Thursday, January 7, 2010

To discuss updating me on your Situation. But not The Situation. Your blog situation.

One of my unofficial resolutions* has been to get back to semi-regular blog commenting, something that I sorely lacked in the latter half of 2009.

* By not making it official, I don't feel guilty when I fail. Other unofficial resolutions: Working out more; submitting story ideas to magazines; putting money aside in savings; getting cast in the next season of Jersey Shore by virtue of my audition tape full of Italian stereotypes, up to and including eating a big plate of lasagna like a human Garfield.

But as I got back into commenting, I noticed many of you have:
A) Stopped blogging forever
B) Stopped blogging for several weeks/months, and are now writing again
C) Completely changed your Web site design
D) Changed your blog to a new address/name

While there are cool things like 20-somethings Bloggers to help keep us up to date on what everyone's doing, I think most of us get overwhelmed with it all and fall into a lapse of not blog reading/writing, and then completely miss all the changes going on.

So, to help out, I'd like to invite anyone who has done B, C, or D (A people, it was nice knowing you) at some point in 2009 to comment and let everyone know what's been going on, so that we can check it out.

New web site - what's the address?
Resumed blogging and want people to start coming back?
Just started blogging and are looking for people to come by?
Filming a soft core porn movie and are camera shy?

I'll keep checking the comments and start adding to the post as people (hopefully) tell me what's going on. I gotta update my link roll, anyway, as it's as out of date as a "Saved by the Bell" reference. Time out!

Let me give you a few to get you started:
Hautepocket, who at one point rocked my world with a co-Q&A feature, is now at karlieanne.wordpress.com
LBluca77 moved on over to So ... This Is My Gig.
One of my favorite overseas bloggers, Miss Smidge, moved to a new site.

Updated from comments:
  • Cavy will have a new design on her soon-to-be self-hosted site, caviandra.com in a few weeks, so check back on that soon.
  • Fellow SBTB lover StealthNerd (who got married in '09!) took a five-month break from blogging, but is back in action at shenaniganist.wordpress.com. And, to be a true overachiever, she also started another blog, streetcake.wordpress.com
  • One of blogging's best commenters, Heather, took some time off from blogging, but said she's back in action.
  • Just as a mention, I started a reality show blog in 2009, Real Blogger of York County - it's more P.C. than this blog, since it's for my newspaper, but I do interviews with reality stars and more.
  • Herding Cats updated her site, which today featured her plan for 2010. I can't even figure out my plan for today.
  • Dominique is a new blogger.
  • Jurgen Nation started blogging again, and also resurrected a art/literary submission site (not to be confused with a sexual submission site. That involves whips, you know), indieink.org
  • Libby, who was an "on and off" blogger in '09, is back in '10. Jess says she's back, too, although she says she's taking it "one day at a time," which is what you say to a guy that is good in the sack but has no personality.
  • FunnyGal KAT is wondering why she gets no love for being consistent. OK, fine, we love you.
  • Jen Tsk is back in action at Confessions of a Secret Keeper. I hope her secret wasn't that she's back in action, or I just ruined it.
  • P has been blogging all the time, but wondering why people with private blogs haven't invited her to read. Help her out by sending an invitation to pollypoptart79@yahoo.co.uk
  • AmyXXOO had to stop blogging for a bit in December, but give her a break, she had a baby. That was my excuse, too.
  • MinD is hoping to start blogging regularly again at A MinD in MoTown. I suggest she try that yogurt Jamie Lee Curtis always is trying to sell.
  • Jenners, whose blog popularity seemed to soar in 2009 at mrsfligs.blogspot.com, is trying out a new blog commenting system. Go try it out, and by that I mean, go comment.
  • Sam I Am, one of the few bloggers who knows me in real life, wants to return to blogging soon; she got married last year, so cut her some slack.
  • Clairebear decided to get rid of her much-abridged blog address, grlshakeswrld.wordpress.com, and move to girlshakesworld.com
  • Kimmers swears she's back to blogging now. Make her uphold that promise at kimmersforlife.typepad.com
  • Expect regular posts again at Harmful if Swallowed, says Emmeline.
  • Elisse, who just wrapped up a whirlwind decade, is back to blogging, too, now at Hip Deep in Pie (which sounds delicious).
If you help me with this, a baby Jesus gets its wings.

P.S. As part of my re-entry to Blog Land, I came across Joshlos' amazing post on a girl we evidently both appreciate. Our secret is out. Might as well admit it.


Candy's daily Dandy said...

Unfortunately no exciting changes are going on in the blog world oner at The Daily Dandy.

Unless you count today's Mariah Carey look alike contest...

cavy said...

new design will be up in a few weeks at my new self-hosted site http://caviandra.com

i switched to wordpress last year (WEIRD to say that...)

stealthnerd said...

Yeah, I took something like a 5-month hiatus but I'm back now!


Annnnnnd, I started a style blog in December:


Heather said...

Yep - I definitely fall into the B category. I disappeared for several months (even deleted my blog) only to realize how much I missed it and come running back. Thank god blogger plans for that and allows you to pick up where you left off :)

Nothing very exciting happened over the break though... so no one missed out on too much!

Andy said...

Candy- Would you rather look like someone else?
Cavy- Congrats on making the move to your own site!
Nerd- Two blogs- now you're getting crazy.
Heather- For someone who is so great at commenting and blogging, I can't believe you took all that time off. Glad you're back.

smidge said...

You found me and you started commenting and then you called me one of your favourite overseas bloggers!

I am impressed.

Was that because i was imagining all my readers naked?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. And you've even done all of the work for me in terms of updating my situation. Er, blog situation.

To thank you, I think I will piggyback off of this great idea of yours and post about it on my site. With credit given to you, of course. (It's the least I can do after I hijack your post idea. And that's hijacked out of love, of course).

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I like how I fit into three out of the four categories. I'm an over achiever like that...

Herding Cats said...

Nothing new about my blog except that the design layout got updated. Now it looks super girly....I knew you would approve!

dominique said...

i'm sort of new - i updated really infrequently before and i'm an awful commenter (though trying hard to improve on both counts). i'm lolasangria.blogspot.com - this is a really good idea - thanks :)

LBluca77 said...

After reading this I realized I have done all 4.

A. stopped blogging on my old blog
B. I had at one point stopped blogging for months at a time on the old blog.
C. Moved to wordpress. And I still need to change up the design on the new blog.
D. Totally changed the name of my new blog.

You know this might be all I accomplish this year. My parents would be so proud. Thanks for posting my new info on this post. And thanks for the pic of The Situations abs.

Andy said...

Smidge- Yes, that's exactly why.
Karlie- I'm flattered you would hijack my idea.
Cats- Hey, a design layout change counts. That takes effort. I've heard that, at least. I wouldn't know.
Dominique- New bloggers are always welcome; thanks for letting us know.
LBluca- You beat Karlie, then. Bravo.

Kellie said...

Nothing new at mine. Same address, same design, still blogging. I'm boring!

Jurgen Nation said...

I love this idea! I was on hiatus for awhile, but I've been back blogging regularly at my personal blog, Jurgen Nation . Com and I resurrected Indie Bloggers, which I've renamed IndieInk because I hated the other name. IndieInk takes submissions for art and essays and is a judgment/ranking-free area in which to showcase work you may not have seen otherwise. That's at www.indieink.org.

This is awesome!

Libby said...

oooh...I sure hope a baby Jesus gets its wings! ;-)

I too disappeared from the blogging world off & on in 2009. Contemplating a move to Wordpress. looks like all the cool kids are doing it.

Glad to see you're back!

Jess said...

Yeah, so many people disappeared! But, so many people came back..so that's good.
I stopped for a while and I guess I've sort of re-started..though I'm sort of taking that one a day at a time.

FunnyGal KAT said...

Do those of us who kept our noses to the grindstone in 2009 get any recognition? While some of you were taking time off, redesigning and moving, there were others of us that kept churning out of the good stuff day after day after day (or, if not always "good," at least I can claim "fairly regular material")

Jen - tsk said...

After a blog Sabbatical I am back. Although posting may be slow whilst I re-prioritise my life (I.e figure out a good /sneaky time at work to post) I'm cranking commenting into super-mode and reacquainting myself with 20sb in a big way! Woo for the blogosphere!!

Andy said...

Kellie- Says the lady who traveled around the world in 2009.
Jurgen- You're a very busy person, by the looks of it.
Libby- All that matters is that you came back. And that baby Jesus got his wings.
Jess- I guess it's a wash, then.
KAT- OK, you get special recognition for being kick-me-in-the-crotch fantastic.
Jen- Hey, I'm all for super-mode commenters.

P said...

This is a fab idea!

Another one I'd like to add to the list are people who have made their blogs private and not invited me to read. And I only find out when I go on to read as usual and discover I'm not allowed. I always feel awkward asking, so if anyone reading who I used to read has made their blog private and meant to invite me but didn't, please feel free to invite me - pollypoptart79@yahoo.co.uk. :)

Amy xxoo said...

ooh - i didnt finish my December blogging project, The DD Countdown, because i gave birth .... but you already know that!

Anonymous said...

Well, I didn't go on a hiatus or anything, but my blogging definitely slowed over the last two months or so. But I'm still here, I'm working on everything as often as I can, and my Reader isn't overwhelming my brain anymore, so all is good in the hood at A MinD in MoTown. =)

BeckEye said...

As it turns out, I'm still here doing the same old shit.

Jenners said...

Well, I've pretty been here all along, doing my thing at the same place. Keep thinking about changing to Wordpress but then I found the Disqus commenting system so I'm happy where I am. And that would be at Life with a Little One and More, which annoyingly does not link up to my blog address.


Sam_I_am said...

It's good to know that I'm not the only one. I will be back soon, I promise AND a have an idea for a new blog that I'm hoping to get off the ground.

Clairebear said...

I moved on to my own domain! www.girlshakesworld.com - a lot easier to remember than the old complicatedly-abbreviated wordpressy address aka grlshakeswrld.wordpress.com

Designed the new site all by myself - coz Im a big girl now :)

kimmers said...

My update is basically "I punked out on blogging for a few months but dude I swear, I'm all in now".

And hey, technically I'm commenting on this post, so you could say my "comment on blogs" ratig just went up by like, 80%. Not bad, not bad.

Anonymous said...

I took a blogging hiatus for about four months, but really it was a large chunk of 2009 because I was posting infrequently before that anyway. But now I'm back on what appears to be a regular basis and am writing in great detail about the new romance in my life!


Elisse said...

I've gotten a new blog layout, renamed my blog, and have been posting sporadically but plan to post significantly more in 2010! Love this opportunity to let the readers of these comments, at least, know that. Thanks!

It's still at www.presentmirth.blogspot.com, if you're wondering ;)

L.C.T. said...

I've started blogging much more regularly (found my way to you via a particularly funny post on Miss Tiff's blog!). Somehow 2010 has had me inspired.

Doniree said...

I moved from Minnesota to Colorado.

Anonymous said...

Aw snap! Thanks for the shout-out.

My computer's processer is basically burned out, and since I'm holding out for a $2,100 MacBook as my next computer, I'm basically gonna keep blogging and commenting sporatically for probably the next six months or so, as such tasks as well as other simpler computer functions are about as painstaking to complete as listening to Fran Drescher narrate an audiobook.

Anonymous said...

Yo! A little late to the party, but here's my update. Hope you remember me as the usually angry TishTash from My Telephone Booth. I'm over at wordpress now with my new blog, Twitches and Steam (tishtasha.wordpress.com).

Hope you come by and say hi at the new digs.

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