Thursday, August 28, 2008

To discuss The Hills and what TV used to mean to us

Ok, so this is what I've learned from yesterday's post comments: Do not make fun of The Hills. Sure, it's based on a made up feud, shows spoiled girls working at fake jobs and highlights girls with fake boobs (I'm talking to you, Heidi Montag), but there are dedicated viewers out there who don't like me taking their show to task. Understood. We'll agree to disagree.
But think of this. There is now an entire generation of teenagers who, in 10 years, will speak of The Hills, Hannah Montana, Punk'd, and Family Guy like we do about the shows we grew up on. Isn't that scary? What's that you say, Andy? Give a list of the 10 shows people in their 20s identify as "their shows"? I'm nothing if not a man who fulfills wishes (and crushes dreams).
Now, this is not a Top 10 list of the best shows of our generation. That's another day. This is the shows that I look at now and say, I grew up on that (keeping in mind that I'm 25). I think that's why I worry about The Hills- it looks like the crap that these top 10 shows spit on in comparison. Of course, so is Making the Band.
  1. Full House: This isn't even debatable. I'm fairly certain I've seen every episode. In hindsight, isn't it strange that Danny Tanner let an adult single male, Joey, live with his teenage daughters? How did DJ and Joey not hook up at least once? I think that should have happened at least once, with Joey doing his Popeye voice right in the middle of them screwing while DJ worries that Joey think she looks too fat and has to become anorexic again. Then Stephanie can barge in and say "How Rude!" because Joey won't give in to her offer of a ménage à trois with Kimmy Gibler. I think that sounds like a winner. They can even play the sappy music when Danny sits Joey and DJ down and talks to them about being responsible adults as he hands them birth control. Am I right?
  2. Seinfeld: Not everyone gets this show, I know that. But for our generation, I think there was a lot to identify with, mostly because it was so random and didn't take itself seriously (Not that there's anything wrong with that). Most high school guys I knew at the time would quote Seinfeld all the time- What's the deal with Ovaltine?
  3. Family Matters: What is most interesting about Family Matters is that it didn't start out with Steven Urkel. He came in later and stole the show...I'm still trying to figure out what happened to the youngest kids on that show. Depending on the season, they just disappeared. And then there was that plot point of Urkel turning into Stephon.
  4. Simpsons: I'm not a huge fan of this show. Actually, I wasn't allowed to watch it when I was younger (that, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). But it'd be foolish not to include it here.
  5. Fresh Prince of Bel Air: Now this is the story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down... You know what? I bet you know the entire theme song. And that makes me like you even more. Let's make out.
  6. Saved by the Bell: I think this show truly defines our TV viewing. All the girls loved Zack or Slater. All the boys wanted Kelly to have that modeling gig she earned in France turn into a porn career. And none of us saw it coming that Screech, out of everyone, would end up doing a sex tape one day.
  7. Boy Meets World: Ok, I'm sure I'll post about this another day, but Topanga quite possibly could have taken the crown away from Kelly Kapowski as the hottest character on TV. I mean, her freakin name is Topanga. And that Corey- always getting into trouble with Mr. Feeney. He'll just never learn, will he?
  8. Step by Step: What's funny is that I had no idea Patrick Duffy and Suzanne Somers had careers before Step by Step. For all I knew, that was their first role.
  9. Salute Your Shorts: How about Donkey Lips is my friend on MySpace? He's a rapper now. That show might have been Nickelodeon's finest work. Camp Anawanna, I do hold you in my heart.
  10. SNICK: Saturday night line-up on Nickelodeon really sums it up- Alex Mack, Clarissa Explains It All, Roundhouse, All That, Are You Afraid of the Dark, etc. There wasn't a better place to be. That line-up was for us, by us.
Now, you're looking at this list and saying, Andy, dude, what is wrong with you. You forgot____. Well, then, let me know. Comment away. Some of the shows that didn't make the list: Doug, Wonder Years, TRL, Friends, I Love Lucy and Perry Mason...


Amanda. said...

I love The Hilla.
Fakeness and all.

Now as for your list...

Full House: Joey was wayyyy
older then DJ. And she
was too busy sleeping with
attractive men that
would never, ever go for her
in real life to be
bothered with her dad's best friend!

I was never a huge Seinfeld
fan. I've seen a lot of
the episodes...but I have
no emotions towards it.
Moving on...

Family Matters. Um. Okay.
Now not only did they get
rid of Judy...youngest
child, yes...but they also
CHANGED MOMS in the last two
seasons. She looked nothing
like the original mom. And I
HATED that Laura chose Steve...
when the entire show was
based on her turning Steve
down. Thanks for wasting my
life, Family Matters.

Simpsons. I've never, and will
never watch an episode.

Fresh Prince. Holla.
I went to Live 8...because
well...it was in Philadelphia...
free...and what the heck.
(Worst time of my life, but yeah.)
Will Smith was there. And
he totally sang the theme
song...and the entire audience...
about a billion people...all
sang happily along. Highlight
of the day. For sure.

Saved By The Bell. Guilty
of wanting to marry Zack.
But when I watch this show
now I can't help but wonder why.
The fact that Kelly and Jessie
randomly leave the show...
leather jacket wearing Tori
joins the show...and that they
could go in one locker door
and come out a different one
baffles the heck out of me.

Step By Step/Salute Your Shorts
and Snick are all classics.
Because...why not?
Step By Step made me want
a cousin that would park
his van outside my house...
Salute Your Shorts had me
pining to go away to camp...
and Snick..who the heck didn't
want to sit on that big
orange couch and light
the fire?

All finished. Happy TV

Anonymous said...

dude, are you not counting animated series?? bc your missing TMNT. also, care bears, rainbow bright and garfield. but i have to give you props bc you named every sitcom i watched growing up. i mean, sure i didnt have cable, so i dont know what snick or salute your shorts is, but you hit every TGIF show that my family never failed to make popcorn and order pizza for. whatever happened to TGIF???

Amy xxoo said...

I think I could have quite possibly seen every epsiode of Seinfeld, Friends and The Simpsons at least twice. And I'll probably watch them all again at some point or another.

Now I'm not sure if you got it in the US but for any Australians or Canadians reading - Degrassi Junior High. Degrassi was the best. I wanted to be Caitlyn and I thought Joey and Wheels were the cutest ever!

And whats with the no mentioning of dramas ? I watched a fair bit of " Felicity " and " Dawsons Creek " during my formative years...

WaterColorLilly28 said...

I completely forgot about SNICK. That was an awesome block of shows!!!!

I agree with Amy xxoo, my heart will always belong to "Dawson's Creek." I have the whole series on DVD and I still watch it today.

I am now going to have to find Donkey Lips on Myspace.

The Logarithmic Spiral said...

I'm going to write a blog responding to this blog...there are just too many shows with too much love for them to leave in a comment. Hopefully I'll send more readers your way (since I clearly get so many :))

ANG* said...

amazing list. i think its quite complete aside from "heeeey dude." that show was the shit. i really wanted to go to that ranch and i don't even like horses.

also, of course i know every word to the fresh prince theme song. there's something wrong with you if you are in our generation and don't know that sweet, sweet rap. (is it a rap?)

Andy said...

You know what's sad about that list? I thought of it all off the top of my head, character names and all. I need to get out more.
Amanda: Yes, Joey was way too old. That's half the fun.
Tex: I debated about animated series; Simpsons made the cut, at least. TMNT could have, but I worried it was too boy-oriented.
XXOO: I remember Degrassi. And Dawson's Creek very well should have made the list, or at least in its own category.
Watercolor: SNICK was truly amazing, and if they had it on right now, I'd watch it. Every time.
Ang: Hey Dude! Crap. Good call. Do you realize that Melody from that show ended up being Ben Stiller's wife (Christine Taylor... she was in Dodgeball). Also, Mr. Ernst was on a few episodes of E.R.

tracie said...

Ok, Stephan was SEXY. Way sexy. Super sexy. That was my fav. episode. Mmm-mmm.

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