Thursday, December 24, 2009

To discuss a very Merry Christmas, and a Christmas miracle request

Is there a better version of "The Christmas Carol" than the Muppet version? Is there? I'm not even so sure that's up for debate. George C. Scott gets jealous in his pants when he thinks of this movie (in his grave, no less).
Anyway, a Merry Christmas to all of my readers. Thanks for your hundreds of comments and thousands of visits this year. I hope you checked out my Christmas gift to you, a remake of "Christmas Shoes."

And I hope you can check out a worthy cause, the Smile Train. My friends are trying to raise $500 to perform a couple cleft lip/palate repairs for little kids; they are more than halfway to the goal.

C'mon, who doesn't want to support that? What are you, a terrorist? You can donate via PayPal right on the site. If you do donate, I'll write a guest post for you about anything you want.

Don't make me get Sarah McLachlan to start singing "Angels" in the background. I'll freaking do it. I'LL DO IT!


Herding Cats said...

There is nothing better than the Muppets. Nothing.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

I love you Andy.

An adult friend of mine has a cleft palette and I am very familiar with the Smile train.

Happy New year!

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