Tuesday, August 24, 2010

To discuss a 90s TV blast from the past

I got in a conversation last night about 90s SNICK/general Nickelodeon TV shows, as people are prone to do because those shows were awesome.

We tried to come up with as many of those shows as we could off the top of our head, and I think we did surprisingly well, considering most of these shows were only on a few seasons and haven't been on TV since before I knew what bioterrorism or Google meant.

SNICK (The Saturday night Nickelodeon line-up)
* Roundhouse ... A secret gem of the early SNICK line-up
* Are You Afraid of the Dark? ... Much scarier than any crap they put out today. That show gave kids nightmares. All the time. Like, say, yesterday. Shut up, it wasn't my fault.
* Pete & Pete ... Whatever happened to those kids?
* Clarissa Explains It All ... Did you see Melissa Joan Hart has a new TV show with Joey from "Blossom"?!
* Secret World of Alex Mack ... Larisa Oleynik was a fine looking woman. Even better in "10 Things I Hate About You." Then she, like so many others, disappeared.
* All That ... Back when Amanda Bynes and Keenan Thompson were wee pups.
* Keenan and Kel ... We actually tried to figure out what happened to Kel. One guy said he thinks Keenan ate him.

* Rugrats ... What a weird show, when you think about it.
* Doug...Patty Mayonnaise: Bringing the sexy back to condiments.
* Salute Your Shorts... sing it right, Budnick, or pay the price
* GUTS ... Fun fact: Mike O'Malley, who hosted that show, is now on a certain Fox musical show that everyone but me loves)
* Hey Dude ...Fun fact 2: Christine Taylor from that show is now married to Ben Stiller, or as I used to call him, "Melody from Hey Dude's husband"
* You Can't Do That On Television... back when you could slime a kid and not get charged with a statutory offense.
* Double Freaking Dare ... Not the official title but it should have been
* Legends of the Hidden Temple ... Let's not even talk about kids sucking at putting together the monkey in the temple at the end of the show. IT'S NOT THAT HARD PEOPLE!

I'm sure we missed a few, but I figured why not bring back a little nostalgia today. Plus, I rarely get to make a quality Salute Your Shorts reference. Please feel free to share your 90s Nickelodeon memories...


alexis said...

2 Things:

-The Are You Afraid of the Dark? episode with the Pool Monster totally scared the shit out of me.

-I constantly think about Pete & Pete and I've even said the Michelle Trachtenburg line of "Do burps taste like hot dogs?" when asked "Are you kidding?" about something.

Pete & Pete character site:

BeckEye said...

I used to watch "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?" I was well past the target age, too. What was that - PBS? I had kind of a weird crush on the host.

bianca said...

The fact that your mentioned Roundhouse makes you even cooler...as if that's possible. I LOVED that show. Being a theater/dancing/performance brat as a kid, I totally appreciated a show that kinda modeled that. Amazing.

And I was all about the Secret World of Alex Mack. I constantly found myself asking "what if I could turn into a puddle and just move around". I like how she wasn't more freaked out about it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a fun little trip down memory lane!! I LOVED Salute Your Shorts and Pete and Pete. Not so much Are You Afraid of the Dark, though... that show scared the hell out of me. As far as the cartoons go, Rocko's Modern Life was my favorite :)

Amy xxoo said...

We didnt have Nickolodeon here in Australia when i was growing up, but we did get some Nick shows on one of our local channels. Of the ones you listed i've seen " Secret Life of Alex Mack " and, of course, " Rugrats ".

SLOAM was my favourite afternoon show - it was on at 5:30pm so i'd try and get my homework done straight after school so i could watch Alex Mack before i had to set the table for dinner...

Josh said...

Back in my day, we didn't have Nickelodeon. Well, actually, I just didn't have cable until some time right before the first Nicktoons got started (Ren & Stimpy was part of the posse, too). I'll tell you, though: I watched the crap out of some Doug. I still think Porkchop is among the best ever names for a dog.

Herding Cats said...

God I miss those shows. Pete & Pete and Are You Afraid of the Dark especially!

Katie said...

Hey DUDE!!!!! Oh how I loved that show!!! She was also in The Wedding Singer - and I could never watch any movie she was in without thinking about Hey Dude and all the khaki short/maroon polo wearing weird "teens" at a strange summerish camp/ranch. It's been so long ago...totally gonna youtube it now!

YOU ROCK!!! I needed something fun to do today!

Not Nickelodeon but 2 other shows from those days from Saturday morning cartoon era: California Dreamin and

Jenners said...

This is the first post that highlighted the age gap between you and I. I don't know anything about any of these shows.

Sam_I_am said...

I actually have a drafted blogpost about Alex mack that I wrote after watching season 1 on DVD. It was awesome. I also liked Welcome Freshman and Fifteen. Did you know Ryan Reynolds was on Fifteen?

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