Tuesday, August 12, 2008

To discuss some quick updates...

Taking a break from the longer posts (I'm not a freakin' machine) for some quick highlights of recent days and conversations:
  • While watching men's synchronized diving (?!?!), a few coworkers and I talked about how the announcers at every event don't even try to hide their pro-America bias and try to create rivalries amongst countries where none really exist. It would be better, we thought, if there more countries competing against the U.S. in the Olympics that we really don't get along with (French don't count, freedom fries notwithstanding)... How about an Iraqi vs. American water polo match? Even better, we'll level the playing field by choosing a sport more in line with the Taliban... So, let's try competitive synchronized suicide bombing! There won't be any qualifying rounds, and the winner takes home virgins in heaven instead of gold medals. If the U.S. loses, they pull out of Iraq. I see a win-win here. Option B: Weapons of Mass Destruction relay race.
  • After spending the weekend in my hometown, I now have one of my mom's 9x9 baking dishes. We'll see if this one has destructive tendencies. My mom wasn't nearly as amazed by randomly shattering cookware as I was.
  • While driving back to my house, I listened to these songs, in order and uninterrupted: Dre and Snoop, "Nuthin' But a G Thang," Vertical Horizon, "Everything You Want," Debussy, "Beau Soir," Lil Wayne, "Lollipop," Coldplay, "Sparks."... Holy eclectic. While I'm totally gangsta (to prove it, I can rap "Big Poppa" or "Gin and Juice" anytime), my music tastes are a little gay, even if Beau Soir is an incredible song and one you should download immediately. The list was done with"shuffle song" mode on my iPod. "Bring Him Home" from Les Miserables even came up. Have you listened to any random songs lately?
  • Found out more of my college friends are getting married and/or getting pregnant. In related news, WTF.
  • I haven't seen Mazda 3 girl since last week. I'm wondering if she is timing her entrances and exits to avoid having to talk to the weird guy with the undersized wiener dog.
  • One of my readers is semi-famous this month. Another is making me consider what my requirements are for potential dates.
  • Great feedback on the holding hands post. Glad you liked it. Glad you like the whole blog, actually. Feel free to give me topic ideas. Like, now.


Shieldmaiden96 said...

I'd have to say the most random thing on my iPod is 'Flowers on the Wall' by the Statler Brothers. Its shoehorned in nicely between 'Use the Man' by Megadeth and 'Wasted Years'- Iron Maiden.

Thanks for dropping by my blog and your nice comments! I'm familiar with your neck o' the woods too; having gone to college in the 'Harrisburg-York' area. I love how they hyphenate York, like its not a city all on its own, just an annex of Harrisburg-- a shirttail relation who lives in Harrisburg's basement and was supposed to contribute to the rent but hasn't in three months and drinks all the Diet Coke and who Harrisburg has been meaning to talk to about getting out and finding a job but York is never up before noon and comes home all hours.

Yikes. Still happy ya found me?

Finger Talks said...

you rock the casbah! my pod has way to many weird things in it too, from Queen to Garbage to Monty Python to Plies to missy elliot, scary scary eclectic. do you remember the lambada movie from the 80s... well ya i even have that song! eek!
...and thanks for the drop!

tiff said...

If all your friends are getting married/baby'ed, tell us some wedding stories. I'm sure you've got an interesting take on the whole wedding/marriage institution... :-)

Amanda. said...

I like that you listened
to Snoop Dogg and Les Mes.
all during the same trip.
Ha. What a variation.

And UM...I am kind
of over the whole
summer Olympics thing.
I liked it for a hot
second...and then...

OH...and...I hear ya
on the whole friends with
baby's and weddings.
For cryin' out loud...
someone put a darn ring
on my finger. Ugh.

Kay. All finished.

Anonymous said...

"Found out more of my college friends are getting married and/or getting pregnant. In related news, WTF"

Haha, My thoughts exactly. Thanks for the laugh. Also, I've added you to my blogroll, I love your sense of humor!

Andy said...

Shielddamselindistress: Ok, now I feel better. You are much more random. At some point, I'm going to do a recurring entry on "10 songs in a row on shuffle mode" and have everyone commenting do likewise. And you're right- York is the hyphen town of central Pa. I enjoyed your extended redheaded stepchild analogy, so yes, I'm happy to found you.
Finger- I rock the casbah? Well, awesome- that's a first for me. I wouldn't mention the lambada movie, though. Ever.
Tiff- Excellent idea. I'll work on that.
Amanda- What are you doing later? Want to get engaged?
Haute- I've added you to my list, too, cause you're crispy, crunchy and hot for me in 90 seconds.

Elisse said...

I know this has been said in several ways before me, but "In other news, WTF" - MY. SENTIMENTS. EXACTLY.

In other news, well said. And very funny post.

BTW, I grew up in PA (Bedford, if you've heard of it - smack between Harrisburg & Pittsburgh, if you've not). I am all too familiar with PA's many, shall we say...nuances. The word "PennDot" sends waves of fear and distress to my very core. Did you grow up in York?

Elisse said...

Oh, my goodness! I of course meant to quote you CORRECTLY, as in "In RELATED news, WTF."

My sincerest apologies. Misquoting someone on their own blog, how embarrassing! I shall shrink away into the darkness now, my head hanging in appropriate shame.

Andy said...

Keep your head held high, Elisse. You get a free pass as a former PA person.
Do the words pop, buggy or yinz mean anything to you? I'm originally a Pittsburgh guy.
Oh, and when I drove across the state earlier this week, I hit 11 work zones. Eleven. Freakin PennDot.

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