Wednesday, November 5, 2008

To discuss a new item to vote on: 90s TV couples

What's that, America? Tired of democracy?
Well, too bad. It's voting time, and I accept all Republicans, Democrats, unregistered voters, illegal immigrants, felons, Whigs and Tories out there.
I want you to vote in the poll on the right of the page on:

The Top Young Couple from a 90s Television Show
Your candidates are only those who actually got together for a significant period of time. Sorry, Doug Funny and Patty Mayonnaise... Leave comments defending your choice:
  1. Will/Lisa, "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" Sure, Lisa gave Will the stank eye every time some fly honey came around, but they were good together. Lisa got Will to settle down and stop chasing girls, so give her credit. And Will looked past the fact that Lisa wore overalls as an outfit several times.
  2. Zack/Kelly, "Saved by the Bell" Let's admit it. When Kelly decided to break up with Zack to date Jeff, the college guy, and Zack asks her for one more dance at their prom, you got a little teary eyed. Wait, that's just me? Well, screw you.
  3. Cory/Topanga, "Boy Meets World" This one was destined to be, even in the years before Ben Savage hit puberty and then, uh, became even more awkward.
  4. D.J./Steve, "Full House" An under-appreciated romance in the legions of 90s shows, these lovebirds dated for two years. Steve was seen eating everything in site, which is ironic, since D.J. was anorexic for a brief time until Steph saw her on the treadmill. (Remember that?)
  5. Dawson/Joey, "Dawson's Creek" I waxed and waned on my appreciation for DC, but I did watch it enough to know this was the romance that was meant to be, even if Dawson screwed it up over and over by going for the wrong girl or using large words that no 17-year-old should know, not to mention Joey prepping for her years as Tom Cruise's baby maker.
  6. Kermit/Miss Piggy, "Muppet Babies" Does this need to be explained? Because I don't think it does.
  7. Kevin/Winnie, "The Wonder Years" I get by with a little help from Kevin Arnold's love for Olive Oil. I never quite understood the attraction, but if it works, it works. I wish they still had this show on. Like, right now.
  8. Stefan/Laura, "Family Matters" I wish I could include Steve Urkle instead of Stefan, but it was the alter ego that had the longer relationship, which makes Laura a superficial ho.
  9. Kirk Fogg/Olmec "Legends of the Hidden Temple" There was always a special connection between these two. Kirk would look at Olmec for an answer, for wisdom, for guidance, and Olmec wouldn't even blink- he'd give Kirk, in his khaki cargo shorts glory, everything he wanted.
  10. Write-in candidate of your choosing (but not Nader)
Results will given at a later date, as they don't show up properly in the sidebar.


Herding Cats said...

Haha I love the last option, but Winnie and Kevin will ALWAYS have my heart, and I agree....that show needs to come back!

Sam_I_am said...

Corey and Topanga. They stuck together even through the bad times. Of your list, the only couple to get married was Corey and Topanga, I believe. It was destined from the sandbox.

The Logarithmic Spiral said...

Oh the Wonder Years can be on right now...at least at Casa Awesome since I bought the box set of the entire show for fidy dollah earlier this year. Except it's not on right now because Dani and I are working our way through 90210. Well, were working our way through it until I decided to have three jobs and work 20 hour days. JOY

PS, I covered the election live last night. You shoulda seen me...such a lil bundle of nerves :)

The Logarithmic Spiral said...

Oh, and just for the record, Zack and Kelly got married too. Didn't anyone see the Vegas Wedding where Jesse shows up at the last minute, hot off the stripper pole? I still think Kelly shoulda spent that semester at sea and married Zack later...or join a native tribe and wear nothing but human bones

bex said...

Remember on Step by Step when Dana went out with JT's weirdly small friend?

Miss Tiff said...

It's definitley Cory and Topanga. Love how you called Laura a superficial ho. Lol.

Muffy Willowbrook said...

DJ was anorexic? Really? Hmmppff.

corey and topenga were both awkward teens - my vote goes to them for the simple fact that by being together they made two less people in the world a heck of a lot less miserable.

Little Ms Blogger said...

I'm going with Zack with Kelly. They went from high school to college to married.

Diane said...

Kevin and Winnie, definitely.

PS... award for you at my place. Come and get it!

scargosun said...


Paul and Jamie. Come on!

Anonymous said...

Zack and Kelly .... oh I miss them!

Sarah said...

wow, you've made this difficult. it's a toss up btw corey and topanga and zack and kelly. the prom episode always gets to me, but the college years just didn't have the same magic. i'm gonna have to go with corey and topanga because they actually seemed like a real couple.

Lump said...

oh the wonder years, I fucking loved that show!

Finger Talks said...

i think i'm gonna have to go for Kevin and Winnie just cause it was confusing and weird and i didn't understand it, everything love is! lol!

tracie said...

Seriously though, do you spend all your time thinking of amazing topics for your blog, or does it just happen naturally?

MY CHOICE: How can you forget Heathcliff and Clair Huxtable?? HELLO!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Generally speaking, you've dwindled the choices down wisely. And although I believe Dawson and Joey were seriously meant to be, in the ending credits, she chose Pacey.

Which is why I cast my vote for Corey and Topanga. They were ... adorable! It was destined, and even as they grew up from sponge-head boy and awkward girl to sponge-head man and hot chick, we all knew it was the real deal (for a fiction comedy program anyway).

sassy stephanie said...

Oh hail to tha yeah on the Muppets. Those two will go down in history.

Courtney said...

Totally Zach and Kelly.... no question. :)

Andy said...

Herding- Let's start a petition
Sam- Logarithmic correctly pointed out that Zelly got married, too, but you're still spot on that Copanga were meant to be
Spiral- Somehow, you are simultaneously very busy and very bored. Nicely done
Bex- Remember? Who are you talking to?
Tiff- I do feel bad, as Laura is a nice person. Did you know that Urkel's girlfriend on that show, Myra, committed suicide in real life?
Muffy- She was anorexic for one episode, then Becky told her to diet correctly.
Little Ms- Remember when Zack dated Tori in the season after Kelly left? Wasn't that weird?
Diane- Thanks for the award, ladyfriend
Scargo- See, you're going for adult couples. I'm keeping it young. But excellent choice
C- They miss you too. You haven't called or wrote.
Sarah- Do you think they did it in real life?
Lump- So how do you really feel
Finger- You're going for those two because you're from Jersey and Kevin wore that sweet Jets jacket
Tracie- I'll do another poll at some point with adult couples. Fair enough?
Motown- How could she choose Pacey? I mean, really.
Sassy- They are making a new Muppets movie. Seth Rogen is writing the script. No joke.
Court- Case closed.

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