Monday, October 26, 2009

To discuss a Cosmo review: November 2009

It's been a few months since the last Cosmo review, after I went on Cosmo overload in August with a We Are Cosmo stog.

But Kim Kardashian's on the cover of the November 2009 edition, so you know I can't miss the opportunity. I've got all of you to think about. Let's get into Cosmo. As always, don't read this if you wear a WWJD bracelet.
  • The cover alone offers a myriad of "duhs" Cosmo assumes readers are either idiots or virgins. "What He Thinks During Sex." Um, he thinks, 'Woohooooo! Booobbbiieeess!' "Kim Kardashian: The Mistake That Still Haunts Her- No, Not the Sex Tape"Actually, yes, the sex tape. "Bad Girl Issue: For Sexy Bitches Only" Good thing I renewed my sexy bitch permit.
  • Are Cosmo readers secretly lesbians? There are a lot of ads with topless chicks. A lot.
  • Cover subject Kim Kardashian: In the quiz, she says she's tired of having to defend my "butt!! It's real, OK!!!!" Kim, of course we know that. You proved it in your home exercise video ... Wait, that wasn't about home exercise? Yeah, right, and next you're going to tell me "One Night in Paris" wasn't a documentary on the perils of drug abuse.
  • Kim says the sex video was a mistake, "and I don't make the same mistake twice." Next time, she'll get better lighting and an iTunes distribution deal.
  • Cosmo Man Manual: Tear-away cards to take to the bar so you can decipher a guy's body language. I'll tell you this much: If you whip out a body language advice card while trying to decipher a man, you might as well call it a night. "Excuse me, Hottie McGuy, but can you not move for a second? I'm trying to figure out if you are subconsciously undressing me."
  • Dear Cosmo: I appreciate you including a photo in the "Man Manual" section of a girl wearing a wife-beater with no bra, but it's worthless nipple. I can't get aroused by Cosmo nipple. It's like cleavage at church- you weren't supposed to see it in the first place, and when you do, you don't know what to do with it.
  • Before They Were Hotties: I feel better knowing Brad Pitt had a double-chin before. Of course, he was a baby, but I'll take it.
  • What He's Really Thinking During Sex: "When I see that those giant breasts she had really came form a push-up bra, it's a huge disappointment," Allan, 28. Also a disappointment, Allan: When she takes off your pants and find a balled-up tube sock.
  • Another example: "Talking dirty is cool, but I do not want to be called Daddy by anyone in bed," Dan, 30. Totally acceptable alternatives, Dan: Step-Daddy, Lord of the Groin, or Pretty, Pretty Princess.
  • "The New Way to Foreplay: Cosmo's uncovered some surprisingly sensitive parts of the body." How is it possible there are parts of the body Cosmo has yet to find erogenous? At this point, they are down to elbows, kidneys and heels. Here's a hint, Cosmo: Advise women to directly touch a man's Private Benjamin. We'll salute every time. Don't try to reinvent the penis.
  • Cosmo's 2009 Bachelor Blowout: A hottie from every state. Capricorn thumbed through all the guys and found about 18 that were passable. She almost gagged at a few. We particularly enjoyed the guys who listed their interests as "playing the guitar," "surfing" or "generally being kind of a douche."
  • There's an entire section about being a bad girl. Except, in Cosmo terms, all that seems to mean is that you are super, super, SUPER slutty and likely have a tramp stamp. Oh, and you swear like a trucker ... while having slutty slut sex with strangers.


Sam_I_am said...

Brad Pitt knew he was going to be hot even then. Now, who's the geeky kid with glasses at 11 o' clock?

Andy said...

Sam- That's (clockwise) Ryan Seacrest, Jake Gyllenhaal, Usher, and to the left of Brad, Daniel Craig.

Soda and Candy said...

Excellent review! I'm glad you brought it back.

Good on Kim Kardashian. She took a devastatingly humiliating experience and spun it into an ongoing career.

And Cosmo bachelors are nearly always gaggingly unattractive and douchey. But then who else would agree to be in Cosmo.

Also, body language tear-out cards? really? that's dodgy even for Cosmo.

Amy xxoo said...

Ah, how i love the ridiculousness that is Cosmo - and in, turn, your Cosmo reviews.

I want to know what kind of naive women are buying Cosmo and actually believing what they read. Living by it even. Sad much ?

Andy said...

Soda- Yeah, I guess Kim's done her thing...Kudos.
Amy- Yeah, I mean who has a subscription to Cosmo these days? *looks around sheepishly*

Children of the 90s said...

I love the cosmo reviews. The covers are ridiculous, I imagine they have headlines on a yearly rotation. If anyone buys this magazine thinking that what's running through a guy's head during sex is a mystery probably needs more than a magazine to help them.

Kellie said...

Haha! The balled-up tube sock comment has me rolling! :)

I wonder what Cosmo would call me. I have a tramp stamp, swear like a trucker and have slutty slut sex with my husband. It's awesome. :)

Little Ms Blogger said...

Your Cosmo reviews rock -- it really had tear out cards? Oh. My. God.

If you need them, you shouldn't be allowed out to a bar to pick up men.

Andy said...

Children- It's like Cosmo thinks they've discovered a secret code.
Kellie- Cosmo would call you a "target audience."
Blogger- Yes, they really were tear out cards.

LiLu said...

Even chubby with a comb over, Brad has a certain air about him...

Anonymous said...

You have somehow successfully changed the way I look at Cosmo ... which means you've also saved me like $5 a month. Thank you very much for that, ha.

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