Wednesday, November 19, 2008

To discuss an Intro to Co-Blog Infamy: No Ordinary ARS Chase

A: Andy from Wild ARS Chase
B: Ben from No Ordinary Rollercoaster

Our combined skills of the mind and raw sexual energy.

B: Tomorrow is the glorious day that two man-bloggers unite in their quest to educate the foolish for the greater good of all womankind! We are handing out advice on how to please your woman. Our credentials? Well, as a strapping, well-spoken young man, Andy is in the midst of a blossoming new relationship, a.k.a. the honeymoon period where men still go out of their way to keep you happy.

A: That sounds about right. I'm still in that ga-ga stage where the hearts pops out of my eyes like Pepe Le Pew. Also, I have the past experience of a 3-plus year relationship that ended in engagement, and scores of failed relationships that are mostly my fault. So, yeah, I know the ladies. And I read all the metro men's magazines and have a Banana Republic Visa card.

B: Those exist? I, on the other hand, being the dashingly dapper young homo that I am, grew up surrounded by beautiful women drawn to me like a moth to a 'mo...I mean flamer...I mean flame. God. I think we all know by now that us gay men know how to please us some ladies. Amiright? Of course I am.

A: Sadly, you likely know better than the straight guys how to please the ladies, and yet you prefer to use your captivating charms on other dudes, who don't look nearly as good naked.

B: Debatable.

A: But yes, you've got good qualifications.

B: Let's pause for all the new readers to digest the facts revealed in the introduction. Let's pause again for them to clue in that 'the newf' is not, in fact, a Newfoundland dog but rather a human being with adorable dimples.

A: The mystery of 'the newf' is revealed. You can already tell this co-blog is going places not seen since the Muppets took freaking Manhattan.

B: Make sure you check here at Andy's blog tomorrow morning for the first half of our recommendations and then you can come back in the afternoon and read the other half over here. AND NOT A MOMENT SOONER.

A: No seriously. Do it. We time-bombed this thing like a Mission Impossible dossier.


SouthernBelle said...

I'm so excited for this!!!

Even though I am married and therefore obvys know everything there is to know about men : P

PS - Andy - could I guest-post an Aussie Dictionary entry on your blog? It's a bit risque for certain family members who read my blog (basically my Mum) but I want to get it out there... let me know (and of course I'd be happy to host a guest-post from you if you're interested)!

scargosun said...

I am tired today so that is probably why I am confused. So you are not starting a new blog, just posting on the same topic at different times in thr day, right?

Andy said...

Southern- I think we can make that work- e-mail me at wildarschase@yahoo.com
Scargo- Correct, it's a one-time only deal. Like we have time for an entirely new blog... I barely have time for this one!

Lauren said...

This is so good...SO GOOD!

SouthernBelle said...

You're awesome Andy. I just sent it

: )

Jossie Posie said...

Its safe to say that now in addition to Ben having a teeny bit of my heart you do as well. Half of Ben's portion of course.

Amyxxoo said...

I love that you guys managed to fit a reference to the Muppets in the introduction - you two are my heroes!

kisatrtle said...

Looking forward to this post!

JenBun said...

Since this is the same post in both places, I am leaving the same comment in both places:

Love, LOVE the co-blogging header.

Almost died when I read the "legend/legendary" part.

You guys are awesome. For realsies.

Alexa said...

well isn't this cute banter we have going on?

...love Maegan said...

um, hilarious convo. can't wait to read it.

Miss Tiff said...

I totally can't wait for this! Love the banner thing you made too! :)

Erin said...

I'm practically incapacitated from the excitement.

Lump said...

sooo give me your emails, guys. I need some advice!! um, for a friend. ;)

Phil said...

This is some serious co-blog genius going on.

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