Sunday, August 17, 2008

To discuss sand in uncomfortable places and Alicia Sacramone

Alicia Sacramone, Alicia Sacramone, Alicia Sacramone.

(Wait for it...)
Sweet- I think my visitor total just shot up. At least, that's what I'm assuming based on the Google search phrases that led several people to my site in recent days. Let's just say they weren't looking for somewhat witty, somewhat narcissistic blog entries from a York, PA metrosexual.
Evidently, the key to increased traffic is claiming an Olympic gymnast is your girlfriend (excuse me... "Alicia Sacramone girlfriend hot sexy nude"... that should do the trick).
Although I hope those of you who Google stumbled over here stick around, I'm sure you left disappointed that I'm not actually her boyfriend (Google phrase that got them here: "Alicia Sacramone's boyfriend), that I don't have any Perez Hilton-esque shots of her (phrase: "Alicia Sacromone crotch shots") and, well, this one speaks for itself: Phrase "Sacramone still trembling from the incredible sex she had with Phelps." (???!?!)
I did appreciate another fine selection, though: Phrase "Beach volley sand in crotch." Is sand in the crotch a turn on? I'd think that'd be uncomfortable.
If any of you Googlers care to elaborate, feel free.

No big post today; I will have an eventful weekend recap (Drinking alone! EZ bake oven! Tropic Thunder!) on Monday. I do hope, though, that you can leave some feedback on my co-blog with Tracie from yesterday, at least so I know if that's something I should do again in the future, plus to hear what you think about all this Olympic madness. And Michael Phelps never having clothes on.
Oh, and a quick thank you to ABitofMissTiff, who was so kind as to nominate me for the "Kick Ass Blogger Award." At this rate, I won't need to rely on Olympic gymnasts for popularity. Take that, Google porn seekers.
Of course, the award title reminds me of those old Heluva Good sour cream dip commercials with the girl saying, "It tastes great, but it's kind of naughty to say." That's right, Tiff. You bring out the precocious, innocent 8-year-old girl in me.


Miss Tiff said...

Hahahaha... Maybe that's where I'm going wrong with men?? I bring out the 8 year old girl in guys..

Anonymous said...

I found out the secret to increased traffic through search terms such as "cock," "sexy bridesmaids," "boob exposure," "nipples," and the phrase 'bone me hard." I hope this helps. ;)

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