Monday, January 26, 2009

To discuss a call for that photo you'd rather burn than post

Out of all the embarrassing photos I shared on Friday, you all, by far, got the biggest kick out of me dressed like the gayest little Indian. Some even asked for a way to keep that photo on the site, permanently, as you want to see a little child in a pink leotard more often (think about where your life went wrong after that one).
I'll do you one better. Let's call it the Wild ARS Awkward Photo Post event. Anyone who does a similar post that includes at least one what-was-I-thinking, wow-when-did-that-hairstyle-come-in-style?, I've-got-more-braces-than-I've-got-teeth kind of photo, will be allowed to proudly display this button.

So now you've got incentive, and you can always blame it on me for posting those photos, even though you secretly wanted to, anyway.
I only ask that you give a link back to this post so people understand what this award's about. By participating, you'll always have a photo of me in a pink Indian gymnast outfit, which should help ease your own embarrassment.
Problem solved.
Leave a comment so I can see these photos for myself, once you get them posted... or leave a comment if this is the worst idea since... since I put on that costume.

Coming up tomorrow: A slightly overdue Weekend Update, with my thoughts on The Wrestler (excellent), the new hobby for Capricorn and me (we get our roll on), and all of these TV shows spotlighting families with tons of kids (How does a dad with 17 kids have more money than me, with no kids that I've been made aware of?).


Diane said...

Somehow I missed the photo montage over the weekend. But I just got caught up. So glad I did. So very glad. At least your parents took photos of you. I've got none. No one loves me.

Dr Zibbs said...

You should get that photo and tattoo it on your back.

SouthernBelle said...

Oh helllll no.

Jossie Posie said...

Okay does it count if I posted my awkward childhood photos a few weeks ago because I don't know how much more I have in my arsenal.

You make the best little Indian I've ever seen.

Andy said...

Diane- Oh, I'm sure you have one sitting around somewhere
Zibbs- Nice thought, but that's the equivalent of a tramp stamp.
Belle- Be a sport. Come on.
Posie- I'll allow it. Let me know if you decide to do so.

Sam_I_am said...

I gave you an award ;-)

Andy said...

Woot woot! Of course I'm doing this.

Thomas said...

No,this is the BEST idea since you wore that costume. I'm looking through my embarassing photos right now.

Mel said...

First, Diane does have a few embarassing photos. But, they're not of when she was a little girl. Well, maybe I should say I have the embarassing photos of her. Cue eveeel laugh. Second, I can't wait to see what hilarity/epicness this button gets people to reveal.

Astharis said...

You ask. I deliver.

I can't believe that there weren't more people up for this! :p

Jenners said...

Oh I will SO DO THIS! Just gotta dig out the old photo box and find the worst one!

Gotta have that button on my blog!

melanie @ don't expect much said...

Oh the merriment I shall feel once I get to display that pink leotard on my own blog! I am so doing this just so more people can see your gay pose... hehe just kidding... ;)

The Gnu said...

i added it to my blog just then! hehe, i needed a laugh!
from the Gnu

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