Wednesday, November 12, 2008

To discuss people pretending to be me: November means I'm in the band.

This Andy Shaw of the Month entry is a little late, but I think it's worth it. As always, this post is about other Andy/Andrew Shaws out there, likely living better, more fulfulling lives. Sometimes it's about those with the same name, while last month, it was about how Capricorn's parents think I look like Michael Phelps.

This month, I'm a rock star!

Evidently, I have my own band: The Andy Shaw Band, out of Columbus, Ohio (other Andy Shaw: I'm giving you free press here, so don't get all copyright crazy on me).
My musical stylings are a "mix of The Beatles, some Jack Johnson, and sounds motivated from (my) Columbus, Ohio roots."

What are sounds from Columbus, Ohio? I imagine it involves a lot of sizzling bacon and jackhammering.

The Andy Shaw Band must be on its way to being famous, because the web site looks crazy professional; even the Columbus Dispatch said "my" latest release is "a tantalizing slice of pop charm and rock grooves." (I think they meant to say a tantalizing slice of bacon.)
Would you believe this Andy Shaw is also 25? But, unlike me, he spent the past 12 years training on jazz and classical trumpet. I spent the past 12 months potty training my dog.

I'm proud of this Andy Shaw. He's doing something with his life. He even has a Facebook Fan page, so you know he's legit.

Do you know any bands named after you?


The Logarithmic Spiral said...

Contrary to your picture comment, Band Wielding Andy Shaw is a "Righty." Righty guitar players use their left hand on the frets and right hand to strum/pick/wammy :) I know this because I, unknown to many, play the guitar/know three chords. But seriously, my entire family plays the guitar and we're all righties. Just thought I'd poke a hole in your picture comment and then run away stealthily into the night.....

Diane said...

Sizzling bacon or not, he's got nothing on you, darlin'.

The Logarithmic Spiral said...

Oh trust me, I could edit so much more than I do *cough* espresso not expresso *cough* hahaha, but I don't want to hurt your ego too much. Plus, being the grammar snob I am, I HATE it when people call me out on the occassional typo.

Anywho, three jobs...hmmm...how do I get myself into this/why don't I know how to not be busy to the point of self-distruction? It started with just one job, took on a second, evening job at one of our resorts just for suplemental income/Cape Cod rapes me up the butt financially. Annnd, the radio news job just happened. Since the resort is closing soon and working the morning drive shift at the radio was only temporary, I figured I'd grit my teeth and bear the 80-hour weeks. I'm looking forward to dropping down to 60-70 hours instead of 80. Nice break, huh?

stealthnerd said...

No bands, but my nickname is Booty and that's in a hell of a lot of songs. Half credit?

Libby said...

i have no bands after me either, but i do make a mean pumpkin pie;-P

FunnyGal KAT said...

Oh man, I want a band named after me! And I think FunnyGal KAT* is a pretty good name for a band, so why hasn't anyone used it yet?

*I admit FunnyGal KAT isn't my real name. My parents just called me that because Katalicious Funniest Gal In The Universe Smith-Jones was too hard to yell out the back door when it was time for dinner.

Lump said...

oh ANDY!! I'm your biggest fan!!!

I don't know any bands named after me, but I could possibly be related to Ted. You know, "I make the pussy purr with the stroke of my hand..."

Amy xxoo said...

No bands, but i do have a doppelganger who is a set designer.

Apparently i worked on the first " American Pie " movie - aww Stifler!!

Anonymous said...

My parents named me after singer Carly Simon. I blame them that I'm so vain. Haha. Ha. ha...

P.S. You should know that you called DIANE "Donna" on my blog today, and now your blog crush is so on the rocks..

Andy said...

Spiral- Thanks for all the editing. Nothing like me haphazardly writing all this crap with no one to say, "Uh, dude, do you want a typo in every post, or just most of them?"
Haute- Yeah, you crushed my night by telling me that. I have already apologized profusely to her. I can't believe how much I suck sometimes.

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