Wednesday, November 18, 2009

To discuss Chicago, Chicago

By Friday morning, I will be in a city known for wind, historic losing, Oprah and a musical starring Catherine Zeta Jones' legs.

That's right, it's Chicago.

It's the third time I'll be attending an expenses-paid reporters' conference (who knows why they keep accepting me).

The last time, I went to the A-T-L, but was unable to track down Kim, NeNe or Ludacris. I did, however, have this happen to me:

"Since I didn't want to end up anyone's bitch, handcuffed to a bed with my wallet stolen and a sock in my mouth, I smiled politely and tried to back off. She then leaned over and asked me,
'Do you like bad girls?'"

That trip was also right after the first time Capricorn and I told each other "I love you." We have since told each other that about 10,000 times, and have managed to never say "P.S. I Love You" Hilary Swank style because that would be obnoxious and annoying.

For the first conference, I went to St. Louis, and happened to stay at a hotel across the street from a rally for then-presidential hopeful Barack Obama. I also got to go up in the St. Louis Arch, which I imagine is more or less a claustrophobic's worst nightmare. And how could I forget this random encounter on the street:

Old dude: "Do you know where Blah Blah bar is?"
Me: "Yeah, actually, we just came from there, it's down the street."
Old dude: (To Michigan girl): "You have a nice smile." (pauses... stares awkwardly)
Mich. girl: "Uh...."
(Enter homeless dude)
HD: "Hey y'all... It's my birthday today."
Me: "Well, happy birthday"

Who knows what will happen this time. Any guesses? Knife fight? Chess match with a Chicago Cub? Oprah decides not to leave Chicago just because of my presence?


Amy xxoo said...

I'm predicting that you meet one of Oprah's producers - perhaps at your convention - who is so impressed when she realises you are THE WildARS of WildARSChase that you're invited on the show, where you will be hugged by Oprah, hailed as THE blogger of the future and will have the privilege of giving each and every audience member a car.....

BeckEye said...

I'm sorry...I lost my train of thought when you mentioned CZJ's legs.

P said...

Have fun dude!!! :)

Elliot Thresher said...

You'll probably get wet. It's been raining here for 2 weeks and is supposed to continue. Bring your rubbers.

Anonymous said...

I'm clearly working for the wrong company because I never get to go on all-expenses-paid journalism trips... =(

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