Thursday, November 6, 2008

To discuss another overdue award presentation

Before I forget or procrastinate, I wanted to hand out some awards. Diane was so kind as to give me a Superior Scribbler award yesterday, and Miss Tiff gave me a Kreativ Blogger award a little while ago, so I need to start handing these puppies out to others and spread the holiday cheer or something to that effect. (If you gave me an award recently and I didn't mention it, let me know, as my memory fades like the evening tide)

Acceptance speeches are welcome and will not be cut off by the orchestra. Also, tell us who you are wearing for the ceremony (not "what," as evidently "who" is more apropos.) Please visit the winners and bestow respect and praise and frankincense and myrrh on them. I am wearing Gap.
The rules for Kreativ Blogger:
1.) Spell "Creative" in an unusual way so as to add mystery 2) List 6 things you love. 3.) List 6 Bloggers who you pass the Kreativ Blogger Award on to.

Things I love:
1) Desserts. Here's the thing- who said desserts can't be a main meal? Why don't we start viewing desserts as the main entree, and, say, steak as the dessert? More ice cream, fewer potatoes. Just a thought.
2) Bailey. No matter how many times my chiweenie poops on something he shouldn't, barks at strangers, costs me hundreds in vet bills or is generally useless, he still finds a way to curl up in my lap and look cute. Except for that time when he pooped in my lap.
3) Pittsburgh sports teams. It's easy to love the Steelers; they are always good. Try loving the Pirates- they haven't had a winning season in 16 years. And I follow their every move. Read all the stories, watch games, look at the blogs. It's a sickness.
4) Christmas music. I'm listening to it right now- "The Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy," to be specific. And you know what? It's the cat's meow, if the cat is wearing a Santa hat and the meow is a "Ho Ho Mewww." I love Christmas music... but that's another post for another day.
5) Zombie movies. I've previously mentioned my love for "28 Days Later" and "Dawn of the Dead." There's something about dead people trying to murder others that just gets me in a tizzy.
6) Karaoke. You can't suck at karaoke. It's impossible. Either you can really sing, and then it's fun to listen, or you are awful, and everybody joins in and appreciates the awfulness, especially if it's to anything by Queen or AC/DC.

And the awards go to:
KK at WillWorkforShoes:
I just started reading KK's blog recently, and it rocks my socks. A recent post title, "Me + Vodka = BFFs" well, just says it all.
Muffy Willowbrook at My Friends are Sluts: Despite my concern that her friends are destined for hell, I am always impressed with the Muff-meisters humor and writing. Check out the lead phrase in this story about Minnesota.
KAT and SJ at FunnyGals: The best part about this blog is that they are so supportive of each other. When one girl is unable to blog for awhile, the other picks up the slack, i.e. "If Everyone Claps Their Hands Really Loudly..."
Sheila at Here We Go: You should check her blog if only to see how low the gas prices are in Texas. Also, because she's a funny mom, a MTMML, if you will (Mom That Makes Me Laugh). Check out this old school post.
Brandon at ThinkOutsidethePun: The disclosure here is that I went to college with Brandon... which makes his blog even better, because he clearly puts more effort into all the political humor/satire on the blog than he did in any of his pre-11 a.m. classes. Check out WTF.
Lump at She's Lump: Because she's in my head. And she might be dead. (guitar riff)... Lump and I found each other recently, and I think I can fairly say we have a mutual respect for each other's inane humor and interests. Check out My Trip to the Garden State Sans Natalie Portman.

Check out the Superior Scribbler award winners tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure I really would suck at karaoke. You see, I would try to do good, but it would be so aweful that everyone would say "poor girl, she really THINKS she can sing."

sj said...

OMG - how awesome! our first award! (um. i think. we may have won others, but we are such horrible slackers and we never follow rules. but we totally will this time.)

well, first, i'd like to thank the World Wide Web, for its hours of enjoyment that allows me to put off doing actual work. and my BFF KAT, who coblogs with me, because i am too lazy. and i'd like to thank *you*, Andy, because you amuse me daily.

And this? This old thing? I'm wearing "cheap" by Old Navy and "only looks expensive" by Liz Claiborne.

kk said...

OMG, an award!

I'm wearing vintage H&M, from a time when those letters meant nothing.

I'd like the thank all the little people, because without them I'd be eye level with lots of armpits and Adam's apples.

And thank YOU, Andy! You rock.

When I come to PA, I'm totally going to stalk you.

Lump said...

My speech:


and I'm wearing my heart on my sleeve.

Thanks, Andy. I throw a kiss your way!

Brandon Szuminsky said...

I would, first and foremost, like to thank the little people...

Muffy Willowbrook said...


Thank you so much for the award! I am soooo flattered, and in good company, I see! Right now I am wearing running tights and a sweaty sports bra. How do you like me NOW?!

PS - Way to work in an obscure "The Presidents Of United States of America" reference. Very clever.


~Sheila~ said...

I have been trying all day to comment back here to you but my stupid phone wouldn't send the comment.

Anyway, I'm home now.

Thanks Dude for the blog plug!
I totally agree with making desserts the main meal (don't tell my kids I said that!)
I can't sing either so I try to avoid the karaoke bars as much as possible.

Yup! You sure did cheer me up today!
If you were one of my kids...I would get you a bowl of ice-cream as a reward, but since you are old enough to scoop it yourself....you know where the kitchen is!!!

Miss Tiff said...

1.) Deserts should totally be a main meal thing.

2.) I can't believe you're already listening to Christmas music.

3.) I love Zombie movies too.

4.) No way in Hell is anyone going to get me up on stage to do Karaoke.

5.) How could you not love Bailey?! He's oh so cute!

FunnyGal KAT said...

I'm psyched about our award! (Like SJ, my first reaction was, "Yay! Our first award! Wait, is it?" Yeah, we're award slackers...)

Could I register a smidgen of disappointment over winning the award because we pick up each other's slack? Yeah, it's nice to be known as supportive but, dude, our blog is called "Funny Gals." I'm gonna need a reason that includes some sort of bodily fluid shooting out of some sort of orifice from laughing so hard or stealing our stories for your family holidays or SOMETHING.

Oh well, I guess you're just going to have to give us our second award ever... (or is it the third?)

Andy said...

C- I'd write something intelligent here, but your cleavage is distracting.
SJ- You amuse me, too. And I would've thought you've been lavished with lots of awards by now.
KK- Stalk away. I invite and desire it...Just don't tell Capricorn. Well, actually, tell her. She'll think it's funny. Oh, that Capricorn- she's delectable.
Lump- Your ability to be brazenly honest never ceases to amaze me. There's a kiss right back at you, no tongue though.
BSzu- Do little people call us large people?
Muff- Um, I still like you, especially because you got my reference.
Sheila- You're welcome. I'll be eating ice cream all day in response.
MT- You should karaoke with Mr Romance. It's couple bonding.
KAT- Oh geez. Well, I figured it's a given you make me laugh with much fervor all the time. But, to make sure you know: "Funnygal is kick me in the crotch fantastic, WildARS says."

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