Tuesday, December 2, 2008

To discuss some quick thoughts on polls, charity and word verification

Some quick thoughts:
  • The Top 90s Young TV Couples poll closed on Sunday. In an election more heated than Obama vs. McCain, Zack/Kelly of Saved by the Bell narrowly lost out to the winner, Cory/Topanga of Boy Meets World. Kevin/Winnie pulled out a third-place finish. Kermit and Miss Piggy garnered just seven votes, their worst showing since the made-for-TV Muppet Christmas special. I'm not surprised Cory/Topanga won. They always seemed right for each other, even in real life. It's nice to know Ben Savage and Fred Savage had a strong showing.
  • Will/Lisa, "Fresh Prince"
    2 (1%)
    Zack/Kelly, "Saved by the Bell"
    27 (25%)
    Cory/Topanga, "Boy Meets World"
    29 (27%)
    D.J./Steve, "Full House"
    6 (5%)
    Dawson/Joey, "Dawson's Creek"
    9 (8%)
    Kermit/Miss Piggy, "Muppet Babies"
    7 (6%)
    Kevin/Winnie, "The Wonder Years"
    19 (18%)
    Stefan/Laura, "Family Matters"
    1 (0%)
    Kirk Fogg/Olmec "Legends of the Hidden Temple"
    1 (0%)
    3 (2%)
  • Another poll is up, this one for just two weeks. The question: When do you put up holiday decorations? I had mine up before Thanksgiving this year, a record. At this rate, I'll be celebrating Valentine's Day on New Year's.
  • If you haven't already, check out JenBun's post, which links to an effort to raise money for the Lupus Foundation of America; her blog friend, Rachel, has a sister-in-law that suffers from the disease. You can donate through her site. At least one of us out there is doing something good. I spent much of last night swearing at a treadmill and eating granola bars. (Capricorn and I decided to start working out.)
  • If you leave a comment, here's your assignment: Look at the spam verification word. Whatever it is, no matter what, you have to write a definition for it. So if it's "aslongo,' for example, you could say it's Swedish long underwear. Get it? I would like to be impressed, and I know you won't let me down.


Áine Caitríona said...

I voted D.J. and Steve. I like to root for the pretty, popular underdogs.

Hanti: (n) A poltergeist fixated on ladies' undergarments. From the Southern United States term "haint" and pan-North American "panties". See also: phanthong.

SouthernBelle said...

LOL, great poll.

Word Ver:

acked: extremely drunk, leading into a horrifying hangover.
As in: "Oh man, I didn't get home until three on Saturday night, I was completely acked."

Ben said...

reapsy (adj.): an extreme, often caffeine-induced, level of mental and physical discomfort similar to being frazzled.

"This venti nonfat nofoam gingersnap latté is making me all reapsy!"

Sam_I_am said...

I have a "Holiday tree" in my office. My intentions were to change it's decor every month. It's still covered in spiders and orange and purple lights.

ovedactr: a celebrity chef gone bad. aka Martha Stewart

haha, I typed it wrong and it's making me do it again!

miable: Something that can be claimed. "That book is miable."
A way of laying dibs.
"You can't eat that, I already miablated it."

MIAble: What happens to the hated exs. "I don't know where he is, officer. He's MIAble."

Amy xxoo said...

See, Boy Meets World wasnt all that popular here, so i HAD to vote for Zack and Kelly. Come on, it was " Saved by the Bell " !

To the challenge:

" Opreho " - woman who is being pimped out by Oprah.

Seriously, you thought she made all her billions the legitimate way ?

Jest said...

I'm disappointed, first, that Kelly and Zack didn't win and second, that Dawson and Joey didn't have stronger support, but then again I always like Joey and Pacey better anyways.

Stoft: The name of the noise that is made when you sit down in a leather chair and you're meeting your significant other's parents for the first time.

Do you like Balderdash?

Andy said...

Everyone- You should know I plan to do something special with your created words.
Jest- I've played it before, but can't remember what happens. Is it a word play game? My favorite game is Scattegories. I never (never.) lose.

Word verification:
Jawse: The group of gangbanger sharks that hang around Jaws.

Miss Tiff said...

Loved the poll. Also, love how you're giving us assignments now. LOL.

Calval- A pill that contains Valium and also helps with your diet by helping you cut calories.

Lump said...

I cannot believe Kevin and Winnie didn't win. I was thinking about losing my virginity to Kevin when I was younger.

Word: rosters

BOO. This is already a word, damn it!

Liz said...

Rutsome: the appealing nature of the stag to the doe deer.

"Faline thought that Bambi was extremely rutsome!"

Used interchangeably with the phrase "Nice Rack!"

sj said...

i voted for kevin and winnie, because i'm a child of the 80s. i see not enough of us over 30 voted.


word ver:

everater (eve-RAY-ter) n. - def. the first woman to ever rate guys on a scale of 1-10.

Sam_I_am said...

omg, Andy Shaw, we should have been better friends in college. I LOVE Scattegories. I used to play it with Holly and Fiore all the time and then they went and graduated and then all my friends drank for recreation. No one played games that didn't involve a pingpong ball anymore :(

Ver: Suarq- A new character on Sponge Bob.

Amy said...

werscryo (whar-SKREE-oh) n. - a chronic throat infection caused by excessive moaning and/or screaming during sexual activity.

"Sorry hunny, the doctor said I'll have to skip the dirty talk until my werscryo calms down."

spleeness said...

Hey, I got gypped! First it was "epini" and I thought, oh that's easy. Epiphany. But as I was typing that it changed! Without even being reloaded!

garicri: a scratchy undergarment wool-like fabric found only in iceland. Root words "gary" "ice" and "cry".

e.g.: Next time you go skiing, take garicri long johns, they'll keep you toasty.

JenBun said...

Awww, sweetpea, thanks for linking to me! (And I got my own label-- SQUEEEE!!!)

For clarity's sake, I should explain that it is actually Rachel's (of I'm a mom in real life) sister-in-law. You can donate from either of our blogs. And thank you again!!

fluectoe (n.) pr. flü\EK\tō (floo-ek-tow): Male version of camel toe.

"Dude, did you see Scott's fluectoe in those jeans?? It totally looked like he was smuggling biscuits!"

Anna Lefler said...

lacesha: an emotion consisting of disappointment mixed with fear, e.g.:

"Nadine experienced a wave of lacesha at the realization that her dog had projectile diarrhea."

Awesome post.

Rachel said...

Even there was some confusion I want to thank you for linking to me and my Lupus post....kinda ;)

vensubt- a shortening of the word vensubtation, which means to slap a person's chin with ones balls.

"I totally vensubted Barbie last night and guess what....she liked it!"

JessWrites said...

I would have voted for Cory and Topanga or Kevin and Winnie. Those Savage boys were just too damn lovable.

Andy said...

Sam- We really should have.
Rachel and JenBun- Problem corrected. And I'm glad to help.

Srg said...

Word Ver:

hydec (n.) - A wooden structure connected to the back of a house that is too tall to be a patio, yet too close to the ground to be a deck.

Marinka said...

I can't believe that only 19 people got the couple question right.

Flowli: I goli with the flowli.

kisatrtle said...

I'm one of the seven that was pulling for Kermit and Miss Piggy.

Osulater: Slang for Oh See You Later

Always a Bridesmaid said...

Didn't Topanga have the meatiest upper arms on a thin girl you've ever seen? Just sayin'...

WORECER (n.): a slutty sorcerer.

*~Dani~* said...

I have nothing to say but wanted to leave a comment solely to define my word verification word so here goes:

fedical - the study of fecal matter in a medical setting; also the study of Britney Spears' ex husband.

Jest said...

Balderdash is the game where you're given a word and everyone has to write a definition of it. Hilarity is guaranteed to ensue.

Scrighti - a pasta dish from the little known Amazonian tribe of Polkadotorius

~Sheila~ said...

I see me and 1 other person voted for the black couple, huh?

That's alright. Maybe next time. We might need a cuter black couple to win.

The balance ANDRATIO just didn't even out.

Sorry, my meager attempt to fit my word varification word into a sentance....ANDRATIO

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