naked.

So funny...if you can watch it on line I would recommend it.

Jenners said...

I missed the boat on Lost too (that would be funnier if I said "missed the plane" because they got in a plane crash, right? HAHA! Get it? God I'm a loser.)

There is only one season premiere I am dying to see and that is Dexter. After last season's ending, I can't WAIT to see where they take it.

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