Sunday, December 21, 2008

To discuss Fake Andy Shaw of the Month: This Andy has boobs

Usually, my fake Andy Shaw of the month is another dude out there with the same name and, likely, a more interesting life. So far, I've been a skater, a groom and a singer in a band. And Michael Phelps.
But for December, I'm changing things up a bit.
A few weeks ago, I believe on Ben's blog, I noticed another Andy had already commented on one of his hilarious posts. What's more, this Andy has boobs*, which is to say, she's not a he. So, as to avoid further confusion in case both Female Andy and Male Andy comment on your blog, I'd like to introduce you to the female version of me.
A short background, provided by Andrea, of Life Isn't So Terrible After All:
My hometown, I bet 99% of Americans doesn't even know it exists.(ARS: Delaware?) I live in a little country named "El Salvador", in Central America. (ARS: My knowledge of Central America is limited to my freshman geography class and movies involving drug trafficking). I don't live in the capital itself, but in the suburbs. But, since the country is TINY, everything is near. (Kind of like Connecticut, where you're within two hours from everything, including NYC and someone with a popped collar). I personally love everything about it (except the politics and the violence).
I'm 18* and I'm in senior year of a Lycée Francais. Yes, I've studied in that school every since I was 4 and it's quite hard to stand all the (stinky) French teachers I've had during this 15 years. Damn French people who don't shower. (ARS: So, it's true!) In spite of this, by next fall, I hope to be freezing my cute Latin butt in France, while studying engineering in Lyon.
(You want to move from a tropical climate to France? On purpose?)

* See, I can talk about her having boobs because she's 18. If she was 17, I'd have to make a much more PG joke about her wearing make-up or something... But s she's Girls Gone Wild age. All's fair.
On to the questions, all Andy-themed:

1) Who are you named after?
I'm not named after someone in particular. In fact, the many times I've asked my parents why they chose to call me "Andrea", they always tell me that it was my grandmother who suggested it and they liked it, so, that's where my name comes from. A few years ago, I discovered my grandma's birthday is on November the 30th, which is the day of St. Andrew and St. Andrea. Therefore, my guesses are that that has something to do with it.
ARS: I was named after the disciple, Andrew. It would be sexually awkward if you were named after the disciple, too.

2) Who is your favorite famous Andy?
Well, there'd be a fight between Andy Roddick and Andy Warhol. Andy Roddick is jut simply hot and... hot. Andy Warhol is just plain awesome. I have a hard time deciding.
Mine is Andy on The Office, even though that's a character name... Andy Warhol is from Pittsburgh, where I'm from. Unlike me, he has a museum. Unlike him, I have never urinated on a painting.

3) How often have you been confused for a boy when someone calls you Andy?
All the freaking time. Andy is usually the nickname for Andrew's. My best friend is also called Andrea, but her nickname is written Andie. I guess that makes more sense. Anyway, Andrea is a name for guys in Italy, so there's ALWAYS confusion. Oh, and let's not even get to the part where people make typing errors, and since the "a" is next to the "s" in keyboards, my name is often written "Andres", which is the male for "Andrea" in Spanish. *sigh*
And, if you want to make matters worse, my middle name is "Renée"... which people often write "René", like a guy. *sigh* It's complicated.
I never knew "Andrea" would be so difficult to get right. I can only imagine how they will butcher it in France.

4) What first name would you like if it wasn't Andrea/Andy?
Well, I DO like my middle name, "Renée". It is "reborn" in French. I've always believed in reincarnation, so I actually like my middle name. IF written properly.
Which, of course, won't happen, Runee. I mean Renea. I mean Renerea.

5) Would you consider legally switching your last name to "Shaw" to pretend to be me for a month?
Mmmmm... Well, Shaw is a far easier last name than my current one. So, I'd probably go to all those places where I've gotten "WHAT?" looks and when they ask me "What's your name?" I'll just say "Andrea Shaw. You DO know how that is spelled, right?"... I'm such a loser.
Sorry, I just double-checked. There already is an Andrea Shaw. She's a life coach... We should call her.


Rachel said...

Oh yes, you two have caused some confusion on my blog when I am reading the comments. We had something similar when another Rachel started popping up. She got scared off after a while when people thought she was me and kept talking to her about my boobies.

So yeah, there's a Rachel out there that thinks I'm a boob flashing myspace girl....

Andy said...

Awwww (male) Andy!!!It came out GREAT. Thank you!

Kylie said...

Haha! Great Q & A session! Fun to read!! :)

*~Dani~* said...

I am so glad to read this post because I was awfully confused when a second Andy started showing up in comments. It is easy to confuse me. In fact, even after having read this, I will probably still be confused. Seeing female Andy's pic does help though.

Amy xxoo said...

Great post Andy and Andy!
I love that you manage to find such interesting new Andy's... uh... Andy.

Yep, i can see how it got confusing.

Sam_I_am said...

oh my gosh, I heart her. Girls with boy names rock ;-). My bff is named Samantha, but when she was little, people called her "Sammy" instead of "Sammi." I don't let anyone call me "Sammi" I'm not girly enough for that :-D

Ben said...

I love the Andies. Andes. Andys??

You know what I mean...you two, not the mountain range.

Heather said...

I loved this!! I wonder how many people are out there with my name. I googled it but only found one... some photographer out in California. But she married into the last name, so she's not real. Well, I guess she's REAL but you know what I mean. She's not as cool as me.

RainbowEclipse said...

I had so hoped there would be a female Andy-clone photo.... remember Cataneo's "twin" RD?

hahahahaha... um... that's all.

JenBun said...


Both my Andys in the same place... :D

(Yes, you're both mine. Mine!)

siovhan said...

I found another Andy Shaw for you. They're from my Chicago affiliate.

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