Thursday, October 22, 2009

To discuss a TV Play by Play: Top Model 13 "Interview 101"

Last week, Kara (Lelly) got kicked off after a disastrous ninja photo shoot. This week, in "Interview 101," we get to the all-important Cover Girl commercial shoot. Let's see what happens.

Here's the nickname reminder (explanation in season premiere recap): Mommy (Rae), Black Sheep (Nicole), Miss Congeniality (Jennifer), Mena (Erin), The Widower (Laura), NC-17 (Brittany), Hot Fudge Sundae (Sundai) Eliminated: Understudy (Lisa), Headlights (Rachel) and Spirit Fingers (Courtney) The L Word (LuLu) Pouty McPouterson (Bianca) and Lady Luck (Ashley) and Lelly (Kara).


:05 The girls are still ragging on Black Sheep. NC-17 says Black Sheep still has no personality, and that NC-17's personality "is one girl's can relate to." So girls can relate to being jealous?

:07 The girls go see Lara Spencer, host of "The Insider," and Ant, host of Celebrity Fit Club. The girls have to practice interviewing different stereotypess of actors, from strung out to high strung. Do they practice "the Tyra"?

:11 The Widower is worried about the interview challenge, as she has a learning disability that hurts her reading skills. Some girls don't do well when the teleprompter goes out while they interview "90210" actress Jessica Lowndes. If Top Model wanted a "90210" actress, why not get Lori Loughlin? At least then the girls could ad-lib questions about Full House. "So, do you think Becky and Joey were secretly having an affair?"

:13 The Widower is up. The teleprompter turns into a garbled mess of numbers and symbols. "0163. Is that a word?" The Widower wonders off-camera. On-camera, she blurts out the f-bomb. Otherwise, she's doing awesome!

:20 Mena is great on-camera, partially because she's done so many movies before. (If no one has told Erin she looks like Mena Suvari, I'd be shocked). She wins the challenge, and she and two friends, Miss Congeniality and Mommy, get to go on a Seventeen magazine shoot.

:24 Cover Girl commercial day. The girls get prep kits to practice. You know The Widower is going to struggle, maybe as much as Jael did on that Aussie shoot a few seasons ago (a total trainwreck).

:29 Teyona, who was terrible on Cycle 12's Cover Girl shoot but won the competition anyway, is there to mentor the girls. Is it me, or did anyone else forget Teyona won, and not Allison? Is it me, or does anyone remember who won any of the seasons?

:31 The girls are promoting Exact eye makeup. But it looks like they are holding a tampon. Black Sheep does surprisingly well. Hot Fudge Sundae sounds like a dude -- Nigel Barker says "she sounds like an amateur." Nigel thinks Miss Congeniality, however, is "naturally charming."

:33 The Widower, as predicted, does a terrible job remembering her lines, but is oozing charm. NC-17... you could almost hear the crickets. At least they let the girls spend the night memorizing Cover Girl lines this time. Usually, all the girls mess up.

:36 Mena implodes (not literally, though, as that would be messy). "This has been the most stressful situation anyone could have pressed me into," she says in the confessional, fighting back tears. Of all the people I thought might implode, Mena was on the bottom.

:42 Guest judge: Kim Kardashian, who is a fashion expert... says Tyra.

:44 The judges love Miss Congeniality's video, which was very, um, congenial. Kim loves it, too, probably thinking, "I haven't been that comfortable on camera since... well, let's just forget about that."

:46 Widower admits she's severely dyslexic, and that words on the page seem like they are moving. And she still did a nice job on the commercial, which can only make Mena feel worse. If that's possible, that is.

:49 Mena's commercial looks like she's talking about genocide, not eye makeup. She is sniffling by the end of it. Let's just say it's not Cover Girl-esque.

:53 The judges deliberate, mocking the way Hot Fudge Sundae sounded like a used car salesmen. She could probably sell a Taurus easier than mascara.

:55 Miss Congeniality goes first, followed by Black Sheep, NC-17, Sundae, Widower...

:56 ... leaving Mommy and Mena. Tyra says Mommy doesn't stand out, and Mena signed up for American Pie 2. Mommy is going home, though, as Top Model never keeps girls once they feel there's no potential.


Soda and Candy said...

Haha, the sniff and downward look at the end of Mena's commercial was priceless!

Poor old Widower, I really thought she could win up until this ep. But if she can't get some help with her learning disability she's not gonna be able to do anything that involves speaking.

Herding Cats said...

I'm still rooting for Widower. She's very geniune. I also like Black Sheep because she is the oddball.

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