Tuesday, January 26, 2010

To discuss a magazine review: From GQ to Wine Spectator

As of today, Capricorn and I have subscriptions to the following magazines:
  1. Esquire
  2. GQ
  3. Cosmopolitan
  4. Vanity Fair
  5. Entertainment Weekly
  6. Maxim
  7. AARC Times
  8. Respiratory Care Journal
  9. Wine Spectator
We're not sure how Capricorn got subscribed to Wine Spectator. It just keeps showing up. Capricorn believes that now makes her a wino, not to be confused with a Winehouse, who also loves to drink wine but combines it with black tar heroin.

But that gives us 9 magazines. Wait! Ten magazines- I get ESPN the Magazine digitally.

Considering I'm in the media, and that I blog about Cosmo and Maxim (a Maxim review will be up soon), I think that's a good amount. Plus, I want to write for a magazine at some point. So its job research. It's much cheaper than buying them in the store. That, and I can save the embarrassment of trying to buy Cosmo for myself.

Entertainment Weekly and Vanity Fair were recent add-ons, as they were practically giving them away on Amazon.com. EW is the trash, VF is the class. Unless it's that naked Miley Cyrus issue. Then everybody's a loser.

Esquire and GQ are both for entertainment, style and great features. That, and a fair amount of thinly-veiled nipples, which in many ways are sexier than Playboy nipple -- I prefer to Where's Waldo my photo nipples, as you appreciate it much more when you find it.

So where does it stop? Do we keep adding subscriptions until we resemble gas station magazine rack? If we get any more magazines, I'll have to start drinking more fluids to add to my bathroom reading time. There's only so much time in the day.

Do we start subscribing to everything we see, from Cat Fancy to World of Warcraft Official Magazine to Girls & Corpses? Playboy keeps sending me offers in the mail for a steeply-discounted subscription, blithely unaware I can see all the nude girls I want online for free, or on most episodes of "True Blood." Eventually, Hef will learn about the World Wide Web.

What magazines do you subscribe to? If you answer World of Warcraft, please stop following my blog. I won't hold it against you. Society will, but I won't. But if you have a magazine subscription you're ashamed of, now is the time to confess. Meme this up...


LBluca77 said...

Oh my god that is so true some magazines just show up.

I get parenting magazine every month. I'm not a parent.

kk said...

Oh, I'm a recovering magazine whore. Our mailman HATES me. I think at one point, I was up to 14 magazines.

In an effort to be more green, and reduce clutter around the house, I have reduced that by almost half.

And then added 2 back. And got 1 for Christmas.

And Mr. KK now gets 2.

Oh well...I tried.

Soda and Candy said...

We used to get some random family magazine like a cheap version of Family Circle, probably because of our credit card company.

We don't have kids.

Anonymous said...

Do the free Victoria's Secret catalogues count? 'Cause then I subscribe to one...

Clearly one of us journalists is making more than the other. Magazine subscriptions aren't cheap, yo.

P said...

I don't subscribe to anything. I buy on a regular basis mainly gossip mags though. They have less adverts than any other mags.

I cannot ABIDE leafing through ten pages of ad space in a magazine just to find a friggin' content page...

Jenners said...

We go through bouts where we have way too many magazines and then I drop them. We recently dropped EW.

Right now we have UsWeekly (my guilty pleasure that can be read in 20 minutes), Reader's Digest (a Christmas gift from a relative; they have ADS now --- I was shocked), Real Simple (mine ... love it but never actually implement the ideas I cut out of every issue), Playboy (for my husband ... he likes the "articles"), Casino Player (hubby again), Popular Photography (hubby again).

For a while, we got this great magazine called Radar ... it seems like it would be right up your alley. I think we got it when the magazine that was like Maxim (I think it was called "Stuff") stopped printing. You should check it out. Not that you need another magazine to read or anything.

Amy xxoo said...

I dont subscribe to anything ( partly because i never have the money to buy ahead of time, and partly because subscription isnt a big thing in Oz ), but i do buy off the racks on a regular basis.
Usually some kind of trashy gossip magazine and, lately, a parenting magazine of some sort.

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