Saturday, August 1, 2009

To discuss a brief reminder, one year in the making

I'll do much more with this come early next week, so hopefully you come back for that, but I didn't want to let today go by without announcing that this day, August 1, is the one year blogaversary of WildARSChase.

Can you freakin' believe that? Obviously, I didn't, judging by my first-ever entry, which I republished below for your perusal. You'll notice even then, I liked to mix in old-school hip hop and STD references. It's my calling card.
You might also want to take a look at this post about a college kid trying to tell me he can help me pick up women (this is pre-Capricorn, mind you), also published that first day.

Looks like I've come a long way since I had one commenter, who happened to go to college with me. Thanks to all of you for letting me do this for a year-- I say "letting," because you very easily could have quashed my blogging aspirations a long time ago (there's still time-- be gentle).

I particularly enjoy this line: "...although it'd be great if eventually this gets out past just my circle of friends..." You can tell I was just oozing with all the confidence of Sarah Palin in a Katie Couric interview...no?... all the confidence of Miss California at an Elton John concert.... still nothing?... all the confidence of Doug Funny asking out Patty Valentine. There. That does it.

All the kids are doing it these days.... blogging, that is (oh, and the chronic).
So, to give me more opportunity to write for fun, to tell you about all the weird things that happen to me (including a review of incidents in the past that may or may not go down as legendary), I'm going to attempt to keep a regularly updated blog.
Think it's a good idea?
It's gotta be better than most of my ideas....
Anyway, although it'd be great if eventually this gets out past just my circle of friends, for now, I will rely on you who know me to leave comments and such.... because I already spend too much time on Facebook, so let's use this as a new opportunity!
Wait, I don't think kids use the chronic anymore. I think it's the X. Or is it syphilis?


Zan said...

Congratulations on your one-year blogoversary! You have staying power because you keep it interesting...it's never too much of one thing! Keep it up!

siovhan said...

"it's my calling card."
hahahaha. love it. who needs witty rhetoric when you can intertwine ebonics and certain death.

LiLu said...

Congrats, dear! Such a fun milestone :-)

Marinka said...

Happy Blogaversary! Here's to many more!c

Little Ms Blogger said...

Congrats! I've think I've been following you since the beginning, first a lurker than a follower.

You've come a long way and I love your humor and especially your Cosmo/Maxim updates.

Soda and Candy said...

Awww, and your dreams of finding fame, fortune and love have all come true!

Herding Cats said...

Yay! Happy blogoversary! Congrats sir, and keep it up!

Racquel Valencia said...

You're awesome. I still love those joint posts you did with Ben... Keep writing, man! And congrats!


Andy said...

Hey, thanks for all the kind words, everyone.
Just think, by this point next year, who knows what will happen? Other than me spiraling out of control into a series of misfortunae, bad decisions, pills and court dates.

Oops. That was Britney.

I'll probably be OK.

*~Dani~* said...

Happy Blogoversary. Now stick around, won't you?

word verification - chlences (like we have you in our clenches now, only lispier)

Amy xxoo said...

Congratu-ma-lations young Andy -i cant believe i've been reading you for a year! Or maybe like 360 days or something .... i got aboard the WildARS train pretty damn early, thats for sure.

But its been a good ride - here's to another year of twists, turns and references to bad 90's tv shows!

smidge said...

Happy anniversary, here's to many more years of STDs. Or not.

Anyways, please keep going, you always make me laugh!

Jill Pilgrim said...

"old-school hip hop and STD references. It's my calling card."

Awesome. My calling card is Jesus references and inappropriate Paint pictures. We all need something that defines us.

Congrats on a year!

Jenners said...

Happy Blogiversary!!!

What do you get for the first blogiversary -- paper?

I think almost everyone's first post says something "I wonder if anyone other than my friends will ever read this. I'm pretty sure mine did. Here's to another year (at least) of blogging excellence.

Libby said...

Happy blogaversary!!!

Andy said...

WHOA! Happy anniversary (other) Andy! :)

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