Wednesday, September 24, 2008

To discuss replies to the litany of congrats

Normally I respond to all of your lovely comments with a comment of my own, but, considering the enthusiasm and volume of responses about the girlfriend post, some thoughts:

Teej said...

I'm happy to be the first to say congrats on the official gf/bf status. Madame Capricorn is either lucky or insane :-P Now change your facebook or it isnt official remember!

She likely is insane, although, since she reads this blog now, um, she is also incredibly pretty and funny. I did change my Facebook status, Teej, and that was more nerve-wracking than actually asking Capricorn to be my girlfriend (although we did joke it should be like a "Circle Yes No or Maybe" format). Those Facebook status things are no joke. People pay more attention to them than they do the presidential campaign. If Obama changed his Occupation status to "President" on his Facebook page tomorrow, I think millions of teens would assume he won the election.
Libby said...

congrats on the gf!

and yes, i was one of those kids that skipped ahead to see what adventure i was choosing. no worries though, i did go back & read the whole post;-P

I did love those books. I wish my life was like a Choose Your Own Adventure. "If you want Andy to go on a kayaking adventure, go to the year 2015. If you want Andy to be completely broke, turn to this Blog Post."

Miss Tiff said...

Congrats on Madame Capricorn becoming the official girlfriend. :) I'm super happy for you!

What's funny is that half of the purpose of this blog was to gripe about women problems and dating failures. Now I'm screwed.

FunnyGal KAT said...

Yay for the new girlfriend! And yay for her not being your brother's girlfriend! (this time at least...)

Does Capricorn know about the blog? How about a guest post one of these days so we can get her side of the story!

For anyone who doesn't read KAT or SJ's blog, funnygals.blogspot.com, do so- they are regularly hilarious. KAT, Capricorn does know about the blog, although I'm not sure if she's up for a guest post just yet.
You know what's awkward? Telling a woman you write a blog. It's almost like a dirty little secret, like the herpes of confessions, minus the outbreaks. Like, you have to explain why you do such a thing and what you write about and how you won't embarrass her, you promise, unless she's crazy, and then you will.

ANG* said...

gf/bf status already? nice work buddy.
also, i love gym stories. please continue grunting. that visual is awesome...

Here's my take on bf/gf status: If you quickly realize that the two of you click and things feel natural, why freaking wait around to make it official just to follow the norm? Even if it doesn't work out, at least you didn't spend precious days or weeks wondering if the other person is out on a date with someone else. You spent that time only with them and can really concentrate on them. Plus, it's easier on Facebook to say "In a relationship" than "It's complicated," which sounds more like you're having an affair with your gardener.

amindinmotown said...

Congrats on the ladyfriend. That was pretty quick! Ha.

And to prove your point about the gym ... my boyfriend almost entirely ceased going to the gym shortly after we got together, and although he's trying again, with nobody to impress - 'cause let's face it, he already has me, ha - I wonder how long this gym stint shall last.

If you want him to continue, drop casual compliments about how his arms feel bigger or his chest looks more defined. Even if it's not completely true. Because we will always go after hearing something like that.
SouthernBelle said...

Lovely, congrats! That WAS quick work!

PS - Yes, I also skipped to the end but went back & read the whole thing, like libby.

Anyway, it's not like your title didn't give the game away! Unless you meant to say you were in a bicep curl now.

I'm in a bicep curl like The Thinking Man, who did the original bicep curl. Thanks for the congrats. In a weird way, I looked forward to telling all of you about this latest event almost more so than people I know in real life. Because I know you'd all appreciate it.
sj said...

i don't have enough of an attention span to skip forward and then jump back, so i actually waited to the end to read the footnotes.

and congrats! i agree with my bff. let's have her do a guest post!

If by "guest post" you mean, For the love when is Andy going to have somebody else write to break up his normal drivel, I'll see what I can do. Also- is there an acronym for best friends who are only best friends for a certain period, such as high school, or only at work? It's not forever. Maybe, BFFN- Best Friends For Now.

gracie-mel said...

"Coincidentally, my brother also got a girlfriend last night, which is a very strange and cool coincidence"

what... you guys pickin' them up at the Dollar General again? What did I tell you two about that??

Leave it to my sister to compare her brothers' girlfriends to Dollar General. I'd do a "Your Momma" joke to her, but that's my mom, too. Crap.

Diane said...

Can I just call you Speedy Gonzalez now? ;)

As long as we're only talking about relationships and not about physiological responses.
For those of you who never comment, see what you missed? And really, you don't even need to sign up or anything to comment. What's holding you back? Entering those random characters?


Amy xxoo said...

You know what held me back from commenting this time ? My stupid computer decided it was going to get the cyber equivalent of syphilis, and it went a little crazy.

But its all good, i'm back on board now. What else is all good ? You and Capricorn being an official " thing " now.... congrat-a-ma-lations!

Anonymous said...

So I guess that means you'll not be frequenting Quiznos. Nicely done, btw.

I'm just guessing I'm supposed to comment here now in order to comment on the other post...?

Sam_I_am said...

shoot! I missed out on the action! Congrats. Since she has a mini dog too, Baily should be thrilled and then they can date, too. Even if it's a boy dog. Dogs don't care, they're desperate since they don't have thumbs.

Anyway! Congrats again.

SouthernBelle said...

OMG I am famous!!! I have been mentioned on your blog!

sam_i_am - don't be silly. although the idea of teeny dogs dating is adorable, surely it would be incestuous? They are pretty much step-dogs now.

sj said...

amy, i have to know. what is the computer equivalent to syphillis?! does it go blind and insane?

i'm so touch, btw, about the shout out. you're awesome in your awesomeness.

believe it or not, kat and i just met 6 years ago when we were reporters together. so we're um.. best friends since working together 6 years ago who happen to be married to a pair of best friends. but i think that's too many letters.

Sam_I_am said...

ah, good point southernbelle. My boy dog tries to hump my girl dog and cat- his sisters.. I'm concerned now. I think he needs counseling.

SouthernBelle said...

haha sam, my boy dog and girl dog have disturbingly been known to hump each other. maybe we need family therapy?

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