Thursday, August 21, 2008

To discuss a second night in H-Vegas with other bloggers

I returned to H-Vegas last night.
It was a bit symbolic, since my first trip to Harrisburg at the beginning of the month was my first weekend of blogging. I was such a newbie then, so optimistic about the world, so naive about the dangers lurking and intrepid about blogging all the time.
Now, three weeks later, I'm a crack-ridden one-armed prostitute slinging around a dumpster baby. Oh, my fault. That's week four.
This week, I'm still optimistic.
I found a group of Harrisburg-area bloggers who have a monthly meet-up, presumably to talk about blog traffic, HTML or some other type of crazy online business in which my only conversational options would be to discuss how mentioning Alicia Sacramone's crotch has boosted my visitor total.
Fortunately, the meet-up, held at The Abbey Bar if anyone cares, turned out to be other regular people who made me feel a little less weird for writing my thoughts on a Web site and hoping people would read it. So, if I met you last night- it was great to meet you. What was your name again?
I do recall meeting a funny woman, Sara, who has been successfully blogging for several years about Harrisburg nightlife.
I didn't want to embarrass her at the time by citing my extensive online experience, but for years as a child I blogged about the nightlife in my small hometown of Portersville,* except back then I called it "passing notes on the church bulletin to see where the church barbecue was being held." Those were some crazy, Bible-filled nights. Sometimes, we'd even read Songs of Solomon. They talk about sex in there! (Guess Jesus missed that one...)
Being that I hadn't talked to a live woman outside of work in a while and the dead one is deteriorating quickly in the trunk of my car, I took advantage of the opportunity to talk to Sara (who, like most of my target blogging audience, is attractive and taken, so check, and, check).** I'm pretty sure my tale of my dog humping pillows was a winner, so the kid's still got it. For those counting at home, that's Andy 1, Checks-online-dating-services-and-watches-The-Notebook-alone 0.
I do hope to make it back to these monthly meetings, since it's nice to actually talk to people face to face instead of just through Twitter. That is, of course, unless my new church has a barbecue.

* Don't try to Mapquest it. It's very, very small. When I moved out, that reduced the population by half.
** I'm hoping Sara reads this and laughs. Otherwise, her boyfriend is likely going to come after me. And, well, I weigh 170 pounds and wear cardigans.


Amy xxoo said...

That so funny that people everywhere adopt the " vegas " tag for their dodgy home towns.

I live in a town called Dubbo, six hours drive from Sydney, anything west of our town is, well, nowhere. Wanna know how we cynical locals refer to our beautiful little town?


Sara said...

LOL! Ah, I read and laugh, read and laugh. Thanks for the big compliment - "funny woman." Don't get that a lot, not sure what that says for your sense of humor, but hey, I think I'm funny, too, so rock on.

To amy xxoo, I've never seen the use of the "vegas" tag before. We're more a state of "Burg(h)s." Harrisburg probably has some other nicknames though. Andy - who is calling it that??

Amy xxoo said...

So perhaps its just mainly us Aussies then ? So i live in DubVegas and the capital of one of our states, real name Brisbane, is known as BrisVegas...

Wishful thinking maybe ?

Andy said...

One of my quasi-cousins who lives in Harrisburg calls it that. I figured that was enough evidence. Continue the trend...
Hugsnkisses-- That's sad that even in Australia, people still use the Vegas tag. Australia is so much cooler than the U.S. We should be adding Sydney to our cities. Harrisndey!
Sara- Funny woman won out over "hot girl," because of the aforementioned boyfriend. Keep thinking you're funny, if that gets you through the day.

Anonymous said...

Dude. At least you don't weigh 370 pounds and wear cardigans.

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