Friday, May 28, 2010

To discuss Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Missing Phone

Perhaps the only good that has come out of me losing my phone from about 5:30 p.m. yesterday to having just discovered it this morning is the fact I got to use "Encyclopedia Brown" in the title.

Have you ever misplaced your phone? Of course you have. That's all phones are good for.*

* Unless you have a smart phone, but I'm not one of you people, with your fancy applications and your ability to be cool.

Once you realize you don't know where your phone is, you only have a few options:

1) Cry
2) Freak out and search absolutely everywhere
3) Realize you don't actually know anyone's number by heart and freak out again that you couldn't call anyone on another phone, anyway
4) Pine for the days when cellular phones were the size of Zack Morris' phone, so big that you couldn't replace it. And it also got incredible reception despite the fact he was inside a school and cell phone towers were scant.

I went for a mixture of 2, 3, and 4. I figured out when I got home from work I didn't know where my phone was. At that point, I just thought I had misplaced it, and checked the usual suspects.*

* Not Kevin Spacey's Usual Suspects. Keyser Sozer wouldn't steal a phone.

Still couldn't find it. Went into Threat Level Lavender, which is like Terror Level Orange but more soothing. Checked crazier places. Looked in (no lie) the freezer, the couch, the cabinets, inside shoes, INSIDE MY DOG'S BED, INSIDE THE MOTHERF****** OVEN WHERE THE HELL IS IT?

Still couldn't find it. Posted a Facebook message for people to call me in case I could hear the phone ring, and by ring, I mean buzz, because I left it on vibrate like an idiot.

Sat in my apartment in silence. Didn't hear anything. Became unusually suspicious that my chiweenie Bailey did something with it. Bailey looked at me with innocent eyes. Drove back to work in the off chance I'm crazy and didn't actually have it with me when I left, as I had thought. Nothing.

Searched in my apartment section's parking lot with a flashlight. Nothing. Began dreaming up a crazy scenario in which a neighbor child had snatched it out of my car after I got home from work. Began plotting evil scheme to murder all children by building a house made of candy to lure them in.

Set my regular, old alarm clock for the first time in years, with no phone to use. Woke up this morning hoping to hear the phone's scheduled morning alarm going off somewhere in my place. Silence. Drove to work, and just as I was about to go inside, heard a buzz somewhere in my car. Then silence.

Couldn't find anything, so I went inside briefly to find my boss had tried calling me twice to no avail. Explained the situation. Went back outside to my car. And then I finally found the phone, which had slid across the passenger seat to the opposite side, and then got stuck in a crevice underneath the seat.

I will henceforth use a Styrofoam cup with a string attached.


FunnyGal KAT said...

I've never lost my phone for more than a few minutes, but I've lost all of the information off of it a couple times. It works well for finally getting rid of the numbers of ex-boyfriends and former friends who you never speak to, but don't want to get rid of their number just in case. But then you're forced to email the people you do want to keep in touch with and beg them to call you so you have their number in your new phone.

I'm glad you found your phone and hope your night without it wasn't too difficult!

Anonymous said...

Isn't that the most frustrating feeling?! Gah.. I've lost SO many phones. Some never turned up. It's a mystery.

Glad you found it. :)

alexis said...

The slide-across-the-passenger-seat thing has happened to me except with my wallet! Why is it that when something falls when you're not watching, it falls in the most impossible of places?

tracie said...

OMG I LOVE ENCYCLOPEDIA BROWN!!!!! LOVE the name of this post. ha.

Amy xxoo said...

Don't worry Andy - i almost always have my phone on vibrate because i dont want people ringing and having my Foo Fighters " Monkey Wrench " ringtone waking up my baby ... then again, when i lose mine, its almost always done the couch.

Zan said...

I love you, Andy...no, really.

I got drunk last night and thought I'd lost my phone, but this morning after I'd calmed down and sobered up (a little) I went to the car and looked in the exact same place and (gasp!) there it was! I'm pretty sure I looked like a gigged fool standing out in the street jumping up and down for joy, but...hey, I was happy, dammit. Thank you! (Oh, and I've added this to the category of "Why I should stop drinking".)

Jenners said...

Only you could go from losing a phone to contemplating child murder.

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