Thursday, December 4, 2008

To discuss Word Verification Mad Libs

I wondered if you all would be up for the challenge of writing word verification definitions. Needless to say, you were. Might I add you are sick and twisted. To thank you for your efforts and to give each of you a little link love, I put nearly all the definitions below except for a few that weren't really definitions and sounded like IKEA furniture...

So, here it is. A Mad Libs edition... I've grouped the definitions into nouns, adjectives, adverbs and verbs (I took my best guess...And if I didn't categorize them right, suck it. Go hug a Webster's dictionary, word nerd. This is for giggles)... I added some extra words as needed, although you can add your own and modify as needed. Yes, it's lengthy, but I was trying to maximize the use of your definitions, many which are directly used... I'd suggest reading the definitions first... Have fun, and feel free to leave samples in the comments or on your own blogs...

America's Next Top Model Mad Lib
Tyra Banks was in trouble. She needed to reinvigorate her show, America's Next Top Model, after a lackluster season kept ratings low.
"What am I going to do?" Tyra whined on her talk show, which she only has because she's a (noun). "I need new ideas, something that will really (verb) people to watch."
Tyra looked everywhere for inspiration. She looked to Miss J and Jay Manuel, but they were too busy (verb) each other. She watched her long-lost film, Higher Learning, remembering she was topless in that movie.
"I was so (adj) back then," Tyra said with a flick of her weave.
Tyra even went to food for help, consulting a (noun), whose great (noun) caused her to gain a few pounds after her modeling career ended (pounds she tried to lose by taking (noun)). After spending hours at his (noun) talking about (noun) and eating (noun), she realized she was wasting her time. Nothing helped.

Then, she had an idea.
"I just need to (verb) this problem head-on. What if I (verb)? No, no that won't work. Wait, that's it! I'll have the first modeling show just for dudes!" Tyra exclaimed, using her crazy voice and not that low-talking (adj) voice she uses when announcing eliminations.
Tyra called all of her friends, from Heidi Klum, who stopped making out with Seal long enough to help, to Janice Dickinson, who (adverb) exited Top Model years ago. Heidi said the idea could work, as long as the judges are (adj) and know the ways of the (noun).
They all agreed that Tyra really needed the help of a (noun), who knew secret spells.
"This is great. My problems are solved!" Tyra said. Exhausted from all that thinking, she decided to take some time off.

Tyra spent the next week neglecting her duties, confident that her Male Modeling show would be a hit on the CW, a network that loves (noun). She even got a little (adj.) and made a secret (noun) with Nigel Barker. He totally (verb) her.
But that was the least of Tyra's problems. When she got back from her vacation, CW executives told her the idea was (adj). The male models don't look good in bikinis like the girls do, the execs said. There's too much (noun).
"I feel like I'm going to (verb)," Tyra said, her face looking like she saw a (noun).
Tyra sulked, and went back to her office. Usually, she is (adj.) about these types of setbacks, but not this time. After months of teasing on Talk Soup on the E! Network, and Wild ARS's witty-but-true comments on her (adj.) reality show, Tyra didn't know if she really wanted to keep doing TV.
Miss J peered into the office, fresh from his afternoon of (verb) with his (her?) friends. Sensing frustration, Miss J (verb) on Tyra's shoulder. They hugged for a bit, and Tyra accepted the sad reality of her reality show.
Through the tears, her voice sounding like she had (noun), Tyra pledged to move on to new things.
Maybe she'll be a (noun).
Vensubt: (v) A shortening of the word vensubtation, which means to slap a person's chin with ones balls...."I totally vensubted Barbie last night and guess what....she liked it!"
Optional verbs: Filibuster; Mount; Pillage; Smash; Drink; Smoke; Poop; Whack, Give, Hand, Tug, Bump, Bend, Pound, Tape, Push.

Flowli: (adj) To go with the flow, as in "I go-li with the flow-li."
Acked: (adj.) Extremely drunk, leading into a horrifying hangover.
As in: "Oh man, I didn't get home until three on Saturday night, I was completely acked."
Miable: (adj./v.) Something that can be claimed. "That book is miable." Or, a way of laying dibs... "You can't eat that, I already miablated it."
Optional adjectives: Nutty, Sexy, Whorish, Plump, Funny, Moaner, Charmer, Bangable, Loser, Terrible, Lovely, Sucks, Dumb, Trashy

Reapsy: (adv.): An extreme, often caffeine-induced, level of mental and physical discomfort similar to being frazzled..."This venti nonfat nofoam gingersnap latté is making me all reapsy!"
Optional adverbs: Clumsily, Sloppily, Happily, Devishly, Cunningly, Drunkenly, Foolishly, Olsentwinsily

Ovedactr: (n) A celebrity chef gone bad, aka Martha Stewart.
Hanti: (n) A poltergeist fixated on ladies' undergarments. From the Southern United States term "haint" and pan-North American "panties". See also: phanthong.
Opreho: (n) A woman who is being pimped out by Oprah.
Stoft: (n) The name of the noise that is made when you sit down in a leather chair and you're meeting your significant other's parents for the first time.
Jawse: (Ja-see) (n) The group of gangbanger sharks that hang around Jaws.
Calval- (n) A pill that contains Valium and also helps with your diet by helping you cut calories.
Rutsome: (n) The appealing nature of the stag to the doe deer..."Faline thought that Bambi was extremely rutsome!"...Used interchangeably with the phrase "Nice Rack!"
Everater (eve-RAY-ter): (n) - Definitely the first woman to ever rate guys on a scale of 1-10.
Werscryo (whar-SKREE-oh): (n) - A chronic throat infection caused by excessive moaning and/or screaming during sexual activity. "Sorry hunny, the doctor said I'll have to skip the dirty talk until my werscryo calms down."
Garicri: (n) A scratchy undergarment wool-like fabric found only in Iceland. Root words "gary" "ice" and "cry"...e.g.: Next time you go skiing, take garicri long johns, they'll keep you toasty.
Fluectoe (n.) pr. flü\EK\tō (floo-ek-tow): Male version of camel toe..."Dude, did you see Scott's fluectoe in those jeans?? It totally looked like he was smuggling biscuits!"
Lacesha: (n) An emotion consisting of disappointment mixed with fear, e.g..."Nadine experienced a wave of lacesha at the realization that her dog had projectile diarrhea."
Hydec: (n) - A wooden structure connected to the back of a house that is too tall to be a patio, yet too close to the ground to be a deck.
Osulater: (n) Slang for Oh See You Later
Worcerer (n.): A slutty sorcerer.
Fedical: (n) The study of fecal matter in a medical setting; also the study of Britney Spears' ex husband.
Scrighti: (n) A pasta dish from the little known Amazonian tribe of Polkadotorius
Andratio: (n) To write "and ratio" when your space bar is broken. E.G. " Maybe next time. We might need a cuter black couple to win. The balance andratio just didn't even out."
Bogindb: (n) A drunk person's bodega.
Tatedes: (n) A hybrid vegetable from potatoes & Swedes.
Optional nouns: Fetus, Dogs, Rudolph, Cosmo, Boobs, Praying Mantis, Bourbon, Paris Hilton, Kitten


~Sheila~ said...

Alright! It is all just too funny. I can't think straight. It's gonna take some time for me to sit here and punch in the words.
I will have to get to it a little later seeing as it's 3:30 am and I just came over to the computer to check my bank account.

The Rambler said...

Man, I miss Mad Libs...

I linked you today in my post...hope you don't mind :)

gracie-mel said...

i bow to you, the reader of Wild ARS Chase. y'all are clearly more clever than me!

Ben said...

This is amazing!

Amy said...

Tyra Banks is on my hate list. I almost blogged about her extensively the other day in my "Things Hated in November" post but the video I wanted to discuss is no longer available on youtube.

As if she should be concerned about illegal viewing when CLEARLY her show is a disaster. The. Most. Terrible. Interviewer. EVER.

Annnnyway. I'm sure you've seen the vaseline vid, right? If not, do google "Tyra Banks vaseline." She's "making fun of Oprah" but it doesn't lessen her insanity.

Áine Caitríona said...

ANTM: Inspiring love, hate and creative mad libs since 2003.

SouthernBelle said...

I love MadLibs.

PS - Andy - come play my interactive comments game on my blog!

JenBun said...

Hahahahahahahaha... we're funny!

I love Mad Libs!!!

sj said...

i think my all time favorite was worceror - slutty sorcerer. they were all so good.

and i'm sorry, but i have to add. my word ver is bytoy.

bytoy (n) - a boy toy that fails to bring you to orgasm.

BeckEye said...

This is less Mad Libs, more Sniglets on acid.

My word ver is unmaties. I imagine that is a word meaning "pirates who are no longer friends."

sj said...

beckeye- that was so awesome that i just spilled coffee all over my self.


word ver: boxinono

the words that failed to sink in to toddler-aged Mike Tyson.

*~Dani~* said...

I always loved Mad Libs as a kid. Probably doesnt hold the same effect for me today but this word ver definition game is really fun. I find myself wanting to do it all over the blogosphere.

Today's word:

dismist - the misty eyed feeling one gets one they have been dissed; also street slang for being fired;

LBluca77 said...

For a good portion of my youth me and mad libs were bff's.

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