Thursday, January 29, 2009

To discuss a new poll on Capricorn's crush, and some news

It's time to take down the body parts poll, after a very convincing win by the ladies. I'm man enough to admit that man junk pain isn't enough.
Which body part causes the most issues?
Manpiece: Pops up at wrong time
6 (13%)
Ladybits: Two words: Child Birth
39 (84%)
What if I have both?
1 (2%)

The new poll, which is more of a quiz, will test your knowledge of Capricorn. She blew me away the other day with a piece of information I never would have guessed. She revealed she's always had a celebrity crush on...

A) Mario Lopez. She never fell for Zack Morris. She was an A.C. girl all the way, down to his curly mullet, his dimples and his unheralded dance moves. She even forgave him for trying to become the Latino Ryan Seacrest. And for cheating on the Doritos girl.

B) Charlie Sheen. She loves a guy who is a bit dangerous, and what's more dangerous than a penchant for hookers and Denise Richards? He has a top rated show, a full head of hair and likes to wear bowling shirts- what's not to love?

C) Christopher Walken. Capricorn said he was so sexy in that Weapon of Choice video where he was dancing all over the place. Plus, he puts his pants on, one leg at a time like the rest of us. The only difference is, when he's done, he makes gold records.

D) James Earl Jones. She just can't get that deep baritone out of her mind when she sleeps at night, with thoughts of Darth Vader, King Mufasa, and "This is CNN," nestled in her dreams. And he probably has a nice light saber, too.

I started a new work blog yesterday. It's similar in style to Wild ARS, except newspaper approved... which is much, much tougher to write. The big difference is, I actually get paid to write it (in addition to my regular duties).
If you do check it out, it will have content that's exclusive and not repeated on here, so think of it as bonus director's cut, except the director's cut is cut for families and not for unrated, boob-filled extras.
I'd love for any of you to stop by from time to time, as it might make the appearance to my bosses that I'm doing something productive and meaningful, instead of looking up James Earl Jones' portfolio.
But, since I do try to keep work and this personal blog apart, try not to specifically mention this blog in any comments, just in case they start wondering (I didn't think of that until well after I put up my first post). If you send me an e-mail, Twitter message or leave a comment on here asking for it, I'll give you the url...

And thanks for all of your support on Wild ARS- I'm nearing the six-month mark on Feb. 1. Six months of these shenanigans. Plus, my birthday is Feb. 6... So, for next week, if anyone would like to do a guest post on here (maybe even a play by play?), let me know- it'd be a nice way to celebrate.
Update: Here's the link to the new blog. I wasn't going to include it and assume everyone would want it, but hey, might as well. Remember, mum's the word on Wild ARS. Actually, Capricorn's usually the word on Wild ARS, but I digress.


bianca said...

Oh A.C. I couldn't get into him, mostly due to those acid washed jeans and cropped tank topesque shirts he wore from time to time. But in a weird way he has redeemed himself.

Amy xxoo said...

I checked out your new blog elarlier, after i saw the link on facebook. Wasnt sure if i was allowed to comment without being a York citizen though .... :)

Andy said...

Bianca- I think he's redeemed himself, for sure.
Amy- Oh, anyone can comment, not just Yorkites (Yorkies?).

Anna Lefler said...

Oh, Christopher Walken, hands down.

He eats those other guys for breakfast (and not in the good way, either).

Congrats on the new gig!

:^) Anna

Racquel Valencia said...

I have a crush on Daniel Day-Lewis. I once spent an entire week blogging about him and pudding. It was called P.A.D.D.L. Week ("Pudding And Daniel Day-Lewis").

Jossie Posie said...

Seriously, I am going to go with the only choice that makes any kind of sense...and that of course is Christopher Walken. Everyone else is just shameful

Miss Tiff said...

I'm going to go with Christopher Walken. I never really got into Mario Lopez when he was A.C. I was definitely a Zach girl back in the day.

spleeness said...

What's your new work blog URL or is it private? Would love to check it out.

bex said...

This is tough. I vote for the black guy.

SouthernBelle said...

Um there isn't a link to your new work blog, unless I am just blind.

Andy said...

Anna- I can see him being a cannibal
Racquel- Did you dream of DDL being covered in pudding?
Jossie- Walken is (surprisingly) gaining some ground.
Tiff- Zack is so dreamy.
Spleeness- I just added the url for everyone's benefit.
Bex- Racist.
Belle- You're not, I just didn't have it in there yet.

kk said...

You're getting paid to write a blog? Awesome!


Oh, and my guess would have to be Mario Lopez.

ANG* said...

i wanna read the new one! blogging for money...now thats the stuff dreams are made of, right?

Lump said...

I'm really hoping it's not Mario Lopez... he just gives me the creeps.

Mel said...

I'm hoping it's Christopher Walken if for no other reason than it would be funny that your girlfriend and my mom have the same celebrity crush. More cow bell!!

Kellie said...

I need more cow bell!!!

That skit is the bomb.

Liz said...

I'm going with Charlie Sheen! two & a half men, & he was Wild Thing on Major League.... I can't believe there was no Oscar nod...

Give me a Sheen or Estevez anytime!!!

Muffy Willowbrook said...

Mum's the word...I'll be checking out your new blog. Especially now that I know your birthday is only 5 days before mine. My crush just exploded for you, now more than ever!

Andy said...

Oh, I promise to keep the secret!!

Christopher Walken, hands down.

Have you seen him lately??

Thomas said...

It's definately C Walkin, must be?!

Jenners said...

You are getting paid to write a blog as part of your job?

I officially hate you.

And I'm hoping it isn't Mario Lopez cause he just seems so ick -- same with Charlie Sheen. I'm going for Walken. I'm interested to hear.

And if you are wondering why you are getting so many comments from me on old posts, it is because I was on vacation and trying to get caught up with my fave blogs like yours.

Rosie&James said...

Well, my vote is totally for Christopher Walken, how could the other guys compete?

Would you like some champagne?

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