Friday, January 30, 2009

To discuss a new feature that will take you way back

In an attempt to overextend myself like the Saved by the Bell crew trying to mass produce Screech's Spaghetti Sauce, here's a new monthly feature, Music I Loved Friday, or MILF.
It's a look back at old-school songs of yesterdecade, remembering where I was and what I thought when the song came out. I probably hate the song now, but at the time, it was all the rage.
And what better way to start than with...

Baby One More Time! Here's the video, for those interested. I didn't embed it so you wouldn't have it unexpectedly blaring from your work computer.
It's January, 1999, the winter of my sophomore year of high school (commence groans by those older than me, and "dude, you're old" by those younger, like female Andy). I'm kicking back after school, watching music videos on this channel that used to play music videos, called MTV, now known as Reality World Television.* And what pops up on TRL, hosted by the affable Carson Daly?

Britney Spears? Who's this broad? Why is she so bubbly? And... wh...wha... whaaaahhh? She's grinding in high school hallways in a school girl outfit? I'm entranced! And I think she's singing about sexual relations... although 16 is a little young to be telling your boyfriend to hit you in bed.
As I stared past my ominous braces and through my thick glasses at the flickering screen, I was quite sure a superstar was before my eyes, although it would be hard for her to be better than that Destiny's Child group. I can't stop singing "No, No, No," although something bothers me about that lead singer. She looks like a real.... where was I?

Oh yeah, Britney Spears. Well, I'll give you a chance. This song is catchier than herpes at homecoming. And that pink sports bra is doing something for me, although I don't know exactly what- fortunately, I have sex ed class tomorrow, so I should find out soon.

I think good things will happen to this girl. She seems to love dancing too. Maybe she'll meet a nice boy dancer one day and have one... no, two! kids who can grow up with
divorced and inebriated loving parents.

Billboard's Top Five Songs Around That Time:
1. Cher- Believe
2. TLC- No Scrubs
3. Monica- Angel of Mine
4. Whitney Houston- Heartbreak Hotel
5. Britney Spears- Baby One More Time

What did you think when this song came out?

Thanks to those who checked out my new work blog (also on entertainment topics). Here's today's post, on Super Bowl stuff I wish would happen. Let me shamelessly ask you to add it to your reader. Your Google reader likes the gluttonous punishment. I promise to limit the mentions of the blog from now on.


~Sheila~ said...

Honestly...I wanted to do her. SHH..don't tell anyone.
Besides, I'm not really here. I'm still on vacation. I will come back and read the rest of your posts and comment when I'm not having a good time.
I just wanted to answer your last question really quick.

Cadence said...

Britney Spears officially became the girl I would do if I ever gave up on men and became a lesbian. She held that post until approximately two years ago, when she instead officially became the girl on whom I delivered hourly train-wreck updates to my disinterested coworkers. I'm not sure who it would be now. I'll get back to you.

Also, I love her again. And you all do too...don't try to deny it...when Womanizer comes on your car radio, you hang up your cell phones, crank it up, and rock out with your neighbors in traffic.

Racquel Valencia said...

I remember thinking that I was disappointed in myself for being only two and a hlaf years younger, yet not nearly as successful.

It's ten years later, and I still feel kind of the same way. Only now I'm also a little jealous that she got to sleep with K-Fed.

Who thinks I'm kidding? Call this bluff, baby. Call. It.

Racquel Valencia said...

I just spelled "half" wrong in my previous comment. That must be why K-Fed is still rejecting my advances.

Kellie said...

Whoa. Now I feel REALLY old. I was a soph in COLLEGE! Dang. My boyfriend at the time was in love w/ her which now that I look back is kinda sick b/c she was like 14 or something at the time and we were 19 almost 20. He would have been arrested for child molestation. Ew.

Astharis said...

I'm surprised at this actually... I would've only just started high school when this song came out, so I guess that would make me part of the demographic which Britney was supposed to appeal to!

I thought the song was pretty catchy, but I was never really a fan, plus I thought it was lame that Britney never went on Top of the Pops (old UK charts show) singing this.

Anonymous said...

I was in eighth grade (yep), and loved it. I was at my friend Gina's house and we were enthralled with Britney, excited that she looked "real" and was relateable...

...and although some of that has changed in the last 10 years, I still love her. "Circus" was definitely bought by yours truly.

Jossie Posie said...

I loved the song and the video and danced to it like a crazy person no matter where I was. I was not however a Destiny's Child fan.

Sophia said...

Like Racquel I remember comparing my age to hers...and being glad that she was at least a couple of years older than me! I also have a soft spot for No Scrubs...every time I hear it it takes me right back to sophomore year of HS!

SouthernBelle said...

I secretly loved this song but had to pretend I didn't as I was still trying to appear cool.

I don't know what age/grade sophomore is... our schools go K-6 (primary) then 7-12 (high school), and we don't use the words freshman sophomore junior senior. But I already know you're younger than me!

Lump said...

I was too mature that time to even think about Britney Spears... like beer bonging in college. HIGH FIVE.

kisatrtle said...

God, I'm too old to read this blog. I was having my first child when this song came out and I remember thinking "Will my stomach ever look like that again?"

Answer: NO, not even close

bianca said...

I went to an all-girls high school and when this video came out, my friends and I HATED it. We thought we could wear the uniform so much better and kinda felt insulted. But secretly, whenever I was driving around in my 1989 Honda Accord and that song came on, I turned the volume all the way up and danced my way down the freeway.

Herding Cats said...

I didn't jump on the Britney fan wagon because I thought the song was kind of dumb. I was a freshman in high school, and I went to Catholic school, and I didn't get why the uniform was considered "sexy"....Then when I went to college, every guy that found out I went to Catholic school insisted I bust out the uniform. Ew. Thanks Britney.

Amy xxoo said...

I was in 10th grade and into music like the Foo Fighters and Silverchair at the time ( ok, i still am... ) and i remember being suprised that i could find a "pop" song so catchy and likeable.

That being said, when she followed up with " Sometimes " ( or whatever its called, you know the one i'm talking about ) i wanted to vomit....

Smidge said...

God, i was 21 when this came out... and spending alot of time in gay clubs with the GBF where this was played far too much. Don't call them unoriginal ;)

Still love Britney tho, and womaniser was one of the tunes of last year, im def team Brit!

Jenners said...

Hmmmmmmm... the first time I saw Britney Spears "Baby...One More Time." Just doesn't stick out in my mind like September 11th or when the space shuttle blew up. I must have missed that day.

But you were amazingly prescient when it came to seeing her future. Perhaps you should open a psychic hotline.

Andy said...

Yeah, you're old dude.

I was in 3rd grade.
3rd grade.

Liz said...

Yeah, You are young!

I had popped out two kids by that time. They were preschoolers running around my feet & I was praying that my husband wouldn't "hit me one more time" in the sexual sense....

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