Monday, August 3, 2009

To discuss a look back at one year of Wild ARS Chase, for better or worse or worser

"All the kids are doing it these days.... blogging, that is (oh, and the chronic)."

That's how Wild ARS Chase started one year ago this past Saturday. So much has changed since then, both in my life and on the blog, it's almost like Elizabeth Berkley on Saved by the Bell and on Showgirls - sure, it's the same person, but in name only.

Many of you have already given me congratulations, which is much appreciated. What's most interesting about Aug. 1 2008 versus Aug. 1 2009 might be the change in readership- a lot of newbies, some diehards and a porn spammer or two.

To refresh the memory of my longtime readers (I can say that now-- it's been a year) and those who jumped on board bandwagon style, I thought we'd take a stroll through memory lane. More of a marathon (sorry about the length- it's a year, after all), but memory lane nonetheless. And if you've never commented before, um, can you say hi this time, so I can prove you exist?

Coincidentally, this is post #300.

  • Had my first TV Play by Play, reviewing The CW's "Girlicious" Excerpt :16 Jenna’s having cramps, she announces during her dancing practice. She doesn’t want anyone to think she’s a quitter, so she toughs it out. By curling up on her bed and quitting.
  • I divulge my extraordinary Seven Steps to Holding Hands method, am considered for Nobel Peace Prize.
  • Do my first co-blog with Tracie, as we cover the summer Olympics and I profess my love for Alicia Sacramone.
  • And I wrap up with my first month in review (I was full of ideas back then. Those were the good days), where I say my artist of the month, Adele, is a mix of Alicia Keys, Jill Scott and Joss Stone, "Like a biracial lesbian test tube baby."
  • My first "America's Next Top Model" play by play, which has become a bit of a signature for W.A.C.
  • I go on the worst date of my life. Check that. I tried to go on the worst date of my life.
  • I introduce you to my chiweenie (that's my dog, not my crotch)
  • And I meet Capricorn, the soon to be love of my life who goes from casual mention to blog regular. Excerpt: "We settled on Madame Capricorn, which makes her sound like a fortune teller or a dominatrix, either of which sounds mysterious and wonderful."
  • Oh, and I wrote a blog post on a typewriter.
  • I posed 10 questions about 90s TV shows, one of many references to 90s pop culture that just kind of evolved as an underlying them of W.A.C.
  • I went to St. Louis (and stayed at a hotel across from an Obama rally). I also saw Jesus.
  • Capricorn and I nearly peed ourselves after watching this.
  • And we celebrated Fall Fest 2008.
  • Capricorn met my parents, which reminded me of an ex's crazy father.
  • In perhaps my best idea, I started my "What I Learned from Cosmo" feature. If Cosmo would send me the August edition, I'd write another one.
  • I referred to one of my favorite bloggers by the wrong name.
  • And I had one of my most successful-- visitor-wise-- blog post series, when I hooked up with Ben (sadly, only in writing) for a No Ordinary Rollercoaster-Wild ARS Chase event here, here and here. I've heard it was second only to the Obama election in 2008 hype.
  • I give you 100 things to know about me. One thing not included: I have a basketball-shaped pillow I sleep with every night like a teddy bear. True story.
  • That was part of my first inaugural Get to Know Me Week.
  • Wow, November was action-packed, wasn't it? December is like sloppy blogging seconds.
  • Capricorn and I said three special words to each other, right before I went on a trip to Atlanta.
  • I ripped on that Christmas Shoes song.
  • Joshlos and I broke down the best sports movies from our lifetime. Summer Catch, somehow, does not make the list.
  • And Kate and I give our resolutions. Suprisingly, I've actually kept up with all of them, except for the part about convincing Natalie Portman and Capricorn to make out.
  • I did my best to offend several of my fellow church-goers by debating who has it worse- girls with their ladybits or guys with their manparts.
  • I gave out the inaugural Wild ARS Awards.
  • I start doing play by plays of ultra homoerotic "Bromance" episodes.
  • And I publish some incriminating childhood photos.
  • Finger Talks does a hilarious guest post in honor of my birthday.
  • I do commentary on the Grammys. Excerpt: "Chris Brown gets announced for his nominated song, "No Air." I now realize that song was Jordin Sparks' plea for help."
  • And I roll out a new feature, Love Coach texts, and a second installment of Music I Loved Fridays.
  • In one week, I find out my work is forcing us to take five unpaid days off, my brother is admitted to the hospital and I find out I have to pay double rent.
  • I balance out my magazine reviews my recapping Maxim. Thus begins the first of several Google searches landing on my blog in search of scantily clad women.
  • Bailey costs me $300, and I gripe about moving.
So, that's it. I almost forgot about some of that stuff. You'd think this was almost a legitimate blog, looking backing at all of this. Here's hoping I can keep it up for Year 2... thanks for supporting me-- I consider you the sponsors to my Blogging Anonymous. To thank you, I've got a special surprise planned I hope to have available later this month. No, it's not a puppy.


kisatrtle said...

You've been busy to say the least. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. I forgot about you meeting Jesus.

Heather said...

Wow - one year, huh? Way to go... and I enjoyed your recap! Your blog has provided me with many laughs over the last year!! Glad you stuck with it :)

Jess said...

Happy Blogaversary!!

The snuggie post is still my favourite!

FunnyGal KAT said...

300 posts in one year (even with taking time off for your musical endeavors)? That is impressive. I think I started reading shortly after you started writing and comment a lot. Does that make me a WildARS groupie?

BeckEye said...

Happy Blogiversary!

You've beaten the odds. As they say, the majority of bloggers quit after 6 months, so you're already twice as good as those losers.

I just passed my 4th blogiversary and didn't even notice. I guess that's what happens when your blog gets old. The mind of its blogger is the first thing to go.

bex said...

Happy Blorthday! Wait, that's wrong, isn't it? Ah, I remember the WAC in its baby days. All cute and chubby..

Soda and Candy said...

You and your saucy softcore ShamWow pics!!!

Sarah said...

congrats!! thanks for posting that adorable picture again.

~Sheila~ said...

Congratulations on your 1 year. That blog post on a typerwriter was the very first post I read and I was hooked.

Love it.

That's a lot of memories to go back on!
Glad Capricorn (Excuse me, MADAME Capricorn) is a part of it!

Andy said...

Awww! Again, happy blogaversary, Andy!! It's been quite a year. :)

bianca said...

oh my gosh has it really been a year??? insanity...

As you know, I've enjoyed your blog from day 1 and you continue to make me laugh and smile. Any writer who refers to pop culture as much as me gets 2 thumbs up.


Amy xxoo said...

I think i qualify as one of those diehards you mentioned - so seeing as i'm already having a baby, could you pretty please get me a puppy ?

I'm sure whatever suprise you actually ARE planning will be tres awesome, but a puppy would really complete my picture here...

*~Dani~* said...

After reviewing this list, it seems I came to your blog around September 2008 which means I was *almost* here from the beginning. I am rather proud of myself.

Finger Talks said...

i have loved you since day one my husband, your posts make me giggle and pee! happy anniversary!
i wish you another year of blogging bliss!

Kellie said...

It's not a puppy!?!?! What? Damn it. Well, congrats for making it through an entire year! You rock Andy! :)

spleeness said...

I was hooked after the awful date story. And then I was in it for the love tales with Mme C. But now that I know you met Jesus, I have to shake your hand! (Or at least do a hand bump, lol -- just tagged that post into my google reader. Too funny!)

Katie said...

The only thing that would make this blog any better would be a Vlog of you reacting to 2 girls 1 cup.

Just saying.

Also? I wanted to leave you a comment with the words 2 Girl 1 Cup so you get some awesome hits from Google searches.

You can thank me later.

Anonymous said...

I'm proud to have been a part of sloppy seconds month here at Wild ARS Chase. Afterall, it ain't no fun if the homies can't have none.

Mad blogiversary shout-outs. Keep doin' your thing.

Jenners said...

Memories ... light the corner of my mind. I'm amazed that I've been reading you from about the halfway mark ... I thought you were much more experienced at that point as I was a newbie blogger myself. Gonna have to check out your older stuff to see what I missed.

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